Grineer Onslaught is the 19th track of the Warframe Soundtrack, it is an upbeat industrial music which is one of the two combat soundtracks used in most the Grineer tilesets, them being Grineer Asteroid, Grineer Forest, Grineer Galleon, Grineer Sealab, Grineer Settlement and Grineer Shipyard. The Somachord of this music can be obtained in Sedna.

Grineer Onslaught is one of the two combat soundtracks used for the Grineer, the other being Grakata (Soundtrack). When not in combat, this theme transitions into Gene Molds.

Trivia Edit

  • This theme is the only theme in WARFRAME which is used alternatively with another music, Grakata.
  • The Grineer Asteroid Fortress is the only Grineer tileset which does not utilize this theme by default.

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