The Informant Event is very similar to the Fusion Moa Event in which a global operation is held requesting all Tenno to attack a brand new enemy. The event took place Friday, July 5th 11am GMT - Monday, July 8th at 4PM GMT, 2013. 100% was acheived at 2:50PM GMT and all players with 20 or more Informer kills were rewarded with the Snipetron Vandal complete with a free slot and Orokin Catalyst with an additional Snipetron blueprint.

Top 100 killers were granted a Primed Chamber mod.


  • Drones permanently vanish if they are not destroyed
  • Drones disrupt sensors when nearby (radar jamming appears as a kind of white noise)
  • Drones only spawn on missions with enemies level 15 and above
  • Drones can move, but tend to remain stationary
  • Drones will not vanish with utility effects (i.e. banshee sonar)
  • Drones hover near ceilings or high in the air
  • Drones respawn at random locations in the map
  • Multiple Drones can spawn in the same room(3-6)
  • Possible weakpoint at base

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