Hollow Point increases critical multiplier while reducing the damage of Pistols.


Rank Critical multiplier Damage Cost
0 +10% -2.5% 4
1 +20% -5% 5
2 +30% -7.5% 6
3 +40% -10% 7
4 +50% -12.5% 8
5 +60% -15% 9


  • Mod TT 20px.png Target Cracker provides the same critical damage bonus without any penalty (although it does have a Madurai Pol.svg instead of a Naramon Pol.svg, which works with different builds).
  • In most cases, this mod will lower average damage. As such, it is not recommended for any gun other than those with a high critical hit rate (such as the TennoMagnum.png Magnus) and only with particular mod setups already in place.
    • It is worth noting that modifications to the same stat are additive and as a result Hollow Point's damage penalty is less substantial when placed on a gun already modified with a high-ranking Mod TT 20px.png Hornet Strike. In fact, a gun with a maxed rank copy of Hornet Strike will drop from 320% damage per shot to 305% damage per shot, which is slightly less than an effective damage drop of 5%.


  • In firearm ballistics, hollow-point bullets are bullets made with a bore-hole, or a similar design in their tips, and therefore have less mass and potential energy. However, upon impact they rapidly deform and expand, causing a significantly wider wound channel and depending on the caliber and target, may even come to a stop when compared to other round types like a full metal jacket (solid bullet), which can easily over-penetrate and waste potential kinetic energy.


Patch History[]

Update 10.3 (2013-10-09)

  • Introduced along with Orokin Vaults.