An Infested pet bred from the Helminth Cyst


The Helminth Charger is a pet, similar to a Kubrow, obtainable after interacting with Helminth.

The Kubrow Incubator screen, with Helminth Cyst section visible.

24 hours after being infected by Helminth or another player, a pink cyst will appear on the infected Warframe's neck. Six days after its appearance the cyst will be fully grown (a single tendril will be visible, emerging from the follicle) and ready to drain.

While using the infected Warframe, the player can select "Begin Incubation" under the Kubrow Breeding tab. There, a new Helminth Cyst option will appear at the bottom of the Incubator menu (see picture) via a button marked "drain". (This will consume an egg as well) Clicking this will bring up a confirmation dialog, after which the incubation process will proceed as it would for any other pet.



  • More than one Warframe per player can have the cysts.
  • Be warned: After curing a cyst on a Warframe by sitting in the chair, that Warframe will be unable to be infected with the Helminth virus again. This is not the case with draining the cyst to make a Helminth Charger.
  • If one chooses to remove the cyst by sitting in the chair, the cyst cannot be used to breed the Helminth Charger.
  • Prior to Update 20.0 (2017-03-24), the pet shared the same model of that of an Infested Charger that is however attached to a Kubrow skeleton. As such, the model often stretched awkwardly and cosmetics don't properly fit.
    • The Charger model is purchasable in the Marketplace for Credits64.png 10,000.
  • The natural color of the Helminth Charger may not come out as the expectation photo and it is completely random. The color, however, can still be customized by purchasing the Kubrow Gene-Masking Kits in the Market (Credits64.png 100,000 for the basic one) and/or the Kavat Gene-Masking Kits (Credits64.png 160,000), as well as the Drahk, Feral Kubrow, and Feral Kavat gene masking kits from Master Teasonai in Cetus. (Master Teasonai's gene masking kits will vary in the materials, and the amount of each needed as his inventory rotates daily.)
  • Players must complete the Howl of the Kubrow quest before using the Helminth Charger in a mission.
  • Players cannot get imprints from Helminth Chargers.
  • The Helminth Charger is the only pet companion that does not have a non-mature state, meaning it cannot be regressed to a puppy form.


  • After the Helminth Charger has matured for combat, the player may notice they cannot equip the pet due to a "Missing Collar" lock. Simply exit Warframe and re-login, or entering any mission node will allow the Charger to be equipped.
  • If ScavengeMod TT 20px.png Scavenge is equipped and the Helminth Charger is currently opening a locker, going into Operator form may make the Helminth Charger invisible for the duration of the mission. The Helminth Charger will still be seen by enemies however, so this is purely a visual bug.


Patch History[]

Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)

  • Fixed an issue where the pedestal for the cyst of a regressed Helminth Charger would retract into the floor when opening and closing the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Helminth Kubrow puppy appearing as a default Kubrow and not a Helminth variant.

Hotfix 30.6.1 (2021-08-10)

  • Fixed a script error related to the Incubator and a Helminth puppy.

Hotfix 30.5.5 (2021-07-29)

  • Fixed Helminth Kubrow puppy not correctly appearing as a Helminth puppy.

Update 30.3 (2021-05-25)

  • Fixed Helminth Charger Emblems clipping into shoulders.

Hotfix 24.0.2 (2018-11-09)

  • The Hastened Deflection Mod is now a ‘BEAST’ Mod, meaning it’s also compatible with Kavats and Helminth Charger.
  • Fixed inability to equip Bite, Pack Leader, and Medi-Pet Kit on the Helminth Charger.

Update 22.15 (2018-03-07)

  • Fixed Kubrow Armor not appearing on Helminth Chargers with Drahk Skin equipped.

Hotfix 21.3.1 (2017-08-04)

  • Fixed the ability to procure the unreleased Helminth Ferocity mod via Transmute/trade.

Hotfix 21.0.2 (2017-06-29)

  • Fixed receiving an error when attempting to incubate a Helminth Charger.

Hotfix 20.0.9 (2017-04-03)

  • Fixed custom energy color on the Helminth Charger not being very noticeable.

Hotfix 20.0.4 (2017-03-27)

  • Fixed crash when changing Armor for the Helminth Charger.

Hotfix 20.0.3 (2017-03-26)

  • Fixed the Helminth Charger Codex diorama freezing the game.

Update 20.0 (2017-03-24)

Update 19.6 (2017-01-11)

  • Fixed the Helminth Hunt precept Mod having redundant description text.

Hotfix 19.5.5 (2017-01-03)

  • Fixed incorrect Codex entry.

Update 19.5 (2016-12-22)

  • (Undocumented) Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 23.4.1 (2018-08-16)