Hush is a mod that reduces Noise Level on rifles. At max rank, it renders any rifles completely silent and undetectable while firing.


Rank Noise Reduction Cost
0 +25% 2
1 +50% 3
2 +75% 4
3 +100% 5


  • Added in Update 10.0.
  • This mod reduces or eliminates firing noise. Enemies that are not killed quick enough will still be alerted.
  • Applying this mod on a high damage weapon (such as the DELatronPrime Latron Prime) will make it suitable for stealth combat, making it a decent alternative to a bow.
  • As of Update 10.2, the affected weapon should be audibly quieter.[citation needed]


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 26.0
  • Now an Exilus Weapon mod.

Update 10.2

  • Hush and Suppress mods now lower the sound of weapons when equipped.

Update 10.0

  • Introduced.

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