Hunter Synergy is a set mod dropped by the Hemocyte during Operation: Plague Star and Ghoul Purge bounties that grants Companions a critical chance bonus based on the total critical chance of the player's primary weapon.


Rank Crit Link Cost
0 +5% 4
1 +10% 5
2 +15% 6
3 +20% 7
4 +25% 8
5 +30% 9


  • The mod applies a percentage of the total critical chance on the player's primary weapon and applies it to their Kubrow or Kavat.
    • For example, a U10DesignCouncilTennoAR Soma with 75% critical chance will grant a 22.5% critical chance boost.
    • This amount is affected by Mod TT 20pxPoint Strike and other critical chance-enhancing mods for primary weapons, but not Mod TT 20pxBite.
  • This bonus stacks after other mods have been applied. 
    • If you have a primary weapon with 100% critical chance, a Kubrow with 10% base critical chance with Bite and Hunter Synergy equipped, they will have; 10%(Base)+33%(Bite)+30%(Hunter Synergy)=73%.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 28.0

Hotfix 22.3.5

  • Fixed the Hunter Synergy Mod’s +30 Crit-Link stat not displaying anywhere on the Arsenal UI.

Update 22.3

  • Introduced.

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