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The Informant Event is very similar to the Fusion Moa Event in which a global operation is held requesting all Tenno to attack a brand new enemy. The event will last until Monday, July 8th at 4PM GMT, 2013 and will reward all participating players with the Snipetron Vandal if they have destroyed 20 or more Informers and if the "Informers Terminated" meter reaches 100% before then.


  • Drones permanently vanish if they are not destroyed within a vaguely estimated 2 seconds of the first shot
  • Drones show up on Enemy Radar
  • Drones disrupt sensors when nearby (radar jamming appears as a kind of white noise)
  • Drones only spawn on missions with enemies level 15 and above
  • Drones can move, but tend to remain stationary
  • Drones will not vanish with utility effects (i.e. banshee sonar)
  • Drones are plentiful (usually 5 to ?)
  • Drones are not targeted by Sentinels (but Dethcube kills it with Vaporize if close enough)
  • Drones hover near ceilings or high in the air
  • Drones respawn at random locations in the map
  • Multiple Drones can spawn in the same room(3-6)
  • Possible weakpoint at base (red orb-needs confirmation)
  • The higher the level of the Grineer mission the more Drones will spawn, However Everest on Earth seems to have a high spawn rate. (Possible because of boss?)
  • Drones are capable of activating lockdowns if they spawn near a control panel in a tight space such as the corridors of a Grineer Galleon. 

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