Official Grineer Cipher. Note that "KW" is used in place of "Q" and "KS" is used in place of "X."

Grineer text originally started out as simple bar code, and the ultimate goal was to create a written language that could be read easily whether compacted into a small space or plastered on an entire wall. Unlike the Corpus or Tenno alphabet that needs room to flourish, Grineer text can be fit into just about any location without a problem.

—WARFRAME blog post on creation of the language[1]

The Grineer speak and write in English, however they use their own unique set of barcode letters with dot-matrix-styled 'cuts' made along its edges (left for letters, right for numbers), to various depths. A dot present under each letter's bottom-right corner helps to determine the correct orientation and makes it easy to tell if the text has been flipped or rotated.

In many cases, the developers did not intend for this language to be translated and read by players. Therefore, many cases of text longer than a few words (such as the readouts on monitors) tend to be random letters strung together and occasionally flipped or rotated. Since the dot-marks are supposed to be on the bottom-right, it is easy to tell when this has been done.


Much like the Corpus Language, Grineer is based on a substitution of letters and letter clusters, generated by feeding English text through a simple program.[2][3] The substitutions used have evolved over time, leading to inconsistency in the spoken Grineer language which is exacerbated by the accents of various Grineer units. A list of substitutions common to most Grineer/Quotes has been determined based on known dialog. Due to the relatively small number of references and the variability of Grineer accents, this list may not be comprehensive.

English Grineer Example/Notes
B K Sukjekkt ("subject")
BA RA Raf ("back")
BO BRO Brogrer ("bored")
C K, KK Onke ("once")
CK F Kref ("check")
CL GR Grear ("clear")
D R Spotter ("spotted")
H R Rey ("hey")
I U, HU Hu'm ("I'm")
L D Dof ("lock")
Applied only if L is not preceeded by a consonant
LL S Khus ("kill")
O K Fkr ("for")
Outdated substitution; more recent dialogue do not use this
P G Gregort ("report")
Applied only if P is not flanked by any consonants
R-, -R- GR Regre ("here")
Applied only if R is not flanked by any consonants
ST TR Retrroy ("destroy")
TH KL Klem ("them")
This substitution is responsible for the Clem meme.
W R Rusr ("wish")
WH GR Grat ("what")

These substitutions are the most heavily used, but have not always been employed, and may change again in the future. Some notable dialog that does not follow these rules includes the initial cutscene of Vor's Prize, which among other irregularities features a substitution seen nowhere else: O → K. The Kavor word "sikkhat" is a recent example of a word of unknown derivation that may indicate a rule shift. Known examples of translated text can be found on the Grineer, Captain Vor, General Sargas Ruk, Kuva Guardian, and the Regulator quotes page.

A small number of words are irregular or have special substitution rules: most notably "and", ("na"), "my" ("tu"), and "you" ("gar"). Expletives except for "ramn" ("damn") appear to not follow substitution rules, or are de novo words ("ghutre" "rapatok", "gretesk"). Numbers used in the Orbiter's Radio Scanner audio are also partially irregular and possibly unique to those clips.


  • Grineer A (A) = short/long A
  • Grineer B (B) = see below
  • Grineer C (C) = see below
  • Grineer D (D) = R
  • Grineer E (E) = short/long E
  • Grineer F (F) = F
  • Grineer G (G) = G
  • Grineer H (H) = see below
  • Grineer I (I) = see below
  • Grineer J (J) = J
  • Grineer K (K) = see below
  • Grineer L (L) = see below
  • Grineer M (M) = M
  • Grineer N (N) = N
  • Grineer O (O) = short/long O
  • Grineer P (P) = see below
  • Grineer R (R) = see below
  • Grineer S (S) = see below
  • Grineer T (T) = see below
  • Grineer U (U) = short/long U
  • Grineer V (V) = V
  • Grineer W (W) = see below
  • Grineer Y (Y) = long E
  • Grineer Z (Z) = Z?
  • The Grineer Grineer B (B) has four possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "R" sound (as in row) when it is followed by the vowel Grineer A (A).
    • It uses the compound sound "BR" (as in break) when it is followed by the vowel Grineer O (O).
    • It uses the English "K" sound (as in cat) when it is preceded by the vowel Grineer U (U)?
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "B" sound (as in bat).
  • The Grineer Grineer C (C) has three possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "F" sound (as in fair) when it is followed by Grineer K (K).
    • It uses the English "G" sound (as in green) when it is followed by Grineer L (L).
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "K" sound (as in cat).
  • The Grineer Grineer H (H) has two possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "L" sound (as in latch) when it is preceded by Grineer T (T).
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "R" sound (as in row).
  • The Grineer Grineer I (I) has two possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "U" sound (as in up).
    • It uses the compound sound "HU" (as in hut).
  • The Grineer Grineer K (K) has two possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "F" sound (as in fair) when it is preceded by Grineer C (C).
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "K" sound (as in cat).
  • The Grineer Grineer L (L) has four possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "S" sound (as in stop) when it is followed by another Grineer L (L).
    • It uses the English "R" sound (as in row) when it is preceded by Grineer C (C).
    • It uses the English "D" sound (as in dog) when it is not preceded by a consonant.
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "L" sound (as in latch).
  • The Grineer Grineer P (P) has two possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "G" sound (as in green) when it is not flanked by consonants.
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "P" sound (as in pat).
  • The Grineer Grineer R (R) has two possible sounds:
    • It uses the compound sound "GR" sound (as in great) when it is not flanked by consonants.
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "R" sound (as in row).
  • The Grineer Grineer S (S) has two possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "T" (as in table) sound when it is followed by Grineer T (T).
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "S" sound (as in stop).
  • The Grineer Grineer T (T) has three possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "R" sound (as in row) when it is preceded by Grineer S (S).
    • It uses the English "K" sound (as in cat) when it is followed by Grineer H (H).
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "T" sound (as in table).
  • The Grineer Grineer W (W) has two possible sounds:
    • It uses the English "G" sound (as in green) when it is followed by Grineer H (H).
    • Otherwise, it uses the English "R" sound (as in row).

Unique wordsEdit

The following words do not follow substitution rules (maybe due to accents) or are unique to the Grineer Language.

Known translations
Word Translation/Meaning
Chee "three"[4]
Ehught "eight"[4]
Fhuve "five"[4]
Forr "four"[4]
Gar "you"[3]
Garr "your"[3]
Garkot "target"
Gutora "bitch"
Na "and"[3]
Nhune "nine"[4]
Orre "over"
Ramn "damn" or a unique expletive
Sevenk "seven"[4]
Shux "six"[4]
Sikkhat An Infested creature
Skoom "scum"
Tok "two"[4]
Tenno Tenno faction[3]
Tu "my"[3]
Uk "one"[4]
Unknown translations
Word/Phrase Context
Peezporr enkkaagge kraaft "Sukjekkt secured. Removing from battlefield. Peezporr enkkaagge kraaft!" - Kuva Guardian after killing a Kuva Larvling
Rapatok "Uhh... we're entering the unresponsive vessel. Huhh, no signs of Infestation so far. Ramn, there are casualties. Mm-hmm, everywhere. It looks like, uhh, blade weapons. Yeah. Rapatok! Uh-huh, Tenno skoom! Yeah, they're all dead. Mark this ship for repopulation." - Radio Scanner
Shashe "Shashe Tenno!"

Audio examplesEdit

  • "Gar guis see anykling susphukhuous?" - "You guys see anything suspicious?"
  • "Or no!" - "Oh no!"
  • "Warframe spotter!" - "Warframe spotted!"
  • "Kome groser!" - "Come closer!"
  • "Ror rur Hu get truff rhukl klus kotr? Sekurhuty agahuntr grat?" - "How did I get stuck with this post? Security against what?"


First AppearanceEdit


Grineer Numbers




Quick flash of a message at 0:0:27

A video released on July 3, 2013 for the Informant Event featured more Grineer text, including the first uses of numbers for the language. A flash before the timer countdown contained the message:



The timer displayed in the background begins at 48:00:00 and begins counting down, ending at 47:59:51 when the view changes. As a result, the symbols for numbers were determined by the community.

It can be seen that the numbers have indentations on the right sides of the blocks, unlike the letters which have indentations on the left sides. The indentations on the numbers progressively rise as the numbers increase. Even numbers have shallower indentations, while odd numbers have deeper ones.


The official pronunciation of numbers are as follows[4]:

  • One (1) = Uk
  • Two (2) = Tok
  • Three (3) = Chee
  • Four (4) = Forr
  • Five (5) = Fhuve
  • Six (6) = Shux
  • Seven (7) = Sevenk
  • Eight (8) = Ehught
  • Nine (9) = Nhune


All writing in the Grineer alphabet is written in either correct American English (with exceptions) or phonetically in the English language, with some substitutions due to missing characters:

  • "X" is converted to Grineer KGrineer S (KS).
  • "Q" is converted to Grineer KGrineer W (KW).


  • Queen is written as Grineer KGrineer WGrineer EGrineer EGrineer N ("Kween").
  • Conquer is wrrten as Grineer CGrineer OGrineer NGrineer KGrineer WGrineer UGrineer EGrineer R ("Conkwuer").

Proper NounsEdit

List of proper nouns and names of Grineer origin.

Proper nouns

Tabulated CiphersEdit

Matching Grineer alphabet to International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for English pronounciations.

English Consonsants
IPA Grineer
p Grineer P (P) & Grineer G (G)* pen, tip
b Grineer B (B) but, web
t Grineer T (T) take, cut
d Grineer D (D) & Grineer G (G)† dad, do
Grineer CGrineer H (CH) chat, nature
Grineer J (J) joy, giant, edge
k Grineer C (C) & Grineer K (K) cat, kite, queen
g Grineer G (G) go, get, gutter
f Grineer F (F) off, fate
v Grineer V (V) voice, of, favorite
θ No equilvalent thing, teeth
ð No equilvalent that, soothe
s Grineer S (S) same, city, sass
z Grineer Z (Z) zoo, rose
ʃ Grineer SGrineer H (SH) she, sure, emotion
ʒ No equilvalent genre, seige, pleasure
h Grineer H (H) hat, heaven
m Grineer M (M) man, jam
n Grineer N (N) no, brain
ŋ Grineer NGrineer G (NG) ringer, sing, drink
l Grineer L (L) loss, please
r Grineer D (D) & Grineer H (H) & Grineer R (R) & Grineer W (W) run, very
w Grineer W (W) win, we
j Grineer Y (Y) yes, yawn
hw No equilvalent what, when
x No equilvalent loch
English Vowels
IPA Grineer
 ?? day, gate, date
ɒ  ?? blockade, pot
æ Grineer A (A) pat, bat
ɜ No equilvalent bird, curt
ɪ Grineer I (I) pit, in, fish
ɛ Grineer E (E) pet, bed
i Grineer Y (Y) & Grineer EGrineer E (EE) bee, need
ʌ Grineer I (I) flood, won, run
u Grineer U (U) food, dude, through
Grineer AGrineer Y (AY) bye, night, my
o Grineer O (O) tow, woe, dough
No equilvalent now, foul
Numbers and Punctuation
Symbols Grineer
0 Grineer 0
1 Grineer 1
2 Grineer 2
3 Grineer 3
4 Grineer 4
5 Grineer 5
6 Grineer 6
7 Grineer 7
8 Grineer 8
9 Grineer 9
. (period) Grineer Dot
 ? (question mark) Grineer Question
 ! (exclamation mark) No equilvalent
, (comma) Grineer Comma
 : (colon) No equilvalent
' (apostrophe) No equilvalent
— (hyphen) No equilvalent
@ (at sign) Grineer At
# (pound sign) Grineer Pound

*When not flanked by consontants
†Applied only if not preceded by a consonant

Translation ExamplesEdit

  • The simplest example is the text on the image to the right, which just says Grineer GGrineer RGrineer IGrineer NGrineer EGrineer EGrineer R, "GRINEER".
  • The words Grineer FGrineer LGrineer AGrineer K   Grineer 1Grineer DotGrineer 8, "FLAK 1.8" appears on both sides of the GrineerFlakCannon Drakgoon
  • The words Grineer NGrineer OGrineer T   Grineer TGrineer OGrineer UGrineer C, "NOT TOUC" are written on both sides of the Gorgon Gorgon.
  • The words Grineer BGrineer IGrineer G   Grineer HGrineer UGrineer RGrineer T   Grineer FGrineer PGrineer 4Grineer 3Grineer 3Grineer 7,"BIG HURT FP4337" is written on the side of the Gorgon Gorgon's Barrel near the end.
  • The word Grineer GGrineer AGrineer SGrineer EGrineer R, "GASER" is written all over the Regulators.
  • The word Grineer VGrineer IGrineer PGrineer EGrineer R, "VIPER" appears on the side of the Viper Viper. In earlier builds, the word was originally Grineer SGrineer EGrineer RGrineer BGrineer EGrineer RGrineer UGrineer S, "SERBERUS", presumably an earlier name for the gun.
  • The word Grineer CGrineer UGrineer TGrineer FGrineer AGrineer CGrineer E, "CUTFACE" is written on the saw of the Miter Miter.
  • The words on the Gremlin Twin Gremlins' magazines are Grineer BGrineer UGrineer LGrineer LGrineer EGrineer TGrineer S   Grineer FGrineer OGrineer R   Grineer YGrineer OGrineer UGrineer R   Grineer FGrineer AGrineer CGrineer E, "BULLETS FOR YOUR FACE".
  • The word Grineer AGrineer RGrineer MGrineer OGrineer R, "ARMOR" also appears on the top of all Alloy Plates.
  • The word Grineer UGrineer BGrineer EGrineer R, "UBER" appears on the Commander's helmet.
  • The word Grineer OGrineer BGrineer EGrineer Y, "OBEY" is written on the Acrid2 Acrid near the barrel.
  • A large amount of Grineer writing is present all over both the Grineer Galleon and Grineer Asteroid tilesets. Translating some of the text painted on the walls yields the following words and phrases:
    • Grineer FGrineer LGrineer OGrineer OGrineer R - "FLOOR"
    • Grineer DGrineer EGrineer AGrineer TGrineer H   Grineer TGrineer O   Grineer RGrineer EGrineer SGrineer T - "DEATH TO REST"
    • Grineer DGrineer IGrineer SGrineer OGrineer BGrineer EGrineer DGrineer IGrineer EGrineer NGrineer CGrineer E   Grineer LGrineer EGrineer AGrineer DGrineer S   Grineer TGrineer O   Grineer DGrineer EGrineer AGrineer TGrineer H - "DISOBEDIENCE LEADS TO DEATH"
    • Grineer OGrineer BGrineer EGrineer Y   Grineer AGrineer LGrineer L   Grineer SGrineer IGrineer GGrineer NGrineer S - "OBEY ALL SIGNS"
    • Grineer WGrineer AGrineer NGrineer T   Grineer TGrineer O   Grineer KGrineer NGrineer OGrineer W   Grineer MGrineer OGrineer RGrineer EGrineer Question - "WANT TO KNOW MORE?"
    • Grineer BGrineer E   Grineer GGrineer OGrineer OGrineer D   Grineer OGrineer R   Grineer BGrineer E   Grineer GGrineer OGrineer NGrineer E - "BE GOOD OR BE GONE"
    • Grineer KGrineer EGrineer EGrineer P   Grineer CGrineer LGrineer EGrineer AGrineer R - "KEEP CLEAR"
  • In the next two phrases, the 'K' appears to be a typo, since a distinct letter for 'C' also exists.
    • Grineer SGrineer UGrineer PGrineer RGrineer EGrineer MGrineer AGrineer KGrineer Y   Grineer IGrineer S   Grineer DGrineer UGrineer TGrineer Y - "SUPREMAKY IS DUTY"
    • Grineer IGrineer F   Grineer OGrineer UGrineer R   Grineer EGrineer NGrineer EGrineer MGrineer IGrineer EGrineer S   Grineer DGrineer EGrineer SGrineer EGrineer RGrineer VGrineer EGrineer D   Grineer PGrineer EGrineer AGrineer KGrineer EGrineer Comma   Grineer TGrineer HGrineer EGrineer Y   Grineer WGrineer OGrineer UGrineer LGrineer D   Grineer HGrineer AGrineer VGrineer E   Grineer DGrineer EGrineer FGrineer EGrineer AGrineer TGrineer EGrineer D   Grineer UGrineer S - "IF OUR ENEMIES DESERVED PEAKE, THEY WOULD HAVE DEFEATED US"
  • The following appears on the doorways of the Grineer Galleon tileset:
    • Grineer VGrineer IGrineer CGrineer TGrineer OGrineer RGrineer Y   Grineer IGrineer S   Grineer PGrineer RGrineer OGrineer OGrineer F   Grineer OGrineer F   Grineer DGrineer EGrineer SGrineer TGrineer IGrineer NGrineer Y - "VICTORY IS PROOF OF DESTINY"
    • Grineer OGrineer UGrineer R   Grineer SGrineer TGrineer RGrineer EGrineer NGrineer GGrineer TGrineer H   Grineer IGrineer S   Grineer OGrineer UGrineer R   Grineer JGrineer UGrineer SGrineer TGrineer IGrineer FGrineer IGrineer CGrineer AGrineer TGrineer IGrineer OGrineer N - "OUR STRENGTH IS OUR JUSTIFICATION"
    • Grineer GGrineer RGrineer IGrineer NGrineer EGrineer EGrineer R   Grineer DGrineer EGrineer FGrineer EGrineer NGrineer SGrineer E   Grineer AGrineer SGrineer SGrineer EGrineer T   Grineer GGrineer RGrineer OGrineer UGrineer P   Grineer AGrineer UGrineer GGrineer UGrineer SGrineer T - "GRINEER DEFENSE ASSET GROUP AUGUST"
  • The following provides more proof that the Grineer alphabet may lack a 'Q', replacing it with a 'KW':
    • Grineer AGrineer TGrineer TGrineer AGrineer CGrineer KGrineer Dot   Grineer CGrineer OGrineer NGrineer KGrineer WGrineer UGrineer EGrineer RGrineer Dot   Grineer RGrineer UGrineer LGrineer EGrineer Dot, "ATTACK. CONKWUER. RULE."
  • And the largest coherent text sample in the game so far:
    • Grineer SGrineer YGrineer SGrineer TGrineer EGrineer MGrineer S   Grineer AGrineer CGrineer CGrineer EGrineer SGrineer S - "SYSTEMS ACCESS
    • Grineer AGrineer UGrineer TGrineer HGrineer OGrineer RGrineer IGrineer ZGrineer EGrineer D   Grineer PGrineer EGrineer RGrineer SGrineer OGrineer NGrineer NGrineer EGrineer L   Grineer OGrineer NGrineer LGrineer Y - AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY
    • Grineer TGrineer HGrineer IGrineer S   Grineer AGrineer RGrineer EGrineer A   Grineer CGrineer OGrineer NGrineer TGrineer AGrineer IGrineer NGrineer S   Grineer HGrineer IGrineer GGrineer HGrineer LGrineer Y   Grineer SGrineer EGrineer NGrineer SGrineer IGrineer TGrineer IGrineer VGrineer E   Grineer MGrineer AGrineer TGrineer EGrineer RGrineer IGrineer AGrineer LGrineer SGrineer Dot   Grineer OGrineer NGrineer LGrineer Y   Grineer GGrineer RGrineer IGrineer NGrineer EGrineer EGrineer R   Grineer WGrineer IGrineer TGrineer H   Grineer PGrineer RGrineer OGrineer PGrineer EGrineer R   Grineer AGrineer CGrineer CGrineer EGrineer SGrineer S   Grineer CGrineer RGrineer EGrineer DGrineer EGrineer NGrineer TGrineer IGrineer AGrineer L   Grineer MGrineer AGrineer Y   Grineer EGrineer NGrineer TGrineer EGrineer R   Grineer TGrineer HGrineer IGrineer S   Grineer AGrineer RGrineer EGrineer AGrineer Dot   Grineer AGrineer LGrineer L   Grineer OGrineer TGrineer HGrineer EGrineer RGrineer S   Grineer WGrineer IGrineer LGrineer L   Grineer BGrineer E   Grineer TGrineer EGrineer RGrineer MGrineer IGrineer NGrineer AGrineer TGrineer EGrineer DGrineer Dot - THIS AREA CONTAINS HIGHLY SENSITIVE MATERIALS. ONLY GRINEER WITH PROPER ACCESS CREDENTIALS MAY ENTER THIS AREA. ALL OTHERS WILL BE TERMINATED."


  • The audio language for the Grineer was added in Update 10.
  • It would seem some of the speeches are a similar blend with the languages on Earth before it was converted to Grineer such as English, German, and French. This is reasonable as the idea that the Grineer used to be humans before their repeated industrial cloning made them as they are.
  • The Grineer Alphabet abstains from the letter use of "Q" and "X". They are substituted using "KW" and "KS" respectively.[1]
  • The Grineer language is made by running English words and sentences through a script before being voiced.[10] Some of them, on the other hand, seemed to be garbled.
  • There is evidence to suggest that certain Grineer may have differing accents from other members of their faction. For example, in "The Call" trailer, the unnamed Grineer leader of the excavation puts no emphasis on the "H" in "moh'ne" when saying "Huh'ris moh'ne!" ("He's mine!"). Vor, however, is heard doing so later in the trailer.
  • On the small white machine/device, a text is found on the left side, vertically written: "KO, SYSTEM WIDE"
  • Sometimes, the words "is duty" (Grineer IGrineer S   Grineer DGrineer UGrineer TGrineer Y), can be found with the Grineer symbol in front of it, clearly saying: "GRINEER IS DUTY".
  • Generally, the larger writings have a meaning, as where smaller texts usually do not.
  • The Grineer Explosive Barrels carry the following message: "DEATH IS REAL" (Grineer DGrineer EGrineer AGrineer TGrineer H   Grineer IGrineer S   Grineer RGrineer EGrineer AGrineer L), a crude indicator of the barrel's volatile contents.
  • The phrase "WANT TO KNOW MORE?" is a reference to the movie Starship Troopers. In it, a series of short propaganda videos promoting the Federation's war on the Arachnids are played, all ending in the phrase "Would you like to know more?"


External links Edit

  • TennoTyper, an English to Warframe text translator developed by Clarvel.[11]


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