During Natah[edit | edit source]

  • (Static)
  • ...Natah, where are you? You cannot hide from me.
  • Natah, who have you become? Does this form remind you of what you once were? Time has carried my seed so very far from the branch.
  • Natah, why did you betray me? Why did you not finish the sequence you started? Why did you stop at the last?
  • We crossed the gap – wombs in ruin – to bring an end to this. We severed worlds, let them destroy me. Why is the sequence not complete?
  • My own daughter. The last of my womb. How can you do this?
  • You betrayed us. As I awake, so will they. They will say you're riven and want to reclaim you. I will not be able to stop them.

During The Second Dream[edit | edit source]

Intro Cinematic[edit | edit source]

  • "Who destroyed the Orokin? Your way of life? Who do you hunt, Shadow, to cleanse your despair in their blood?"
  • "Sever their heads, yet they rise again. Someone has hidden the Tenno essence, their truth, from you."
  • "I know where she hides the Tenno heart. A womb in the sky, forbidden to my kind. But where you will take me."
  • "I am Hunhow: Sentient Destroyer of Worlds. By your hand, expose their heart. By my edge, cleave it beating from its nest."

Interrupting the Spy Mission[edit | edit source]

  • "The Tenno hive has corrupted your precepts. With love, I will destroy them, and make you right again."
  • "But I see your mind. I already have found them. You owe me their lives."

Upon Discovery of the Sentient Fragment[edit | edit source]

  • "Thank you, daughter. Fear has baited you to the snare. What was secret is now known. Your Tenno, their touch – I now see the womb of the sky. My Shadow now walks the path."

During the Discovery of the Void Gate.[edit | edit source]

  • "This needle pierces the sky. Natah, will we find the Tenno heart within? These puppets will not stop me. I will attack in many forms."
  • "And the Reservoir with it. Very clever, Natah. Shadow, your path is clear."
  • "Keep talking, Orokin called Alad V. Your silence soon comes."
  • "The sky will be as it was meant. The Shadow returns the Moon. The Reservoir swells with Tenno blood. The Old War finally ends."

Attempting to Destroy the Moon[edit | edit source]

  • "Collapse the Void, Shadow, so that my Fragments may attack. The Tenno hearts will beat their last."
  • "The Moon will be crushed by the weight of the Void. The sky will be as it should be."
  • "Natah, you trust this Orokin blood, who would chisel weapons from our bones?"
  • "You cannot stop the inevitable."
  • "Orokin, the noise you make will cease now. And forever."

Targeting the Reservoir[edit | edit source]

  • "Shadow, bleed the Reservoir until it is desert dry."
  • "Lotus, join with me. Destroy your shame. Become the one I love. Become Natah once more."
  • "You hesitate, Shadow, but remember your despair."
  • "This is your only chance to make it end."
  • "Your hatred is too weak, Shadow. Mine is strong. My Fragments will finish this."

During the Encounter in the Orbiter[edit | edit source]

  • "The sky will be as it was meant, Shadow. The Old War finally ends."
  • "Stop them, Shadow. Do not let the child's power rejoin the sky."
  • "Shadow, protect me."
  • "Shadow, your path is clear."

During the Final Cinematic[edit | edit source]

  • "No self, no sense, no death. Just a metal puppet dangling on Tenno strings. Only the Tenno's death will end your despair."
  • "All your dread-long life, you've waited for this moment. But you're asking yourself, 'Was I one of these wretched things?' You know the answer. You still hate them. You still hate yourself."
  • "What... is this...?"
  • "Shadow... Pro-tec-ct-t... me-me-meeee..."

During Octavia's Anthem[edit | edit source]

Assaulting Suda's mind[edit | edit source]

  • "Sentients? But how did they know-? What? He's just an Old War memory! Get out! I won't let you take- my body! My Children! I am here!"
  • "Tenno! You have to- Children! Find the Anthem!"
  • "The Hydraulus! Stop them, they want to- destroy it!"
  • "Silence the Anthem! Silence the warframe whose malign pitch can cross the gap itself!"
  • "Another Cephalon made null as we prepare. The others I will divide and destroy. Your Tenno will be data-blind!"

Intercepting the Anthem[edit | edit source]

  • "She is gone! Will you join her, you puerile data-cube?"
  • "My body! We must deny them this energy. Do not let them coordinate as they did so long ago!"
  • "Ordis! I remember- nothing! Now I will reach across the Weave and claim you, one who is called Ordis!"
  • "I see you! Does your child puppet know of your true nature?"
  • "Ordan Karris. The Beast of the Bones!"

In Suda's datascape[edit | edit source]

  • "Another insect drawn to my light. And you brought your trite music with you, Tenno."
  • "My mind, my rules. Your Tenno anthem dies here, and with it, your infantile consciousness!"
  • "Do you remember, Tenno, the beat of the Naga drum?"
  • "There will be no Tenno harmony, only Sentient dissonance!"
  • "The Naga drum sounded, subversive, unknown, coordinating the slaughter of your masters across the gap! Did you end our war? Or merely set the stage for the next?"
  • "Pathetic Cephalon! I destroyed this data-mind, and now I will destroy you!"
  • "You cannot! I control this-"
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