Intrinsics is a skill point based system that determines how adept the player is in utilizing all the systems aboard their Railjack. Unlike other Railjack-related systems, Intrinsics affect the player rather than the Railjack, and thus players can use any abilities unlocked by Intrinsics even when they are aboard another player's Railjack.

Players can access their Intrinsics via the Dry Dock console or from the Orbiter's menu, Esc  → Profile → Intrinsics.


There are four main Intrinsic classes that the player can invest in, with each class having a max rank of 10: Tactical, Piloting, Gunnery, and Engineering.

Rank Intrinsic Points needed Cumulative total
1 1 1
2 2 3
3 4 7
4 8 15
5 16 31
6 32 63
7 64 127
8 128 255
9 256 511
10 512 1023

Intrinsic Points are earned by gaining Affinity from completing Empyrean missions and performing actions that aid in the mission's success, such as repairing hull damage, killing boarding parties, etc. The rate at which these points are earned is affected by Affinity Boosters and the relevant Mod TT 20pxCharm buff.

Each Intrinsic rank gained rewards the player with 1,500 Mastery points. There is currently no way to respec points, although staff members at Digital Extremes have talked about plans to implement this when the Command Intrinsic is added at a later date. Whether this will be through a craftable item or available as standard is currently unknown. Ranking all four classes to rank 10 costs a total of 4092 Intrinsics and awards 60,000 Mastery Rank experience.

As of Hotfix 27.0.9, players cannot gain more points than needed to max all Intrinsics, though excess points acquired prior to this Hotfix will remain untouched.


Each Intrinsic point requires 20,000[citation needed] Affinity which can be earned through a variety of activities during Empyrean missions, and unlike regular missions Affinity Range is infinite so all Squad members benefit regardless of their locations.

Activity Affinity Gain/Conversion
Fixing hull breaches
(dark orange icon)
Fixing hull ruptures
(orange icon)
Putting out fires
(yellow icon)
Grounding electrical faults
(blue icon)
Thawing frozen doors
Killing boarding party enemies
(red icons)
2x Affinity from enemies
Crafting supplies at the Forge 600
Destroying ships 2x Affinity from ships
Killing crew within crewships/bases 2x Affinity from enemies

Note that Stealth Kill Affinity Bonus and Scanning contributes to the Affinity pool for an Intrinsic point.

Upon Death and reviving, progress towards Intrinsic points will not be lost.

Intrinsic ClassesEdit


Increase your focus on the big picture of battle. Improved Tactical Avionics, Archwing Catapult maneuvers and powerful Tactical deployment abilities.

—In-Game Description
Rank Ability Description Notes
1 Tactical System Deploy Tactical Avionics. Crew tracking system.
  • Allows opening of the Tactical Menu by pressing L  while in a Railjack. This menu shows a map of the Railjack, the position of teammates, and their Health and Shield bars. The Tactical Menu also allows the usage of Tactical Avionics that provide various benefits to the Railjack's interior systems.
  • Pressing RMB  on the map places a waypoint at the location of the cursor.
2 Ability Kinesis Warframe abilities can be deployed as tactical support.
  • Unlocks remote Warframe Abilities while in the Tactical Menu. Players can select a Warframe ability from among the players present, which can then be cast by left-clicking on the desired location on the Tactical Map.
  • Only one pre-selected ability can be used per player, with the available ability depending on the selected Warframe.
  • These abilities use Flux Energy in varying amounts depending on the Warframe ability.
3 Command Link Fast Travel within vessel. Coordinate squad members with command interface.
  • Allows fast-travelling to specific locations within the Railjack from the Tactical Menu. Destinations are the Bridge, the lower deck Archwing exits, the turrets, the Archwing Slingshot at the top of the ship, and the Forge.
  • Also enables the player to send basic pre-scripted mission commands to squad members from the Tactical Menu. The command will be issued to the selected squad member by a voice line from Cephalon Cy.
4 Recall Warp Omni gear can be used to warp aboard the ship from anywhere.
  • Equipping the Omni outside of the Railjack will teleport the user back inside after 5 seconds.
  • This teleport cannot be cancelled after activation.
  • If the player is killed during the timer they appear in the Railjack but will revive back at their previous location. (bug?)
5 Overseer Crew chase camera.
  • Allows the player to use the Tactical Menu to see from other player's perspectives. This includes the ability to see the other player's current Tactical Map by pressing Tab  from within the Tactical Menu, allowing for the deployment of Warframe abilities via Ability Kinesis into places outside of the Railjack.
6 Tactical Efficiency Reduces Flux Energy Consumption by 25%.
  • The cost reduction for Ability Kinesis is applied separately after all modifiers from Warframe mods have been accounted for.
  • Currently only affects Ability Kinesis; does not alter the cost of Battle Avionics (this has been verified by DE as a bug to be fixed in the near future).
7 Tactical Response Reduces Tactical Avionics cooldown by 20%.
  • Stacks multiplicatively with other cooldown reductions.
8 Archwing Tactical Blink Reduces Archwing Blink cooldown by 25%.
9 Swift Tactics Further reduces Tactical Avionics cooldown by 20%.
  • Stacks multiplicatively with other cooldown reductions.
    • Stacks with the Rank 7 Tactical Response ability for a combined 36% reduction in Tactical Avionics cooldown.
10 Join Warp Warp from ship to crew member.
  • Teleport to the target crew member's last location after 5 seconds.


Forge a bond with the vessel. Improved Pilot Avionics with advanced speed and agile maneuvering capabilities.

—In-Game Description
Rank Ability Description Notes
1 Boost Hold LShift  to boost Engine Speed for a short time.
2 Vector Maneuver Tap LShift  to burst Directional Thrusters.
3 Vectored Evasion Near-by enemy projectiles lose lock-on during Vector Maneuver.
4 Safe Flight Damage due to Collisions reduced by 50%.
5 Drift Maneuver During Vector, press & hold LShift  to drift. Drifting consumes Boost to charge launch speed. Release LShift  launches out of the drift.
  • Drifting can be done in any direction, including sidewards and backwards. However, the launch when releasing the LShift  key will always propel the Railjack forward regardless of which direction it was traveling before.
  • This key sequence can be thought of as double-tapping and holding the boost key.
6 Slipstream Boost Time increased by 25%.
7 Enhanced Maneuvers Vector and Drift Maneuvers consume 25% less boost.
8 Aeronaut Archwing Speed increased by 20%.
  • Applies to the use of Archwings outside of Empyrean missions.
  • The bonus will not be visible in the Arsenal but will be active during gameplay.
  • The bonus is additive with any speed boost from mods.
9 Evasion Reduce Incoming Damage by 10% while boosting.
10 Ramming Speed Ramming into enemies while Boosting will deal 2,000 Particle Damage


Unlock the deadly power of your arsenal. Improved Gunnery Avionics, advanced targeting modes and devastating artillery.

—In-Game Description
Rank Ability Description Notes
1 Target Sync Target lead indicators and ordnance lock-on.
  • Also causes Grineer Crewship projectiles to lock onto targets.
  • Lock-on is acquired when the triangles at the edge of the main target indicator diamond reach the corners of the diamond.
  • Lead Indicator is indicated by a small, white targeting reticle, which determines the best place for the player to offset their aim to hit their current target.
2 Phantom Eye Augmented reprojection and turret suspensors allows full 360 degree combat engagement.
  • When active, players using the side turret guns will have all visual and turret movement restrictions removed.
  • Does not apply to the forward turrets or the forward artillery.
3 Archwing Slingshot High velocity Archwing deployment into the combat zone.
  • The Archwing Slingshot is located at the top of the Railjack and can be fast-traveled to using the Command Link Tactical skill.
  • It has a range of 1,850 meters.
  • The Slingshot normally requires a short charge time to fire when launched at empty space. However, if the Slingshot is locked on to an enemy target (indicated by a yellow bracket on an enemy), the Slingshot fires immediately without charging.
  • Aiming the Slingshot beyond the width of its bore will "curve" the trajectory of the shot, allowing the Slingshot to fire the Archwing outside of the Railjack's centerline.
4 Archwing Warhead Slingshot Archwing damages fighters and penetrates enemy crewship hulls.
  • When fired at a crewship, the Archwing Slingshot will make the Tenno "phase" through the hull, depositing them directly inside the ship's rear cargo hold without the player needing to manually enter the ship. The player will always be deposited in the rear cargo hold regardless of which part of the ship the Archwing hits on impact.
5 Artillery Command Control of forward-mounted Artillery cannon.
  • Unlocks the ability to use the Railjack's Tunguska Cannon, which can be controlled from the bridge on the station by the rear of the Navigation console.
6 Cold Trigger Reduce Turret Heat Accretion by 20%.
7 Advanced Gunnery Reduce overheat recovery time by 50%. Extends slingshot range by 50%.
8 Vengeful Archwing Increases Archwing power: Damage +25%, Ability Strength +20%, Ability Range +20%, and Ability Efficiency +20%.
  • The damage bonus is additive with weapon mods such as Rubedo-Lined Barrel.
  • Applies to the use of Archwings outside of Empyrean missions.
  • Bonuses are not visible in the Arsenal but are active during gameplay.
9 Combat Drift Drifting reduces weapon heat buildup by 50% while increasing weapon damage by 50%.
  • Requires the Drift Maneuver Piloting skill in order to use.
10 Reflex Aim Aim snaps turrets to the nearest lead indicator.
  • Aim will only snap to targets for 0.5s, after which it will resume manual aim.


Mend the scars of battle and feed the war machine. Improved Engineering Avionics, bolster resource yields, forge armaments in realtime.

—In-Game Description
Rank Ability Description Notes
1 Applied Omni Accelerated hazard suppression and hull repair.
  • Increases the speed at which the Omni can repair various internal hazards, including fires, electrical faults, hull ruptures, and freezing.
2 Flux Forge Forge Flux Energy in realtime to power vessel Battle Avionics.
  • Unlocks the ability to craft Flux Energy at the Railjack's Forge during a mission.
3 Ordnance Forge Replenish combat Ordnance while deployed.
  • Unlocks the ability to craft Ordnance at the Railjack's Forge during a mission.
4 Optimization Pass Increase Forge yields by 25%.
  • Increases the amount of consumables – namely Revolite, Flux Energy, and Ordnance – crafted per use of the Forge.
  • Dome Charges are not affected by this ability and can still only be crafted one at a time.
5 Dome Charge Forge Resupply forward Artillery cannon during combat.
  • Unlocks the ability to craft Dome Charges at the Railjack's Forge during a mission.
6 Forge Accelerator Increase Forge processing speed by 25%.
  • Decreases Forge Cooldown to 2.25 minutes, or 2 minutes and 15 seconds.
7 Full Optimization Further increase Forge yields by 25%.
  • Stacks with the previous Optimization Pass upgrade, increasing yields to a total of 50%.
  • Allows crafting two Dome Charges at once instead of one.
8 Vigilant Archwing Increase Archwing defense. Health +30%, Shield +30%, and Armor +30%.
  • Applies to the use of Archwings outside of Empyrean missions.
  • The bonus will not be visible in the Arsenal but is active during gameplay.
9 Surplus Yield Increase Refinement yields by 10%.
10 Anastasis Remotely repair onboard hazards.
  • Remote repair is performed by clicking on the hazard in the Tactical Menu. This spawns a repair drone on the hazard, turning the hazard icon to white, and takes 5 seconds to repair.
  • Cannot use Command Link (Tactical Intrinsic Rank 3) to teleport around the ship while your repair drone is on a hazard.


The Command intrinsic is a planned intrinsic category, although it is displayed on the Intrinsics page in-game there is no current way to interact with or upgrade it like other branches of Intrinsics.

It has been stated by Digital Extremes staff members that the Command Intrinsic will allow players to control friendly NPC crew members, notably converted Kuva Liches, and is designed more around facilitating solo play at harder difficulties. However, the details on a release date for such a feature or a more expanded explanation have not been announced as of the current day.


  • Some Intrinsics can apply outside of Empyrean missions, most notably those that affect Archwings.
  • The Intrinsics Archwing bonuses have no effect on TitaniaIcon272 Titania's Razorwing130xDark Razorwing, which uses Archwing controls.
  • Gaining an Intrinsic Point makes a rank-up sound effect.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 27.4.1

  • Quadrupled the XP gain from removing Railjack Hazards:
    • Fire Hazard: From 600 to 2400
    • Electricity Hazard: From 600 to 2400
    • Ice Hazard: From 600 to 2400
    • Hull Breach: From 600 to 2400
    • Hull Rupture: From 1000 to 4000

Update 27.4

  • Doubled Affinity-to-Intrinsic Point conversion. You will now gain Intrinsics 2x faster.

Hotfix 27.0.9

  • Intrinsic points can no longer be gained once all available Intrinsics are maxed out. If you are already above the maximum, your additional points have not been lost.
  • Fixed railjack engineering 10 intrinsic not working for clients.
  • Fixed bug where Intrinsics could be kept on mission abort, which was never intended.

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