Hand Grenades are explosive devices deployed by enemies. They can force a player from hiding, momentarily stop shields from recharging, or simply cause disorientation.

Enemies equipped with grenades consist primarily of Crewmen, Lancers, and Troopers, and variants thereof, including the Corrupted.


  • After sticking onto a surface, it will explode in 2 seconds and deals 495 Blast b Blast base damage within 10 meters. This damage number scales with enemy level.[1]
  • Enemies will show that they are about to throw a grenade while hiding behind cover by periodically peeking around the corner.
  • Grenades can be heard by a loud, analogue-like beeping which will rapidly grow in pace as time grows closer to the grenade's detonation. In the case of the Orokin grenades used by the Corrupted, the sound resembles a clockwork clicking instead.
    • They are also highlighted by a red waypoint whenever they are thrown.
  • If shot, either while airborne or stuck, the grenade will not deal any damage to Warframes or friendly units. However, it will damage enemies.


  • Despite the Grineer (left side of image), Corpus (middle) and Orokin/Corrupted (right) grenades having different designs, they function exactly the same.
  • Plasma grenades seem to be a close family counterpart to DEPenta Penta's explosive.


Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.2
Grenade Markers:

Sometimes the devious enemies of Warframe decide they’d rather stay safely behind cover and throw explosive surprises at the Tenno instead of rushing in. They do this when you are stationary for long periods of time. Some time ago we added an audio warning so that thrown grenades would chirp or tick, but experience has shown that they are still easy to miss during the chaos of fighting. A visible HUD marker and a warning glow have been added to grenades that are thrown at you to give you a better chance to react. PLUS, you can now shoot the grenade before it explodes, allowing for increased tactical revenge!

Why: More awareness on where Grenades are has been a longstanding community request to help the flow of battle. We are adding it to allow for more player tactical choice.


  • Introduced.

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