Hyena Th (Thorium)'s special attacks are Electric Surge, a wave of electricity that travels quickly across the ground; a Shock Bolt that guarantees Electric proc; and the ability to Charge at nearby enemies.

Hyena Th's Repeater deals Electricity b Electricity Damage and Hyena Th itself possesses a constant Disruption Aura. Simply being near it will induce the Magnetic proc, scrambling the screen and instantly draining all energy as well as a large chunk of shields.

HyenaCharge RhinoCharge Charge
Hyena charges towards a target, clobbering any in his path and stomping his victim.
Range:20 meters
Users:Hyena Th, John Prodman

  • Hyena Th lifts one of its paw, before stomping it on the ground and charges towards its target by 20 meters distance. Any in its path hit by this charge will be knocked down.

Tips & Tricks
  • Has a notably long cast delay, which provides some time to dodge this ability.

HyenaElectric Overload Electric Surge
Surges a high voltage of thunder, which travels towards an enemy dealing heavy damage.
Strength:High (Damage)
Range:20m (Length)
3m (Wide)
Users:Hyena Th


Tips & Tricks
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