The Grineer Sealab is a planetside tileset introduced in Update 16.5 with the Operation: Tubemen of Regor event, and is the default planetside tileset for Uranus. Taking place on a Grineer underwater research facility, this tileset features both artificial structures intermixed with oceanic strata and views of the ocean. It also features vast underwater areas which have to be traversed using Archwings, allowing for three-dimensional submarine combat. Nodes that contain the tag Submersible will feature said underwater areas, and cannot be entered if a player has no Archwing equipped.

This tileset can also be found on Earth as a secondary planetary environment, but Archwings cannot be used in water areas.

Unique EnemiesEdit

  • This tileset features advanced versions of normal Grineer units, all with the 'Drekar' prefix. Drekar enemies tend to be similar in stats compared to their normal variants, aside from occasional units having slightly more health or armor. Manic Bombards appear on this tileset when assassinating Tyl Regor, which are the most significantly unique and dangerous enemy on this tileset besides the underwater ones.
  • Underwater enemies include Grineer wearing large diving suits, in addition to giant bombs and sharks. These sharks will attack Tenno and Grineer alike and follow a predictable pattern, entering or exiting inaccessible holes in the reef. They inflict a guaranteed Slash b Slash proc when hitting the player, easily bleeding out players with low health who aren't careful to avoid them or kill them first.

Environmental HazardsEdit

Electrified WaterEdit

Similar to the Orokin Derelict tileset, certain tiles can feature flooded rooms with electricity charging through the water, which slowly deals Electricity b Electricity damage to any units that stand upon it with a chance to proc. The electric current can be turned off by deactivating a large power console within the room.

Gashing Gears Edit

In certain rooms, gears will be exposed from the floor, spinning rapidly as they work. Standing on the gear not only flings the player in a given direction but also inflicts Slash b Slash damage; the slash damage may not seem lethal, but caution should still be taken. A small bridge is always available to avoid touching the gears, although jumping over is another method.

High-Pressure VentsEdit

Found on underwater segments, these natural vents, seen as conical bumps on walls with large yellow craters, will periodically eject high-speed water jets that can deal damage to passing players. Larger vents can be found directly underneath large pools of water that serve as entry points into underwater levels, which can eject large volumes of water up the pool; players caught in said eruptions while underwater will be forcefully ejected out onto dry land.


These large, red mines can randomly appear in any location while underwater, and will detonate upon contact with players, dealing Blast b Blast damage and proc within a small radius. These mines can be destroyed by using weapon attacks or Archwing abilities.


Planet Name Type Faction Level
Earth Mariana Exterminate Grineer 1 - 3
Uranus Ariel Capture Grineer 25 - 27
Uranus Caliban Rescue Grineer 25 - 27
Uranus Cressida Mobile Defense Grineer 25 - 27
Uranus Desdemona Sabotage Grineer 26 - 28
Uranus Ophelia Survival Grineer 24 - 29
Uranus Puck Exterminate Grineer 27 - 29
Uranus Rosalind Spy Grineer 27 - 29
Uranus Stephano Defense Grineer 25 - 27
Uranus Sycorax Exterminate Grineer 24 - 26
Uranus Umbriel Interception Grineer 24 - 29
Sedna Yam Arena Grineer 60 - 60
Sedna Vodyanoi Arena Grineer 85 - 85
There are a total of 13 missions on the Grineer Sealab tileset.

Conclave MapsEdit

There is currently 1 map for Conclave from this tileset.


  • One of the tiles feature bunkrooms with interactive shower pods that spray water upon activation. This feature is purely cosmetic.
  • An Ogma can be seen parked in the extraction tile, indicating that said unit can be used underwater.
  • One of the dead-end tiles has an Orokin Death Orb under disassembly, possibly indicating that the Grineer might be attempting to reverse-engineer it.
  • This is the same tileset featured in the Tomb of the Sentients trailer.
    • However, the trailer shows an Excalibur coming out of the hatch in the floor the spawn tile, which is thus far an inaccessible area.
      • The same tile can appear to some players as an extraction tile, but it is exactly the same tile, just role-reversed.
  • This is the first tileset that can switch between normal ground-based gameplay and Archwing mechanics in the same mission outside of quests.
  • One of the rooms displays Tubemen in different stages of infestation being studied by strange two-headed cybernetic research drones augmented similarly to Councilor Vay Hek. This suggests that Tyl Regor has access to the infestation.
  • Orokin structures and Sentient bodies can be found outside the lab, generally buried in rock or submerged. Most notably, a crashed Orokin ship being excavated by a Grineer submarine is located in the center of one of the underwater segments, and the remains of the massive Sentient Hunhow can be seen in the distance on an Archwing extraction tile.


  • There is a bug in which a player can clip through one of the Grineer storage lockers against the wall and enter the inside of the map.
  • Sometimes when attempting to exit Archwing a player will still have their Archwing equipped and be unable to move.
  • If the rescue target happens to fall in the water there is a chance they will disappear and the mission will be a failure. This also happens to the Syndicate Operatives in Syndicate Alerts, as they will die immediately upon touching the water.
  • In the short hallway connector Tile, it is possible to hop outside the railing of the walkway and use slide to hide under the walkway. if you move around too much down there you can fall outside of the hallway through some of the fake walls and be stuck inside the map. Although it is still possible, if the "unstuck" command doesn't work, to get back in with some given effort and Bullet Jumps.
  • On ps4 the Tubemen and the Grineer working on them all have missing faces.


  • The outside of the Sealab that players are dropped off on in the beginning of a mission.
  • An underwater hallway in the sealab tileset.
  • A dead-end room with a view.
  • The Sealab variation of Grineer storage lockers.
  • One of the main chambers in the sealab tileset, a giant tube-machine is oozing goo from the center.
  • Underwater window that shows another possible sealab in the distance.
  • Strange enough, an Ogma on display right next to the end-mission extraction dock.
  • The underwater tunnel exit through which the liset leaves when the mission ends.
  • One of the many 'Tubemen' found in the sealab tileset.
  • Aquatic Grineer vessels appearing to clean a sunken Orokin ship.
  • One of Tyl Regor's Experiments, or "Tubemen"
  • Another Tubeman

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.15
  • Grineer Sealab doors now displays a distinctive Icon to indicate it needs to be hacked in order to proceed.

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