RukPyro WorldOnFire Inferno
Slams the ground and erupts pillars of fire upon the target.
Strength:Heavy (Continuous)
Duration:5 Seconds
Users:Sargas Ruk

  • Sargas Ruk slams the ground, creating 5 fiery pillars lasting for 5 seconds; each pillar deals heavy Heat b Heat damage per tick.
    • Damage scales with level.
    • Pillars stack with each other causing the damage to stack based on the number of pillars.
  • This ability is used in General Sargas Ruk's 3rd phase.

Tips & Tricks
  • Mod TT 20pxFlame Repellent can mitigate some of the Heat b Heat damage.
  • Ruk will not move while channeling this ability, exposing his weak points to concentrated fire.

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