A desert camouflage skin pack for your Grineer arsenal. Contains 7 weapon skins.
Item Cost Platinum6425 Per skin
Bundle Price Platinum64160 For 8 skins
Bundle Savings Platinum6440 20%

This pack contains the following skins:


  • This pack was released in Update 9.5 and was the first Camouflage pattern to be released.
  • This pack contains a skin for the Gorgon Gorgon, a weapon which can only be obtained through Daily Tribute reward or from Heavy Gunner and Grineer Warden drops.
    • This also includes the Gorgon's Prisma variant, exclusively found via Baro Ki'Teer's occasional visits.
      • Equipping said skin will remove the Prisma Gorgon's material shine and the "whiskers" along the front of the gun to use the primary color slot as opposed to its original energy color slot.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 9.5

  • Introduced.

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