• "Bladed weapons; master-crafted from the hilt up, designed to suit your particular need, surah!"
  • "You have dreamed of your perfect blade! Well, dream no longer! It resides in the space between yourself and HOK, master craftsman, waiting to be born!"


  • "Ah-ha! You desire the Zaw weapons Hok is so famous for! Allow Hok - I am Hok - to sell you blueprints for weapon parts, forge them in your foundry, and then return here, so that Hok may construct a fine weapon for you."
  • "Ai yo! What a day! Hok has been busier than a one-armed mime with a skin rash. What may I provide?"
  • "Oof, that last customer? Nice guy, but couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. What do you need?"
  • "Ah, swazdo-lah. Both the world and his wife are on Hok's back this accursed day. How may he improve yours?"

If Trusted or HigherEdit

  • "AI-YO! Cetus's favorite Tenno! Welcome, welcome!"
  • "Ah, surah! A joy as always!"
  • "SWAZDO-LAH, TENNO! Your presence makes joy fountain from Hok's eyeballs!"

Speaking to PedlekEdit

  • "NO EXCUSES, PEDLEK! Last time there was a dead squirrel floating in it! (Sigh) I am a bright star surrounded by an accretion disk of cretins and ding-dongs. (Sigh) How may I serve?"
  • "(Chuckles) I do not like your chances, Pedlek, for you're barely symmetrical! Oh, swazdo-lah! How may Hok serve?"
  • "No, Pedlek, I will not be attending your poetry recital. Hok would rather get a plate in his head and collect magnets. How may I serve?"
  • "I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS BEHAVIOR, PEDLEK! You look like a jerk and have a crappy face! Swazdo-lah, what do you need?"
  • "That money in your SOCK, Pedlek, is for BAIL! (Sigh) Swazdo-lah, what do you need?"
  • "KNOCK IT OFF, PEDLEK! You laugh like an electrocuted hamster! Oh, swazdo-lah! How may Hok serve?"
  • "By the Unum, Pedlek, it would be wiser to simply fire you and use your face to make squid biscuits! Oh, swazdo-lah. How may Hok serve?"

Leaving the StoreEdit

  • "Really? Step into the winners' circle occasionally, friend. We'd love to have you."
  • "So you've just wasted my time, is what your face is telling me."
  • "Are your eyes in your pockets?! You'll not find the equal of Hok's merchandise elsewhere."

After Purchasing an ItemEdit

  • "Walk like there's a knife in your boot, eh?"
  • "Keep swingin' until they're more red than, well, anything else."
  • "Getting old isn't for the weak. Be well, surah."


  • "Sho-lah!"
  • "Sho-lah, surah!"
  • "Come back soon!"
  • "Remember, Hok has new specials, every day!"
  • "Dah-dap, surah!"

Zaw ForgingEdit

If the Player has no Zaw ComponentsEdit

  • "Hok would love to help. Perhaps if you return with some weapon parts, he could assemble a fine blade for you."
  • "Supply the parts, and I shall create the weapon."
  • "Without the proper components, alas, I am helpless to assist."

If the Player WaitsEdit

  • "There is no rush; Hok has... all day."
  • "It is important to make the right choice, of course."
  • "Pedlek! Fetch me my lunch while this customer... browses."

Selecting a Zaw ComponentEdit

  • "Very good, very good."
  • "They shall work wonderfully together."
  • "A most astute choice, surah."

If the Player WaitsEdit

  • "Perhaps the most important part of the weapon. Choose wisely."
  • "Take your time, take your time."
  • "Grip and link must, of course, be chosen with utmost care."

Creating a ZawEdit

  • "Hok does marvelous work, does he not? Marvelous-Utz."
  • "Not too shabby. Pedlek helped with some of the smaller touches, so my apologies if it falls apart in your hands."
  • "PEDLEK! FETCH THIS CUSTOMER THEIR- oh, there it is."

Other ServicesEdit

Gilding a ZawEdit

  • "Such beautiful lines. She requires only... a name."
  • "It is ready, waiting to come to life with your touch. Will you name her?"
  • "Your blade, Tenno. Name her, and bring her to life."

Confirming the Name of a ZawEdit

  • "A name to strike fear into the hearts of the wicked."
  • "You are quite the poet, Tenno. Beautiful."
  • "Perfection."

Skipping the Naming of a ZawEdit

  • "You see her for what she is. Truly, you share bond."
  • "Her nature is her own. As you say."
  • "Of course, surah. She is yours."

If the Zaw is not Rank 30Edit

  • "Test your blades in battle. Return to me once their worth is known. Only then will Hok gild."
  • "If your weapon is tested, then Hok shall gild, but not before."
  • "Untested metal is unfit for gilding. Return to Hok once the worth of that blade has been proven, surah."

Donating a ZawEdit

  • "Dah-dup, surah! Your contribution to our defense is gratefully accepted!"
  • "Ai yo! Dah-dup, surah! The militia thanks you!"
  • "You are too kind, surah! Dah-dup, dah-dup-utz!"

If the Zaw is not Rank 30Edit

  • "The militia will only accept battle-hardened Zaws, Tenno."
  • "If the steel is tested, the militia will gratefully accept. Otherwise, not so much."
  • "We cannot arm recruits with anything less than battle-hardened weapons, surah."

Viewing Today's SpecialEdit

  • "Big special today! Hok knows you're interested!"
  • "Behold; my special for today!"
  • "Another day, another masterwork!"
  • "Today special is a thing of such beauty, that I had to slap Pedlek for looking at it indecently."
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