These rooms serve a variety of purposes, such as Research, training, and dueling.

Research (Oracle, Energy Lab, Bio Lab, Chem Lab, Tenno Lab)Edit

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Labs are required for research of many weapons. An Oracle lab is needed before the others can be built.

Research (Orokin Lab)Edit

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Orokin Lab are required for research of Solar Rails. An Oracle lab is needed before the others can be built.

Dueling RoomEdit

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Obstacle CourseEdit

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Obstacle Course ArchitectEdit

Crimson BranchEdit

From the patch notes of hotfix 26.0.7:

This room serves the purpose of trading Converted Kuva Liches, and will scale up to future entries in the system with other factions!

Dry DockEdit

The Dry Dock is required to initiate the Rising Tide quest and to build and customize a Railjack. Note that the Dry Dock requires a lot more physical space compared to other rooms and its construction can be blocked by existing rooms above and below the desired level. Prepare enough space for the massive hangar by either building a few floors. For reference, you need 3 elevators to match floors, 4 elevators if you want something over/under your dry dock. Note that elevators are not needed to build your Railjack.

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