Chroma?! I haven't seen one since... no it couldn't be.

The Infested Chroma is the ChromaIcon272 Chroma Warframe which appears as a miniboss on two missions in The New Strange quest, controlled by an unknown force and sourced from an Arcane Machine.


  • On the first encounter, he is equipped with a CorpusEnergyRifle Dera, but oddly loses it on the second encounter.
  • His AI is identical to Tenno Specters, and will often not take cover or attempt to maneuver around enemy cover to get a clear shot.
  • He will randomly cast SpectralScream130xDark Spectral Scream, but does no damage to targets.
    • Can also cast Effigy130xDark Effigy that deals high amounts of Toxin b Toxin damage to nearby targets.
    • Also has VexArmor130xDark Vex Armor active, but it will not activate since he cannot take damage.


  • He typically tries to stay at a medium distance from enemies, despite being equipped with only a Plasma Sword.
  • He is completely immune to all damage and cannot be killed by normal means. He can only be defeated by being scanned with the Synthesis Scanner.


  • Infested Chroma in Codex.
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