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The Halloween 2014 Alert was a special alert that became active from October 31, 2014 to November 3, 2014. Taking place on Oro, Earth, this Infested Extermination mission featured dense fog that severely limited visibility, as well as a number of other special additions. This alert also featured an optional objective in the form of Grineer Resource Caches  hidden throughout the map that can be found for additional rewards. Unlike normal Alert missions, this special alert can be replayed after completion for the duration of the alert.

Special Additions[edit | edit source]

In addition to the gloomy and spooky atmosphere of the alert, there were several special additions only specific to this alert.

  • Ancient Disruptors, Toxic Ancients and Ancient Healers had a bloody texture along with giant sawblades attached to their longer arms that made a buzzing noise, much like the saw blades that the Butchers used to have.
  • Some containers were changed to Jack-O-Lanterns that when broken would reveal an Infested Spawn Pod that would spawn Leapers and Volatile Runners indefinitely unless destroyed. This Spawn Pod will briefly release a Toxin b.png Toxin gas cloud upon being destroyed.
  • Grineer Resource Caches on the alert have orange lighting surrounded by jack-o-lanterns, and would play a Halloween laugh track when opened. They emit a faintly audible whisper that replaces the normal humming sound betraying their position.  
  • This level applies a film grain filter on the entire mission's visuals.
  • The alert offers Credits64.png666 as the reward.

Additional Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Resource Caches in this mission can reward the following when found:

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