Hunter Munitions is a set mod dropped from the Hemocyte during Operation: Plague Star and Ghoul Purge bounties, that grants primary weapons a chance to force a Slash b Slash status proc upon a critical hit, alongside any other Status Effect(s), that would have occured from Status Chance, or a weapon trait.


Rank Chance Cost
0 +5% 4
1 +10% 5
2 +15% 6
3 +20% 7
4 +25% 8
5 +30% 9


  • Ideal on weapons with high critical chance and low status chance such as the Lenz Lenz, in order to help it scale better against armored targets.
  • Pure elemental weapons such as U10InfPrimary Synapse can trigger Slash b Slash procs using this mod.
  • Works with Exalted Weapons such as ArtemisBow130xDark Artemis Bow.
  • Slash b Slash proc damage scales with damage multipliers. As such, headshots, orange and red critical hits will greatly increase the damage dealt.
    • As with all Slash b Slash procs, their damage only depends on the weapons modded base damage and is therefore not affected by elemental and physical damage mods.
  • Slash b Slash is affected by status duration mods. Using Mod TT 20pxHunter Track in tandem with Hunter Munitions will increase the base 6-second duration to 7 seconds, allowing for 7 ticks of damage rather than the normal 6 ticks.
  • The 30% trigger chance is independent to itself and is not affected by the weapon's status chance, or damage type distribution, besides being indirectly affected by its critical hit chance.


  • Along with Mod TT 20pxVigilante Armaments and Mod TT 20pxHunter Track, this is one of the only primary weapon mods that can be used on rifles, shotguns, bows and launchers.


  • It is possible to apply up to three unique status effects per pellet with Hunter Munitions. This can occur if the weapon has an innately forced status effect proc such as Impact b Impact, and Hunter Munitions procs Slash b Slash, in addition to a status effect proc from the weapon's status chance.
  • Combining this mod with Mod TT 20pxConcentrated Arrow will allow the arrow's explosion to proc deadly Slash procs for potentially more than 3,500 TrueDmg b True damage per tick.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.3
  • Introduced
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