Olka Harkonar hails from the Harkonar Production Zone. She is one of the few nobles not satisfied by simply watching her weapons wreak havoc, she needed to join the fray. So Olka Harkonar became an Executioner of Rathuum, vowing to prove the might of Harkonar weapons and armor with every judgement she made.

Like all other Executioners she seems to have a built in reduction for duration based abilities (based on playtests, not confirmed):

  1. Cast: affected for 25% of the duration
  2. Cast: affected for 15% of the duration
  3. Cast and every following: affected for 2.25% of the duration

Behavior Edit

  • Her primary trick is an ability similar to Loki's Decoy. These decoys are partially transparent, much like Mirage using Eclipse in the shadows, and even make similar sounds. They can also be identified by their lack of Shields. These decoys can move, unlike Loki's.
  • Should a player charge her position, she prefers to employ Smokescreen to disengage. She is still vulnerable to damage while invisible should players get lucky or cover the area in splash damage.
  • Uncommonly at short distance she starts attack with her Sheev, perhaps only if her abilities are on cooldown.

Trivia Edit

  • Harkonar wears the Harkonar armor set, which has been available long before the executioner's first appearance.
  • Despite using the Buzlok, it does not function in any way to the actual weapon. Instead, it acts as a slower charging Vulkar that normal Ballista enemies use.

Media Edit