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INFESTATION describes both a disease and its victims – a metamorphic affliction without cure. Living organisms are consumed and merged into rabid amalgamations.
Individuals are violent and animalistic yet the larger whole exhibits signs of coordination, with multiple swarms converging on ships and colonies.

Its origins are uncertain but there is historical evidence of a similar outbreak before The Collapse.
—In-game Lore Description

The Infested are a multitude of deformed, twisted creatures, originated from the mutation of normal living beings who have been taken over by the parasites of the Infestation,[1] a microscopic and parasitic, techno-organic pathogen created by the Orokin. The majority of Infested are former Corpus Crewmen or Grineer Lancers, or "Mutalist" versions of Corpus robotic proxies. The eldest individuals, the Infested Ancients, are creatures overtaken by the plague so long ago that their original form is unrecognizable, perhaps dating back to the Old War itself.

Infested take increased damage from DmgSlashSmall64 Slash and DmgFireSmall64 Heat. The mutant Infested Deimos on Cambion Drift, Deimos, are instead vulnerable to DmgBlastSmall64 Blast and DmgGasSmall64 Gas, but resist DmgViralSmall64 Viral.



Infested icon

Mentioned and referenced through in-game text or by the Lotus, the Infestation turns organisms such as the Grineer and Corpus, as well as machines and robotics, into what is known to the Tenno as the "Infested".

In the past, the Infestation was utilized by the Orokin to combat the Sentients. Much of the game's lore is presented in an ambiguous fashion; however it can be inferred that the virus seems to have no prejudices as to whom it affects, be it Grineer, Corpus, robotic or the normal fauna of a planet; only the Tenno and their Warframes, as well as the Sentients themselves, appear to be truly immune to the plague. As such, Warframes were often used to quell Infested outbreaks in the past.[2]. Not even the Orokin themselves are immune to it, as shown by the Entrati family, although they managed to keep their consciousness at least partially intact.

The Mire Mire references an event called the "Great Plague" in its description. The Great Plague may be a reference to the Infestation itself or a period after its creation. The Mire's resemblance to the Infested suggests a connection between the Great Plague and the Infested themselves. However, it is the only mention of "Great Plague" throughout the game.

Despite the Infestation being highly dangerous and mutagenic, some beings have learned to live alongside the Infested, such as the Myconians, who harvest and trade Infested matter, and feral Kavats, who reside in infested Derelicts and are able to consume Infested matter without harm.

Lore & History

During the Orokin era, before The Old War, the Infestation was created from the Orokin Empire's technological advances in biotechnology.

Old War Era

During The Old War, the Orokin Empire was desperate in defeating their Sentient adversaries, so they rebooted Infestation research to find ways to weaponize the parasite against their enemy.[3] Once notable attempt was the use of bio-bombs filled with Infested matter. During the War, the Sentients would attempt to invade Deimos, a strategically important planetoid. A bio-bomb that contained Infested matter was set off, stopping the Sentient invasion, but releasing an full-on Infestion on Deimos in the process.

Pre-Collapse Era

Their research led to creating Warframes, which were created from of the Helminth strain of the Infestation. These Warframes, manned by their Tenno operators, would be deployed in battle proving effective in defeating their assailants and would lead them to their eventual victory. Not only were the Warframes used in military operations, but they also found a purpose in taming Infested outbreaks and reclaiming Orokin territory affected by the Infested.[4]

However, the Tenno betrayed their Orokin masters, leading to the collapse of the Orokin Empire. During the age of The Collapse, the Infestation was left unmonitored on Orokin ships and research facilities. With time, Infestation outbreaks would be common throughout the centuries as the Infestation assimilates matter and evolves into more sophisticated forms. In worst case scenarios such as with Deimos, the Infestation can swallow entire celestial bodies, infecting every living creature on them.

Tenno Era

After the rise of the Tenno, the Infestion has been somewhat contained to the Dark Sectors, however there are still some outbreaks that happen from time to time.

There has been one event where the Infestion displayed a more sophisticated and advanced form of assimilation, known as Arlo, the "Emissary of Eris". After arising on Eris, the mute Arlo would gather a congregation of believers by spreading his healing word and healing any ailments he came across. However, many of his followers were assimilated into the Infested hivemind, and would willingly expose themselves to the Infestion. This would lead to the creation of an army of Zealots who attempt to invade the System.



Synapse Synapse, an Infested weapon developed in a lab

Main article: Category:Infested Weapons

More so than any other weapon category, weapons involving the Infestation are a varied lot. They range dramatically in both design and function, from Corpus mining equipment that feature infestation altering their functions, to Grineer attempts to weaponize infested bio-toxins. Most, however, are weapons that are, in and of themselves, created from either living or inactive-but-preserved infested tissue; these range from swords created from infested bio-growth to pistols which smother opponents in broiling clouds of toxic infested liquids. The most unusual Infested weapons seem to be multi-part organisms, ranging from slugthrowers that hurl toxin shards with muscular impulse to launchers that hurl a living infested bio-growth at the target like a grenade. The most extreme cases are weapons that can project streams of viral bio-energy or crackling corrosive energy via neural impulse.

Infested weapons are often hideous to behold, visibly pulsing and squirming in their use. Even ones crafted from inactive infested growth are often visually grotesque, with edges made from chitin and bone and flecked with veins that thrum with organic fluids. Ranged weapons using infested material often very literally devour their ammunition. In many ways, Infested weaponry indicate how desperate many factions have become involving the Infested, with the Grineer attempting to fight poison with poison, the Corpus finding the infested altering their existing equipment as Alad V's enhanced Mutalist strains consume mechanical constructs, and the Tenno just trying to find new ways to do their job with the new tools as the Infestation spreads – meaning that the Infested are a great threat, but also promise opportunities to any who can find a way to exploit them against their enemies.


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According to Cephalon Cordylon, Infested tissue can be easily grown, thrives in any environment, and is as easy to manipulate for the creation tools and weapons as any non-organic material.[5] Once a host has been infected, the first signs of infection are usually the appearance of small, benign skin growths, usually warts or tumors.

Infested Hivemind


Trachons - An organ found on Infested Ships believed to facilitate communication within the Infested Hivemind.

—The voice of the Jordas Golem

Most of the Infested, usually the bosses, refer to themselves in a plural way, which implies the existence of an Infested Hivemind. While not fully encountered, the influence of this elusive aspect of the Infestation can still be felt.

This can be supported when encountering Infested with the near-impossibility of utilizing stealth in an Infested-controlled area; if even one unit in the area detects a Warframe, every single other Infested in the area will become alerted to their presence and begin hunting them down, even from across the entire tileset.

This is further explained by numerous resources found throughout the Orgin System, often located in Infested Ships[6] or within Infested entities themselves.[7]

Reproduction and Spread


Infested spores as seen during missions

The Infestation primarily infests or corrupts its victims through swarms of airborne NanoSpores Nano Spores, possibly the same kind of found floating around in the air on Infested tilesets as moving colonies of orange particles.[8] However, no enemy or ally can ever become Infested during gameplay. The only exception is during Defection missions, where it is possible to witness the only current "infestation" of a target in real-time; allowing a Grineer Defector to die to the poisons in the air will eventually cause them to sprout a large Infested mass around them, which explodes in a horrifying display of light gore and rot to reveal a uniquely colored Carrion Charger. The transformation to these combat forms is seemingly quick, likely due to the Defectors weakened state due to the exposure to the spores for extended periods and possibly due to the Grineer's already weakened cloned bodies.

A unique, blue-colored variant of these spores can be in Infested Orokin Derelicts.

Behavior & Psychology

The Infestation's combat strategy is simple: they throw themselves at any potential hosts or threats in large numbers, seeking to drown them in a tide of mutated flesh. One unique behavior of the Hivemind is the fear of Infested hybrids. As a whole, the Infestation displays confusion and fear when encountering the Tenno's Warframes, referring to them as "their flesh" and constantly asking why they would attack their own via transmissions, which implies that the greater Infested believes that the Warframes are just another kind of Infested life-form like them. The Sacrifice would go on to reveal that the original Warframes were actually Orokin men and women that were infected with a unique strain of the Infestation by the Helminth, with this unique strain not only reshaping their bodies to fit inside of the actual Warframes' chassis, but also keeping them safe from the 'Infested madness.'

This fear is elaborated upon in The Glast Gambit quest, where The Lotus reveals that the Infested fears hybrids, specifically those that combine themselves with the Infestation without actually succumbing to it. For example, the space-bound colony of Mycona takes advantage of this to harvest Infested materials from the ship on which they live without individual colonists risking death or infection via passing down the Triuna. The Zealoid Prelate, however, doesn't seem to be afraid of the Warframes, but actually sees them as something "beautiful". It is possibly due to their particular and new strain that he behaves so uniquely.


Instead of corps or contingents, the Infestation is divided into unique strains, with their creation mainly caused by numerous factors, such as their environment or outside influence.


A basic Infested Charger

Technocyte The basic strain of Infested can be encountered virtually anywhere in the Origin System: from the toxic surface of Earth, to distant Derelicts in space.

The Helminth

Helminth The Helminth strain was specifically engineered by the Orokin during The Old War to infect human hosts that would eventually become the basis for Warframes. Developed by Ballas to combat the Sentient threat, it was injected into Dax soldiers[9] and other lower castes of the Orokin empire to transform into Warframes. The Infested growth formed a symbiotic relationship with its hosts, protecting them with an Infested armor as hard as steel while interlinking with its hosts' organs. Originally, these proto-Warframes retained their humanity, but over time, the Infestation took over their minds and made them go berserk.[10] Eventually, with the invention of Transference technology, the Tenno would use these Warframes as a surrogate body, wielding them to fight against the Sentients and to cull Infestation outbreaks.

The Helminth still lives within the Orbiter, and according to Ordis it is responsible for all biological tasks inside of it. It is presented as a non-hostile, voracious creature, that can be fed with every form of resource (and even Warframes themselves) and has the ability to inject with unique or subsumed abilities as well as acquired abilities, proving its deep ties with their genesis.


An Infested Corps Osprey

Mutalist While the Infestation was always able to seep into electronic and nano-based technology, it was never able to control more than small masses, to the point where systems would simply corrupt and shut down (see non-Infested Ship tilesets) rather than be vulnerable to actual control or influence. With Alad V's Mutalist strain, however, the Infestation became capable of infecting inorganic circuitry to control basic robotics, and even modify their weapons systems to spray payloads of Corrosive Sludge or take advantage of flight technology to Disperse Toxins into the air. While this is an impressive feat even for the seemingly mindless Infestation, it is less impressive when Corpus robotic AI is taken into account, as it is fairly easy even for the Tenno to Hack or Reprogram them, so a complete takeover of their precepts may not be necessary for them to fight for the Infestation.

More impressively however is the ability for the Mutalist strain to adapt and corrupt even cephalons. In the case of the Jordas Golem, it somehow gained control of one despite several times during the game and quests, it was explained that Cephalons exist on a very advanced electronic plane of existence called the "weave", something which Hunhow (who's origin is machine-based) could only barely control and eventually lose when he attempted to take over Cephalon Suda's portion of it.[11] Even in his transmission projections, Jordas is physically Infested with tissue on his portrayal, although this may just be a visual representation of his state and not necessarily prove he is actually Infested. It is possible that the equipment that stores Jordas' information is corrupted instead, essentially the same situation as other Mutalist robotic enemies. Either way, this shows that the Infestation is far more insidious than it was in the past thanks to the meddling of Alad V. So far, only Corpus robotics can become Infested, perhaps due to a lack of complexity in Grineer machinery that would not serve the Infested any real purpose. Although the Mutalist Osprey came about before Alad V's experiments, it can be assumed this timing is not to be considered lore-friendly and instead was part of Alad's work. It can also be said that the early release of this Mutalist enemy was caused by one of Alad's experiments escaping.

Weapons that have become Infested with this modern strain of the Infestation are also Corpus-based, possibly due to the initial exposure of the Infested being almost entirely based around the Corpus thanks to the intentional infection of entire Corpus ships.

Emissary Up until recently, the Infestation was mostly contained. The hive mind on Eris sought to remedy this by dispatching Arlo, believed to be an evolved strain disguised as a young survivor that seemingly had the power to heal an endless variety of sicknesses. Dubbed the "Emissary of Eris", Arlo's so-called healing was actually a bait to lure in human impulse, where he secretly assimilated the ill Kenga and many devoted followers to the Infested hive mind where they would continue to spread Arlo's healing word. The devoted would later become weaponized Zealots, serving as an army for the Infested that would go on to raid the entire Origin System. The hive mind had proven itself to be incredibly cunning and intelligent with its scheme, having successfully created a solution to its own problems.
Grey Strain The Grey Strain is an Infested strain that has overrun the Cambion Drift on Deimos, infecting everything both on the surface and underground, generating both unique examplars and variations of common ones, generically referred to as Deimos Infested. This strain is capable of stimulating growth to monstrous dimensions, causing the more powerful Infested produced by the Grey strain to become quite gargantuan in size; this property was also sought for by Albrecht Entrati's creation of the Vessels.

Highly unusual for Infested, the hivemind of the Grey strain appears to be divided, with the Wyrm siblings Fass and Vome constantly fighting each other and capable of influencing the area around themselves, modifying the layout of the underground Infested tunnels and the behaviour of the Infested themselves. The Infested fish biomes do not appear to be entangled in shared consciousness, and the wild Predasites and Vulpaphyla are sometimes assaulted by other Infested hostiles. Finally, the Entrati family are all partially Infested, their "names and ideas" stolen, but are actively resisting the hivemind despite their dysfunction and constant infighting.

Derelict The Derelict strain is a unique strain of Infested that only appears in Orokin Derelicts. This strain mainly consists of the numerous black-and-blue growths that can be seen growing throughout the Derelicts.


View Mission List
Planet Mission Name Type Faction Level Mastery EXP
Invasion Phorid Alert Assassination Infested 0 - 0 0
Mercury Lares Defense Infested 6 - 11 3
Mercury Apollodorus Survival Infested 6 - 11 0
Earth Coba Defense (Dark Sector) Infested 6 - 16 0
Earth Tikal Excavation (Dark Sector) Infested 6 - 16 0
Mercury M Prime Exterminate Infested/Grineer 7 - 9 3
Mercury Boethius Mobile Defense Infested 8 - 10 3
Mercury Terminus Sabotage Infested/Grineer 8 - 10 0
Venus Malva Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 8 - 18 0
Venus Romula Defense (Dark Sector) Infested 8 - 18 0
Mars Wahiba Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 10 - 20 0
Mars Kadesh Defense (Dark Sector) Infested 10 - 20 0
Deimos Horend Capture Infested 12 - 14 0
Deimos Phlegyas Exterminate Infested 13 - 15 0
Deimos Formido Sabotage Infested 14 - 16 0
Deimos Dirus Mobile Defense Infested 15 - 17 0
Deimos Hyf Defense Infested 15 - 20 0
Ceres Gabii Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 15 - 25 0
Phobos Memphis Defection (Dark Sector) Infested 15 - 25 0
Phobos Zeugma Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 15 - 25 0
Ceres Seimeni Defense (Dark Sector) Infested 15 - 25 0
Europa Armaros Exterminate Infested/Corpus 18 - 20 138
Deimos Magnacidium Assassination Infested 20 - 25 0
Jupiter Cameria Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 20 - 30 0
Jupiter Sinai Defense (Dark Sector) Infested 20 - 30 0
Deimos Cambion Drift Open World Infested 20 - 35 0
Europa Cholistan Excavation (Dark Sector) Infested 23 - 33 0
Europa Larzac Defense (Dark Sector) Infested 23 - 33 0
Uranus Assur Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 25 - 35 0
Deimos Terrorem Survival Infested 25 - 35 0
Saturn Piscinas Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 26 - 36 0
Saturn Caracol Defection (Dark Sector) Infested 26 - 36 0
Eris Naeglar Sabotage Infested 30 - 34 279
Deimos Exequias Assassination Infested 30 - 35 0
Uranus Ur Disruption (Dark Sector) Infested 30 - 35 0
Eris Mutalist Alad V Assassinate Assassination Infested 30 - 35 0
Neptune Yursa Defection (Dark Sector) Infested 30 - 40 0
Eris Kala-azar Defense Infested 30 - 40 279
Neptune Kelashin Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 30 - 40 0
Eris Nimus Survival Infested 30 - 40 279
Eris Xini Interception Infested 30 - 40 279
Eris Jordas Golem Assassinate Assassination Infested 32 - 34 0
Eris Brugia Rescue Infested 32 - 36 279
Eris Isos Capture Infested 32 - 36 279
Eris Oestrus Infested Salvage Infested 34 - 38 279
Eris Saxis Exterminate Infested 34 - 38 279
Eris Solium Mobile Defense Infested 34 - 38 279
Eris Zabala Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 35 - 45 0
Sedna Sangeru Defense (Dark Sector) Infested 35 - 45 0
Pluto Hieracon Excavation (Dark Sector) Infested 35 - 45 0
Eris Akkad Defense (Dark Sector) Infested 35 - 45 0
Pluto Sechura Defense (Dark Sector) Infested 35 - 45 0
Sedna Amarna Survival (Dark Sector) Infested 35 - 45 0
There are a total of 53 Missions against the Infested



The standard Infested unit. Volatile runners and leapers appear to be bodies of Corpus humanoids and appear to have a fleshy "hand", perhaps made of Infested tissue, latched to their heads. Walker units rush the players and overwhelm them with sheer numbers and brute force.

Main article: Charger

Chargers are quadrupedal abominations resembling canines made from Grineer (possibly Lancers) that almost always hunt in packs. They will quickly and repeatedly claw at players once in range, and their attacks have a chance to stun their foes (but not players) on hit. If their target is out of range they will hold position and lob balls of mass at their target which do not ignore shields.

Main article: Leaper

Leapers are Infested Corpus Crewmen with glowing blue nodes that try to tackle players from a distance; they will signal this action by stopping a small distance from a player and performing a battle cry. While not difficult to avoid, failing to do so will knock a player down for a few seconds. Leapers will take significantly more damage (ten times the normal amount) while pouncing. After pouncing, or if players go outside their leaping range, they will run towards nearby players and swipe at them; these swipes are incapable of stunning players, but are extremely fast. They can also choose to throw globs of Infested mass at the player, provided they cannot reach the player by normal means.

Main article: Runner

Runners are Infested Corpus Crewmen that make up the second most common enemy type of the Infested. Like Leapers, Chargers and Volatile Runners, they can lob Infested mass at players who they cannot reach, but otherwise have swipe attacks, similar to that of other Infested Crewmen. The Runner was introduced in Update 12.4 (2014-03-05).

Main article: Volatile Runner

Volatile Runners are orange-colored Infested Crewmen with explosive properties. Volatile Runners will charge the nearest player or objective and detonate themselves after a short delay, dealing damage that scales with level that will stagger the target. They can also throw balls of Infested mass at their enemies that they cannot reach normally.

Main article: Undying Flyer

The Undying Flyer is an Infested form of the Grineer unit Hellion that uses its jetpack to ram opponents at high speeds. Once it dies, the creature leaves behind a pod which, if left alone long enough, will respawn the Undying Flyer at full health.

It was introduced alongside the Leaping Thrasher in the fourth episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary, found in Emissary Derelicts which required a Zealot Derelict Code from Infested Outbreaks.

They can be found at end of the Zealoid Prelate boss fight on Exequias, Deimos, after defeating it. In fact, while extraction is available, enemies will keep on spawning indefinitely.


Infested crawlers are those former walkers whose legs seem to have been removed or Crewmen infested after surviving the removal of their lower bodies. They will 'run' on their hands at a speed similar to the other light Infested and their unusual body structure causes most melee attacks to pass over them unless a Tenno deliberately looks down while attacking.

Main article: Crawler

Crawlers resemble Infested Crewmen with no lower limbs, which forces them to move with their hands. They are fairly agile and are difficult to attack due to their habit of staying low, but besides that, they do not pose a large threat.

Main article: Nauseous Crawler

Nauseous Crawlers are yellow variants of regular Crawlers. Any players that linger too long in front of one will be sprayed with a yellow fluid that will hold them in place for a few seconds, thus stunning them. This is hinted by the crawler stopping in one spot, and it will begin to puff up slightly and shake, before releasing the fluid. This attack is not blocked by effects such as IronSkin130xWhite Iron Skin which would otherwise negate the stun effect.

Main article: Toxic Crawler

Toxic Crawlers are black and green Infested Crewmen which now contain toxic chemicals within. Killing them will release a small toxic cloud that does constant damage to anyone within, and ignores shields.

Main article: Electric Crawler

Electric Crawlers resemble a grey Infested Crewman with no lower limbs, forcing them to move with their hands. This crawler will remain at a short distance and use a continuous electrical attack that can proc DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity. They can target players up to around 10 meters and are not affected by stun.

Main article: Lobber Crawler

Lobber Crawlers resemble a light blue Infested Crewman with no lower limbs, forcing them to move with their hands. It will stop at decent distances away from players, arch up a bit, then spit an explosive toxic tissue that can seem to home in on players slightly, and creates a buff that appears only two meters wide although affecting players up to six meters away. The grenade does damage directly to health, although the effect is fairly weak.


Mechanical units infested by a mutated strain of the Infestation.

Main article: Mutalist Osprey

Mutalist Osprey is an infested Corpus Osprey that transports Crawlers and charges into players to unleash a toxic cloud.

Main article: Swarm-Mutalist MOA

Swarm Mutalist MOAs are Infested Corpus MOA that launch swarms of infested spores which hinder targets by diminishing visibility and dealing minor damage over time, while granting armor to light infested units.

Main article: Tar-Mutalist MOA

Tar Mutalist MOAs are Infested Corpus MOAs that launch globs of mucus to create puddles of thick tar, which damage and slow enemies to a crawl.

Venin Mutalist
Main article: Venin Mutalist

Venin Mutalist is a type of Infested Corpus Osprey that shoots infested spores. It was introduced during The Pacifism Defect event and its normal variant only spawns in Defection missions.


These heavy units consist of large Infested that are much sturdier than standard Walkers, implied to be made from long dead Orokin hosts. They tend to be rarer than the other types of Infested, but they have a large amount of health and will charge at players when close enough. Heavies also come with special abilities, making them a nuisance on their lonesome, and a nightmare in groups.

Main article: Ancient Healer

An Infested heavy melee unit, the Ancient Healer stands out for the ability to give Overguard to surrounding allies.

They are light blue in color, with bright yellow-green mandibles.

Main article: Ancient Disruptor

An Infested heavy melee unit, the Ancient Disruptor stands out for the ability to drain away a Warframe's energy. Not only does the Ancient Disruptor possess an aura that allows its nearby allies to drain Warframe energy with each attack, their own melee attacks have a 10% chance[12] of dealing DmgMagneticSmall64 Magnetic proc on players, draining the player's Warframe energy over the duration of the proc and temporarily reducing shields.

Main article: Toxic Ancient

An Infested heavy melee unit, the Toxic Ancient stands out for the ability to grant nearby allies a toxic aura, granting them DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin damage as well as a large resistance to DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin damage. Along with their toxic aura, these Ancients possess the ability to excrete a deadly toxic cloud when they do their "roar" animation, dealing heavy DmgToxinSmall64 Toxin damage that can easily kill players caught in the radius.

Main article: Boiler

Boilers are large, corpulent Infested riddled with pulsating boils, which launch an Infested seed occasionally. When killed, it will burst and launch several Infested seeds that grow into spawn pods. Left unchecked, these spawn pods unleash a variety of smaller Infested to overwhelm their enemies.

Main article: Brood Mother

Brood Mothers are large, heavy Infested that spawn Maggots within their chest cavity, which the Brood Mother can then release to attack enemies. Brood Mothers will also charge at nearby opponents, and release an additional swarm of maggots upon death. They were introduced in the Operation: Mutalist Incursions event in Update 15.5 (2014-11-27).

Main article: Maggot

Maggots are small Infested units that are usually spawned by Brood Mothers. While each individual Maggot is weak and easily killed, they are spawned in groups of four or more, and multiple Maggots can latch onto players to slowly drain shields and health while reducing their movement speed.

Main article: Leaping Thrasher

Leaping Thrasher is an Infested unit possessing a mighty arm-flail, and uses it to deadly effect with its surprising agility and powerful leaping attacks.

Main article: Juggernaut

The Juggernaut is a large, quadrupedal Infested creature armed with formidable ranged attacks and deadly close-quarters combat abilities. Combining these threats with its heavy armor shell, the Juggernaut becomes an intimidating opponent. The Juggernaut's abilities include a charging body attack, a ranged spine strike (a scaled version of the Phorid's similar attack) and the ability to resurrect a number of nearby dead Infested.

Deimos Infested

Unique to the Cambion Drift on Deimos, these unique Infested were originated by the spread of the Grey Strain, which infected and overly mutated everything on its surface.

Main article: Deimos Carnis

Deimos Carnis are Infestation w Infested multi-legged creatures that reside in the Cambion Drift, Deimos.

Main article: Deimos Saxum

The Deimos Saxum is a large bipedal Infestation w Infested enemy that resides in the Cambion Drift, Deimos.

Main article: Deimos Jugulus

The Deimos Jugulus is a towering stationary Infestation w Infested enemy that pops up out of the ground around the Cambion Drift, Deimos.

Main article: Deimos Therid

The Deimos Therid is a large Infested Ancient that is capable of shooting orbs of cobweb.

Main article: Deimos Genetrix

The Deimos Genetrix is a large slow-floating Infestation w Infested creature that functions like a dropship, holding smaller Infested enemies in its body and spewing them out of its mouth to deliver them to the surface of the Cambion Drift, Deimos.

Main article: Deimos Tendril Drone

The Deimos Tendril Drone is a flying bundle of Infestation w Infested tissue that hovers around the Cambion Drift, Deimos. They are easily identified by their titular tendrils, and are typically found in groups of at least two. They attack either by launching a projectile, or by charging directly at threats.

Arlo's Zealots

Introduced in Nightwave/Series 2, these special units were originally devotees of Arlo, who got infected by the new strain of Infestation and started roaming around the system to spread their leader's "blessing".

Main article: Zealot Proselytizer

Zealot Proselytizers are followers of Arlo, the so-called 'Emissary of Eris', who have exposed themselves to the infestation in order to prove their devotion to his cause. Introduced in the third episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary. They are the infested form of Arlo's Devotees.

Main article: Zealot Baptizer

Zealot Baptizers are followers of Arlo, the so-called 'Emissary of Eris', who have exposed themselves to the infestation in order to prove their devotion to his cause. Introduced in the fourth episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary they are the infested form of Arlo's Devotees.

Main article: Zealot Herald

Zealot Heralds are followers of Arlo, the so-called 'Emissary of Eris', who have exposed themselves to the infestation in order to prove their devotion to his cause. Introduced in the third episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary they are the infested form of Arlo's Devotees.

Main article: Zealoid Bastion

The Zealoid Bastion is an Infestation w Infested enemy accompanying the Zealoid Prelate introduced during the fifth episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary. It carries Arlo's Flame, an item that is needed to remove the invincibility of enemies during the Zealoid Prelate boss fight.


Main article: Bosses

Bosses are over-mutated enemies within the Infested faction.

Main article: Hemocyte

The Hemocyte is a gigantic Infested creature that can be encountered during Operation: Plague Star. They only appear on the Advanced and The Steel Path variants of the Plague Star Bounty, with a total of four spawning during the final stage. They drop the Hunter Set Mods.

Main article: Juggernaut Behemoth

The Juggernaut Behemoth is the larger, boss variant of the Infested Juggernaut enemy.

It is a massive quadruped Infested creature, armed with formidable ranged attacks and deadly close-quarters combat abilities, which combined with its heavy armor makes it an intimidating opponent. Initially introduced in the Black Seed Scourge Tactical Alert, it can now be found in the last mission of The Jordas Precept, as well as the first portion of the Jordas Golem assassination mission.

Main article: Jordas Golem

The Jordas Golem is a massive combat platform created out of an amalgamation of Infested flesh merged with Corpus ship technology and a corrupted Cephalon. It is one of the two bosses of Eris, the other being Mutalist Alad V.

It is found in its own Assassination node on Eris after a player has completed the Jordas Precept Quest. After defeating the Golem and finishing the mission, the player receives an AtlasIcon272 Atlas component blueprint.

Main article: Lephantis

Lephantis is a massive, multi-headed Infested boss created to fight in the Old War, introduced in Update 10.0 (2013-09-13). This large amalgamated creature consists of three heads called Infested Corpus, Infested Grineer, and Ancient Infested, which can seemingly extend and are attached to a tripod-like body hidden beneath the ground.

It is found on Magnacidium, Deimos. After defeating it and finishing the mission, the player will receive a NekrosIcon272 Nekros component blueprint. Each of its heads are also capable of dropping Neurodes and Orokin Cells in addition to its main body, potentially totaling up to four resource drops.

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Mutalist Alad V is a version of Alad V mutated and twisted by the Infestation. From his base on Eris, Alad V invented the Mutalist Strain, allowing the Infested to infect inorganic robotics and weaponry, before succumbing to the Infestation himself.

Upon completion of his assassination mission, player will receive the MesaIcon272 Mesa Chassis, Neuroptics, or Systems blueprint.

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Phorid is an Infestation w Infested Boss only found when an Invasion takes over the Assassination mission of a Planet. After players defeat it and reach the extraction point, they will receive either a NyxIcon272 Nyx Neuroptics, Chassis, or Systems blueprint upon mission completion. Upon death, Phorid has a chance of dropping rare resources of the planet it appears on.

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The Zealoid Prelate is an Infestation w Infested Boss introduced during the fifth episode of Nightwave: Series 2 – The Emissary. It wields the Pathocyst Pathocyst Infested Glaive and, upon death, it drops one of the Pathocyst components.


  • The Infested have shown the ability to even corrupt Cephalons, as shown in The Jordas Precept with Cephalon Jordas.
    • It's also implied at the end of The Jordas Precept, and throughout the now-removed Jordas Verdict, that the Infested are capable of making identical "copies" a Cephalon for various uses, such as sending fake distress signals or piloting an enormous mutalist spacecraft.
  • Despite their description claiming that the Infestation has no cure, the aftermath of Operation: Tubemen of Regor showed that this is somewhat false, as Alad V has cured himself of being Infested after partially succumbing to the virus. Despite this however, a violet scar remains on his cheek, possibly suggesting he isn't completely cleansed.
  • According to a story told by Konzu, despite the Infested otherwise being a ravenous hive mind, "it" is capable of speaking to others directly via using an Infested victim as a sort of speaker or "vessel".[13]
    • In Nightwave/Series 2, Arlo becomes a vessel for the new strain of Infestation which he spreads around the system.
  • Ancient Infested like the Ancient Healer are heavily implied to be Infested hosts of long-dead Orokin by the story told in the Corrupted Ancient Synthesis imprint, where an Orokin Healer was Infested and turned into a large corrupted monster that also had healing abilities. While very little of their structure appears Orokin they do have warped crowns on their back, as well as one arm being abnormally long, similar to the arm of Ballas.
    • Their "Ancient" namesake might hint at their creation during the Old War itself, and not new creations.



  1. The Infestation is more than a disease - it is a horror of twisted flesh, monsters made into reality. The blight consumes its victims, transforming them into unrecognizable atrocities controlled by rabid impulse. The Infested are a single-minded scourge that belongs in the realm of nightmares, but instead chooses to invade ships and colonies, leaving only death and destruction in its wake. - Official Warframe Website
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  3. "We were forced to older means. Not circuits, nor light... but flesh and disease. Our horrors past, our ravaged outer colonies... became gardens!" - Ballas during The Sacrifice
  4. Margulis, from your winter ashes, there has sprung a field of flowers. Conceived by me, germinated for deadly purpose. You used to dream of old Earth, didn't you? Bathed in gold and solemn blue. I intend to reclaim it now, from the spores and the ruin.
    It came to me like a proverb: Fight poison with... poison. Cure this sick horde with the greatest of plagues. I will call her... Saryn.
    - Ballas during Saryn PrimeIcon272 Saryn Prime trailer
  5. "Infested tissue is the only known exception to this parameter as it can be easily grown and thrives in any environment." - Cephalon Cordylon in Entry 12
  6. Trachons - An organ found on Infested Ships believed to facilitate communication within the Infested Hivemind.
  7. Pustulent Cognitive Nodule - The Infestation provokes the growth of multiple, seemingly redundant brain-like clusters, whose function may be linked to hivemind activity.
  8. "While it may seem like venting a room of its atmosphere may be assisting in the overall cleanup of an Infested vessel, the reality is your actions have consequences you have not taken into consideration.
    The first and most important procedure in handling Infested material is isolation and containment. By venting Infested matter into open space you have already make the task of disinfection nearly impossible. Additionally, you have now threatened Infestation spreading to other remote locations." - Cephalon Cordylon in Entry 24
  9. As seen in The Sacrifice
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  13. "Infestation. My uncle, Hinmun, sold minerals aboard a market near Eris. Quite popular with deep-system traders. At least, it was. They were broadsided by one of these boils. It spread fast. They could have run; risked taking it with them. Instead, they turned off life support and blew out escape pods. Decades later, it still orbits Eris, writhing. One voice repeating the same message, over and over, 'We are death. Leave us, and do not look back.' My uncle's voice. Fail here, Tenno, and that will be the fate of Cetus. To be warning for the living. From a place where none may tread." - Konzu during Operation: Plague Star

Patch History

Update 27.4 (2020-05-01)

  • Updated Infested hit/stagger reactions to give the player more understanding of when player attacks are landing!

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

Infested Damage

We did not want to overlook the Infested in our review. Infested are close-range enemies that telegraph most attacks - and now if one of those attacks hits you, it simply does more damage. Stay agile, stay moving, and the mission is as good as won!

Why: Having Infested simply deal more Damage encourages you to use mobility in ways that is not the norm for their ranged counterparts. Rewarding mobility is a key part of Warframe.

Hotfix 25.7.6 (2019-09-18)

  • Fixed Infested units sometimes preferring to vomit projectiles they have the opportunity to melee their target instead. I will take any option that involves less vomit, thank you.

Update 14.0 (2014-07-18)

Infested Faction Changes
  • All Crawlers move speed has been increased.
  • New animations for Infested Ancient reach attack.
  • Electric Crawler Attack range fixed, now more likely to attack with his lightning.
  • Lobber Crawler has new effects on his lobbed grenade, making it easier to see.
  • Infested Charger move speed increased.
  • Suicide Runners will no longer explode on death if killed by melee. The death explosion causes stagger, and damage scales up with their level.
  • Infested Leapers: Their leaping attack can be parried to nullify the stagger. Leap damage scales with their level.
  • All Ancients can pull targets (Pull can be blocked or dodged).
  • All Ancients - better anticipation of knockdown attack. It can now be parried to nullify damage and the knockdown.
  • Toxic Ancients - Do poison damage and gives all nearby enemies poison damage. Ancient and nearby enemies are resistant to poison and gas damage.
  • Healing Ancients - Links with nearby allies, any damage they take heals the Ancient up to 150% health, and it scales up to reflect having health > 100%. Also reduces damage that nearby allies take.
  • Healing Ancient now has Fossilized health, to be consistent with the other Ancients (was Infested Armour).
  • Leaper infested can dodge.
  • Disruptor Ancients - Aura that reduces radial and power damage taken by nearby allies. Attack damage energy, rather than completely drain it. Attacks of nearby allies have the same effect.

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