Home Devstream #3 aired on May 8, 2020 @ 2pm ET
Drop: Built Forma

Home Devstream 3

Home Devstream 3

Summary credit to FTC_Publik on Reddit.


  • Today's Cast: Rebecca, Sheldon, Steve, Geoff, Scott
  • Prizes and Giveaways:
  • Watch the stream on Twitch or Mixer with a linked account for 30 minutes to get a built Forma!
  • 72-hour Pre-Nightwave Alerts:
    • 5x Nitain Extracts
    • 1x Orokin Catalyst BP
    • 1x Orokin Reactor BP

Update NewsEdit

  • Railjack Revised and Glassmaker is now in cert for consoles.
  • Glassmaker coming next week.
  • Deadlock Protocol coming this month, maybe June.
  • Planes of Duviri will not be a 2020 release, will be talked more about in 2021.
    • Much of this due to COVID-19.

Tennocon 2020Edit

  • Will be all-digital.
  • Digital pack is coming next week.
    • Comes with access to the 2020 Baro Relay.
    • 2 new emotes (Icon, Lotus)
    • Exclusive Syandana
    • Exclusive Sigil
    • Tennocon Prex Card
    • Tennocon statue

Nightwave Series 3: GlassmakerEdit

  • Coming next week maybe.
  • Nora Landing Craft will have a unique ability, not just a skin.

Deluxe SkinsEdit

  • Ash Deluxe will launch with Glassmaker.
    • Comes with a bow skin.
    • No Ash Leverian, did not make the cert cutoff.
  • Garuda Deluxe
  • Khora Deluxe
    • Will come with deluxe Venari and new animation sets.

Railjack RevisitedEdit

  • Scott wants to revisit Intrinsics in the next revisit. Feels that the top tiers of Intrinsics need to be more worthwhile for the investment they require.
  • Adding more game modes.
  • Hooking it into more systems.
  • More balancing.

Hard ModeEdit

  • Boosts enemy level, affinity, and rewards.
    • About 50 levels higher than the base mission.
  • Ultra-hard mode for +100 levels.
  • Maybe other rewards like ship decorations.
  • May have Mastery implications.


  • Garuda Prex being worked on.
  • New Q&A chat channel.
  • New big skybox Railjack room.
  • Lich "View Cinematic" button added that will play the Old Blood cinematic.
  • Join Any Crew button for Empyrean matchmaking. Will join you to any open crew in that proxima.
  • Still nothing to say about cross-save. They know it's something we want, and they want it too.
  • Corpus trophy shoulder armor. Probably an earned reward.
  • Primary Kitguns still coming with Deadlock Protocol.
  • Pets 2.0 still being worked on.
  • Scarlet Spear frame usage chart.

This Friday at 2 p.m ET - join Devs and I to go over how things have changed at DE since our last Home Devstream! We are ending our 8th week of remote work, and we have lots of checkins to do on our team, progress, and goals from now until TennoCon 2020: Digital Event!

This will be experimental as we have limited hardware at home... and hopefully less audio issues!

See you at 2 pm ET Friday May 8th! &

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