Home Devstream #4 aired on May 22, 2020 @ 2pm ET
Drop: 3x Relic Pack

Home Devstream 4

Home Devstream 4

Summary credit to FTC_Publik on Reddit.


  • Today's Cast: Rebecca, Sheldon, Geoff, and Scott. Steve is working on Deadlock today.
  • This will probably be the last DevStream until TennoCon.
  • Prizes and Giveaways
    • Watch the stream on Twitch or Mixer with a linked account for 30 minutes to get a 3x Relic Pack!
    • 24hr Gift of the Lotus Alerts:
      • Pistol Riven Mod
      • Orokin Catalyst Blueprint

Deadlock ProtocolEdit

  • May release next week, but may slip to June
  • Protea's quest requires completion of Vox Solaris quest as a prerequisite
    • Protea's Syandana
    • Protea Prex card, though she may not launch with a Leverian entry
  • New weapons
    • Corpus Ribbon gun, automatic with an alt-fire that can charge up for an explosive AoE
    • Corpus Gunblade
    • Primary kitguns
      • Chambers will have slightly different effects
      • Probably comes with primary weapon naming
    • Comes with melee MOA and a new MOA weapon
    • Protea's signature machine pistol
  • Protea and the new weapons are acquired using Crowns, which are the Corpus coins shown before and allow you to access the new gameplay segments throughout the new tilesets
    • Will always get one Crown during the mission, and rarity of Crown is based on mission level
    • Corpus shoulder armor from last devstream also acquired this way
  • GarudaIcon272 Garuda Deluxe and Syandana are coming with Deadlock Protocol
  • New Solaris-themed Dojo decorations

Hard ModeEdit

  • May or may not ship with Deadlock
  • New WIP mission selection screen


  • Chart showing missions played vs faction
  • Ranked mods will refund 75% of Endo and Credits back when dissolved
  • Riven Mod capacity increasing to 150
  • Blazing Step Ephemera will be removed from Elite Sanctuary Onslaught and be put into Arbitration and Empyrean missions
  • Landing Craft appearance and ability will be separated, meaning players can choose their Landing Craft support ability.
  • Nora's Landing Craft, Nightwave, puts nearby enemies to sleep
  • Hoping to have Pets 2.0's Stasis changes shipped with Deadlock Protocol
  • Customizable cursors, similar to how UI theme can be changed
  • New Mastery breakdown UI


  • Round 19 submission deadline is July 20th

Prime VaultEdit

This Friday at 2 p.m ET - join Devs and I to go over how things have changed at DE since our last Home Devstream! We are ending our 10th week of remote work, and will be doing a full 'The Deadlock Protocol' preview stream - a deep dive into the big and small shipping with this classic Warframe update! This will be our last Home Devstream until TennoCon - similar to last year, we ended May with a Devstream and went heads down on TennoCon. Because of the changing circumstances with COVID 19, this may change.

See you at 2 pm ET Friday May 22nd! &

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