NechramechArtillery.png NechramechArtillery.png
Guard Mode
Take a stationary stance to deploy maximum firepower and gain increased structural integrity for a time.
Energy Drain: 5 s-1
Strength:150 / 250 / 350 / 500 (Blast w.png Blast Heat w.png Heat damage)

  • Voidrig deploys its powerful turret Arch-gun, the Arquebex.png Arquebex, on both arms as its Exalted Weapon, while simultaneously bracing itself on the ground.
    • The Arquebex is immediately able to be used upon casting the ability even while the deployment animation takes a few seconds to play through.
  • Guard Mode costs 50 energy to deploy, then drains 5 energy per second and will remain active so long as Voidrig has energy.
  • The Voidrig is immobile while Guard Mode is active, and use of its other special abilities is prevented.
  • Cannot be cast while in the air.

Main article: Arquebex
The Arquebex are a pair of heavy energy mortars of Entrati design, functioning as the Voidrig Necramech's built-in Exalted Weapon. It can only be utilized through using the NechramechArtilleryB.png Guard Mode ability, which will bunker the mech down in a siege-mode to compensate for the recoil.


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