Home Devstream #2 aired on April 24, 2020 @ 2pm ET
Drop: Orokin Reactor or Orokin Catalyst

Summary credit to FTC_Publik on Reddit.


  • Today's Cast: Rebecca, Sheldon, Steve, Geoff, Scott.
  • Prizes and Giveaways:
    • Watch the stream on Twitch or Mixer with a linked account for 30 minutes to get a random potato blueprint!
    • Gift of the Lotus Alerts:
      • Orokin Catalyst
      • Rifle Riven

Test Cluster[]

  • Semi-public Test Cluster will be opening this weekend. You will receive a Steam key on the Official Forums if you are selected.

Protea Warframe[]

Screenshot 20200424-213545 Twitch.jpg

  • Will be available through a new quest
  • Will release with two alt-helmets
  • Custom roll/dodge animation will more range
  • Signature weapon
  • Ability showcase:
    • Passive - casting abilities provides every fourth cast a 100% Ability Strength bonus.
    • Grenade Fan - Protea scatters 3 grenades in front of her that explode into clouds of shrapnel o

      Protea with Alt helmet

      n impact, lasting for a duration and dealing Slash DamageDmgSlashSmall64.png Slash damage with a chance to proc and staggering all enemies within range. Holding down the ability key (default 1 ) instead deploys 3 shield drones on the ground, arming them to orbit around Protea and her allies nearby. Each shield drone lasts for a duration, constantly recharges its target's Shield points per second, which can accumulate into Overshield, as well as extending the duration of shield gating invulnerability upon shield depletion.
    • Blaze Artillery - Protea launches the laser turret attached to her utility belt, deploying it to hover in the air in front of her. The laser turret lasts for a short duration, during which it locks onto multiple nearby enemies and fires a barrage of energy beams in between short intervals. Each energy beam deals high Heat DamageDmgHeatSmall64.png Heat damage with a chance to proc to its target and other enemies within the area of effect; beam and area damage further increases by 50% with each enemy hit.
      • Laser turret duration is shown on the ability icon, as well as displayed on the rear of the turret as a holographic circle.
    • Dispensary - Protea deploys a hovering stationary dispensary drone for a duration. The dispensary drone periodically warps in a high-yield Health Orb that restores 100 health, an Ammo pickup, and an Energy Orb, with a chance to simultaneously drop a second copy of an item. Items are arranged in a triangular formation around the drone, only replaced once picked up.
    • Temporal Anchor - Protea snapshots herself with a temporal anchor, saving her position and stats at the time of ability activation. While anchored in the past, Protea is free to perform all actions, which still affects the present. All actions made by Protea are recorded as a trail of time clones mimicking her specific actions every second; damage dealt by Protea while anchored is stored and shown beneath the aiming reticle. At the end of the ability or upon manual deactivation, Protea unleashes all stored damage upon nearby enemies as she physically rewinds to her saved position. Her shields, health, energy, and ammo are restored to the amounts saved at the moment her anchor was made; if Protea receives lethal damage while anchored, she automatically rewinds with her health paused at 2 points.

Broken Frame[]

  • Currently in the ability design phase.

Nightwave Series 3: The Glassmaker[]

  • Scheduled to launch on all platforms in May
  • Intermission 2 ends on May 3rd
  • Sneak peek at the first diorama
  • New rewards and more interactive story
    • New operator cosmetics
    • Nightwave landing craft ship
    • New weapon augments
    • Kuva Lich and Railjack-related challenges
    • Availability of rebalanced Conclave exclusive augments/mods in Cred Offerings store
    • Dioramas can be interacted with

Deadlock Protocol[]

Corpus shrine

Token system for Deadlock protocol

  • Rescheduled release to May
  • Comes with new quest for Protea
  • Lore about origins of the Corpus
  • Corpus Ship tileset remaster
    • Corpus enemies can drop "greed tokens" that can be used to interact with Corpus hand shrines to open portals to the "purgatory"
  • Jackal boss revisited (new mechanics and visual upgrade)

Valence Fusion for Railjacks[]

Upcoming Railjack changes

Railjack components and armaments of the same type can be 'fused' to increase the stats, similar to Kuva Lich Weapons. In addition, players can choose which bonus stat to carry over to the resultant component or armament.

Other Tidbits[]

  • Market visual change and addition of filters (hide owned, hide mastered, and hide items without blueprints)

    Ash deluxe 2

  • AshAshIcon272.png Ash's second Deluxe skin coming soon
  • Hydroid and Khora Deluxe being worked on
  • Semi-public test cluster is live
  • Companions 2.0 being worked on
  • Operation: Scarlet Spear will rerun in the future

This Friday at 2 p.m ET - join Devs and I to go over how things have changed at DE since our last Home Devstream on March 27. We are ending our 6th week of remote work, and we have a lot to discuss on the good, the bad, and the clone-rot since our last check in! We also have a special little video from our team at home checking in on what they've been up to!

This will be experimental as we have limited hardware at home:

See you at 2 pm ET Friday April 24. twitch.tv/warframe & mixer.com/playwarframe

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