Hunter Munitions is a set mod dropped from the Hemocyte during Operation: Plague Star and Ghoul Purge bounties, that grants primary weapons a chance to force a Slash b Slash status proc upon a critical hit, alongside any other Status Effect(s), that would have occured from Status Chance, or a weapon trait.


Rank Chance Cost
0 +5% 4
1 +10% 5
2 +15% 6
3 +20% 7
4 +25% 8
5 +30% 9


  • Ideal on weapons with high critical chance and low status chance such as the Lenz Lenz, in order to help it scale better against armored targets.
  • Pure elemental weapons such as U10InfPrimary Synapse can trigger Slash b Slash procs using this mod.
  • Works with Exalted Weapons such as ArtemisBow130xDark Artemis Bow.
  • Slash b Slash proc damage scales with damage multipliers. As such, headshots, orange and red critical hits, or weak spots generated by Sonar130xDark Sonar or Detect Vulnerability will greatly increase the damage dealt.
  • Slash b Slash is affected by status duration mods. Using Hunter Track in tandem with Hunter Munitions will increase the base 6-second duration to 7 seconds, allowing for 8 ticks of damage rather than the normal 7 ticks.
  • The 30% trigger chance is independent to itself and is not affected by the weapon's status chance, or damage type distribution, besides being indirectly affected by its critical hit chance.
  • If a critical hit procs the mod's Slash b Slash, any other status proc(s) from the weapon can still occur normally in addition to it.
    • However, only one instance of Slash b Slash can occur if both the mod and the weapon procs it. One will override the other, despite Slash b Slash being a stackable status effect.



  • It is possible to apply up to three unique status effects per pellet with Hunter Munitions. This can occur if the weapon has an innately forced status effect proc such as Impact b Impact, and Hunter Munitions procs Slash b Slash, in addition to a status effect proc from the weapon's status chance.
  • Combining this mod with Concentrated Arrow will allow the arrow's explosion to proc deadly Slash procs for potentially more than 3,500 TrueDmg b True damage per tick.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.3
  • Introduced