Trained to hunt down the Infestation.

The Hyekka is a Kavat breed developed by the Grineer for use in combat. It appears to be a hairless version of the Feral Kavat, with a stubbier snout and a stouter appearance. In addition, it only has one tail, opposed to the many feathered tails that usually adorn the rears of feral Kavats.


  • Hyekka are usually found following Hyekka Masters in groups of two to four. The Master can summon additional Hyekka upon the death of the initial group.
    • When summoned, Hyekka are not immediately aggressive to whomever the Master is attacking. The Master has to go through a short wind up animation to command the Hyekka to attack.
  • Even though Hyekka are domesticated versions of the Kavat, their attack patterns are more closely related to a Drahk.
    • Hyekka do not have the cloaking or wall-jumping abilities that Feral Kavats have. However, they share similar attack animations, charging at enemies or swiping at stationary ones.
    • Hyekka will attempt to surround opponents like the Feral Kavat do, one will charge at the enemy head on while the others attempt to charge from the sides.
  • Hyekka have a separate aggression from the Hyekka master. In the event that a Hyekka Master is a long distance away from the Hyekka, the master will not be able to command the Hyekka to attack, and attacking the master will not draw aggression from the distant Hyekka.


  • Hyekka have extremely high resistance against Heat Damage. It is unknown if it is an intended design or a bug.
  • Though Hyekka are Kavats, scanning them will not yield Kavat Genetic Codes.


  • Hyekka under the effects of a Vauban's Bastille130xDark Bastille ability will become untargetable by normal means, being nigh-invulnerable while suspended in the air.
  • Assumed due to Oberon's passive, feral Kavats will not agro to him, even when scanned. This can also cause lone Hyekkas to occasionally switch between a hostile and an ally, causing them to stalk and be unable to be hit while in the ally state.

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