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[[File:Grineer.png|left|x200px]]{{quote|The Grineer, swallowing colonies whole, their clones flood the system from a hidden, toxic womb. The [[Grineer Queens|Twin Queens]], the sisters, have sent their most beloved commanders on an urgent mission. To protect the twisted crusade they have begun. To transform the scattered colonies into an empire. To see that the Tenno, hidden and asleep, will never awaken.|Lotus}}
The '''Grineer''' ({{GrineerScript|Grineer}}) are the first enemies encountered by newly reawakened [[Tenno]]. The expansion of their militaristic, violent Empire across the Origin System through the raiding or conquest of peaceful colonies serves as the primary motivator of the [[Lotus]]' call to her slumbering warriors.
The Grineer are clones of man, the products of ancient, half-remembered [[Orokin]] technology, and Grineer soldiers are produced in industrial quantities along with their weapons and equipment. They are all genetically defective to some degree, their genome both originally stunted by their creators to ensure obedience, and further damaged by the invasive cloning procedures used to birth each generation century after century. As a result, they have a life cycle that is limited to only a fraction of a normal lifespan, and are prone to a host of degenerative disorders such as decaying limbs and skin or reduced intelligence; they compensate for this by the widespread use of crude cybernetic prosthetics and augmentations, and indeed, it could be argued that the Grineer are better at fixing broken bodies than they are at creating ones that function to begin with. Most of their equipment, weapons, and armor is technologically crude but undeniably effective, and many Tenno have fallen because they underestimated the firepower of Grineer machines.
Their nominal "homeworld" is a [[Grineer Forest|feral, overgrown, barely habitable]] [[Earth]], over which they hold only the weakest measure of control through their attempts to poison the planet's ecology to make it more suitable for themselves. Despite their efforts, [[Plains of Eidolon|some areas of the planet]] remain completely outside of their control, such as the [[Ostron]] safe haven and trading hub of '''[[Plains of Eidolon#Cetus|Cetus]]''' or the secret [[Steel Meridian]] enclave known as Iron Wake.
They are people acting on an ultimate xenophobia, fueled by hereditary madness, and a burning hate of anything and anyone not like themselves. In the end, should they succeed, there will only be Grineer left alive in the Origin System.
In battle, the Grineer use heavy [[armor]] coupled with attrition and ambush tactics. While they are fairly weak individually, they are a potent threat in groups, able to lay down withering streams of fire at all ranges from behind cover. Specialist troops use more advanced weapons, and many are even issued comparatively advanced reactive armor and cybernetics to give them an edge.
The armor on an average Grineer deserves special mention because it makes them the faction with the highest resistance to damage (aside from the [[Tenno]]). Coupled with several elemental resistances and the fact that even the relatively common [[Elite Lancer]] is heavily armored makes them the most durable faction, with their Medium and Heavy units becoming absolute bullet sponges at higher levels. The Grineer also make notable use of rudimentary teleportation, either to transport [[Kuva Siphon|small strike forces on daring missions]] even within hostile territory held by the rival [[Corpus]], or on an individual level; their [[Flameblade|Flameblades]] utilize it to blink close to the enemy for a vicious melee attack, and [[Commander|Commanders]] employ an ability similar to the {{A|Switch Teleport}} of {{WF|Loki}} to leave the victim confused and in the midst of the Grineer troops. Infamous Grineer officers who utilize teleportation are [[Tyl Regor]], who blinks constantly to evade and confuse the player in his battle, and [[Captain Vor]], who uses teleportation in battle to keep distance from the player (though the latter's abilities might originate from his [[Void Keys|Janus Key]]).
Fittingly for a military power like the Grineer, they have developed a wide variety of weapons and equipment used in their ceaseless conflicts with the [[Tenno]], [[Corpus]], and [[Infested]]. This ranges from [[Kraken|simple pistols]] to heavier [[Karak|rifles]], [[Sobek|shotguns]], and [[Gorgon|machine guns;]] to [[Ogris|missile launchers]], [[Ignis|flamethrowers]], [[Dual Cleavers|melee weapons with superheated surfaces]], [[Manticore|hydraulically-assisted axes]], [[Brokk|hammers]], and [[Atterax|flail-like whips with hooked grinding blades]].
Grineer weaponry are largely conventional or industrial in operation. Grineer aesthetics tend to employ a curved, rounded and heavily plated spot-weld look. This is indicative of the extensive use of tough, temperature, and shock-resistant [[Ferrite]] and [[Alloy Plate|Alloys]] used in Grineer construction and manufacturing. As opposed to weapons built by the [[Corpus]], Grineer weaponry are not laboriously cast or machined for precision, but instead pressed from molds, quickly filed down, and assembled by the billions, designed with loose tolerances to streamline the process. Many Grineer weapons also [[Hind|lack full stocks]], and instead rely on their wielder's augmented strength and heavy armor to absorb the recoil.
Grineer weaponry are generally not designed to be used ''against'' the Grineer, since they are simply too heavy or large for other races to utilize without the aid of something like a [[Warframe]]. They are also less effective against the Grineer since they are primarily engineered to deal {{Icon|Proc|Impact|Text}} damage for use against [[Corpus]] shield systems and {{Icon|Proc|Slash|Text}} damage for use against the [[Infested]].
Despite their manufacturing processes being centered around mass-production, Grineer engineers are fiendishly clever in incorporating unusual and unorthodox ideas and new technologies into their weaponry, even if such technology is something they are unfamiliar with. An example of this can be seen in [[Captain Vor]]'s {{Weapon|Seer}}; this is a long-ranged pistol with sniper optics that incorporates [[Orokin]] technology. Other examples include the {{Weapon|Jat Kittag}} - a Grineer warhammer that incorporates a series of jet engines to allow a more destructive impact.
Despite the best efforts of [[Lotus|the Lotus]], the Grineer have recently developed primitive [[Nukor|microwave]] and [[Kohm|plasma-aided projectile weapons]], as well as [[Buzlok|a rifle that fires guided projectiles]]. These weapons are reserved for the elite of the elites among the Grineer, such as the fearsome [[Nightwatch Corps|Nightwatch corps]].
==Grineer Corps==
The Grineer military forces are divided into specialized corps depending on their field of operations and combat tasks. As a rule, they tend to be camouflaged for the environment they expect to be fighting in.
===Space Marines===
The bulk of Grineer forces which are tasked with guarding Grineer [[Grineer Asteroid|mining]] and [[Grineer Shipyard|production facilities]] as well as manning their [[Grineer Galleon|galleons]]. Basic in both armor and armaments, they are nonetheless among the most adaptable of the corps.
Grineer units specialized in the guerrilla combat of [[Earth]]'s vast [[Grineer Forest|overgrown forest and jungle areas]].
Grineer marine units stationed at their [[Grineer Sealab|deep sea laboratories]] on [[Earth]] and [[Uranus]].
Grineer units specialized in desert warfare such as at [[Grineer Settlement|their colonies]] on [[Mars]]. Their combat gear has been adapted to the dusty environments with the addition of air filtration systems and sand catching fabrics.
Grineer units adapted to the combat on wide open steppes such as the [[Plains of Eidolon]] on [[Earth]] as well as night time engagements. Generally equipped with longer-ranged weapons than the other corps.
===[[Nightwatch Corps|Nightwatch]]===
A Grineer special operations crew tasked with elite assignments throughout the solar system. Rarely seen but well equipped, they use modified equipment to enhance their effectiveness.
The Grineer royal guard corps stationed at the [[Kuva Fortress]] tasked with protecting their [[Grineer Queens|Twin Queens]]. The only time they are assigned to other locations is during [[Kuva]] [[Kuva Siphon|collection]]. Their equipment tends to favour stopping power over rate of fire.
Grineer have a dual classification system.  Primarily, they are classified by their armor class - Light, Medium, and Heavy - which describe their base armor and their shared damage multipliers.  Secondarily, they are classified by their role or engagement style. Light units primarily utilize melee weaponry and rush their attackers.  Medium units use rifles and shotguns and tend to find good cover and engage at all ranges.  Heavy units are normally outfitted with non-standard weapons (ex: {{Weapon|Gorgon}}, {{Weapon|Ogris}} etc.) and typically have various roles in combat based on their loadout.
Light Grineer units mainly consist of melee units with decent damage and low durability. Some have special abilities.
|-|Shield Lancer=
{{main|Shield Lancer}}
{{#lst:Shield Lancer|intro}}
Medium troops make up the bulk of the Grineer army. They are not particularly dangerous when alone, but in groups they can pose a serious threat.
|-|Elite Lancer=
{{main|Elite Lancer}}
{{#lst:Elite Lancer|intro}}
These units are the strongest and toughest of the Grineer. Apart from the Grineer Commander, these units don't take advantage of cover. Most Heavy Grineer cannot seem to retaliate while under attack, showing a vulnerability to status effects; therefore it is possible to dispatch lone Heavy units easily with sustained firepower. Heavy units typically have significant base Health and armor.
|-|Drahk Master=
{{main|Drahk Master}}
|-|Heavy Gunner=
{{main|Heavy Gunner}}
|-|Hyekka Master=
{{main|Hyekka Master}}
The '''Hyekka Master''' is a '''Grineer''' unit who can summon [[Hyekka]], vicious quadruped cats that will attack their master's enemies.
'''Executioners''' are [[Grineer]] warriors consigned to the service of [[Kela De Thaym]], responsible for enforcing her rule in Rathuum. Armed with a variety of deadly weapons and skills, Executioners ensure that the accused on trial are given swift and brutal deaths.
The utility enemies of the Grineer are dangerous in their own right, such as the Roller, one of the most infamously annoying enemies in the game.
|-|Arc Trap=
[[File:Warframe Trap 2 Cropped.png|x200px|left]]
{{main|Arc Trap}}
{{#lst:Arc Trap|intro}}
|-|Manic Bombard=
{{main|Manic Bombard}}
{{#lst:Manic Bombard|intro}}
|-|Power Carrier=
{{main|Power Carrier}}
{{#lst:Power Carrier|intro}}
|-|Sensor Bar=
{{main|Sensor Bar}}
{{#lst:Sensor Bar|intro}}
{{main|Grineer Target}}
{{#lst:Grineer Target|intro}}
Ghouls are hastily-bred clones grown in diapause bags dropped in from space and buried in the ground. These deformed monstrosities may be lacking in typical qualities like intelligence, sanity or longevity, but their sheer numbers, ferociousness and deadly weapons more than make up for it. With paralytic blood, ghouls remain a threat even after they have died.
<tabber>Ghoul Auger=
{{main|Ghoul Auger}}
{{#lst:Ghoul Auger|intro}}
|-|Ghoul Devourer=
{{main|Ghoul Devourer}}
{{#lst:Ghoul Devourer|intro}}
|-|Ghoul Expired=
{{main|Ghoul Expired}}
{{#lst:Ghoul Expired|intro}}
|-|Ghoul Rictus=
{{main|Ghoul Rictus}}
{{#lst:Ghoul Rictus|intro}}
These are troops which are deployed in the [[Archwing]] game mode.
|-|Lancer Dreg=
{{main|Lancer Dreg}}
{{#lst:Lancer Dreg|intro}}
|-|Temporal Dreg=
{{main|Temporal Dreg}}
{{#lst:Temporal Dreg|intro}}
{{main|Dargyn (Enemy)}}
|-|Hellion Dargyn=
{{main|Hellion Dargyn}}
{{#lst:Hellion Dargyn|intro}}
|-|Shield Dargyn=
{{main|Shield Dargyn}}
{{#lst:Shield Dargyn|intro}}
|-|Shield-Hellion Dargyn=
{{main|Shield-Hellion Dargyn}}
{{#lst:Shield-Hellion Dargyn|intro}}
These troops appear in the Submersible [[Archwing]] portions of the [[Grineer Sealab]] tileset.
|-|Darek Draga=
{{main|Darek Draga}}
{{#lst:Darek Draga|intro}}
|-|Shock Draga=
{{main|Shock Draga}}
{{#lst:Shock Draga|intro}}
Bosses are officers within the Grineer faction.
Capt. Vor=
{{main|Captain Vor}}
|-|Councilor Vay Hek=
{{main|Councilor Vay Hek}}
{{#lst:Councilor Vay Hek|hekintro}}
|-|Gen. Sargas Ruk=
{{main|General Sargas Ruk}}
{{#lst:General Sargas Ruk|rukintro}}
|-|Grustrag Three=
{{main|The Grustrag Three}}
{{#lst:The Grustrag Three|grustragintro}}
|-|Kela De Thaym=
{{main|Kela De Thaym}}
{{#lst:Kela De Thaym|kelaintro}}
|-|Lt. Lech Kril=
{{main|Lieutenant Lech Kril}}
{{#lst:Lieutenant Lech Kril|krilintro}}
|-|Tyl Regor=
{{main|Tyl Regor}}
{{#lst:Tyl Regor|tylintro}}
|-|Ven'kra Tel=
{{main|Ven'kra Tel}}
{{#lst:Ven'kra Tel|venkraintro}}
Various defenses are utilized by the Grineer, ranging from pre-spawned turrets or inflatable, deployable cover.
*Before {{ver|10}} was implemented, the Grineer troops used to speak fluent English, which was then changed to the Grineer language in order to retain the lore of the Grineer aggressively disliking anything not Grineer.
**One of the more infamous voice lines from pre-Update 10 Grineer was ''"Combat formation Bravo!"''. It was jokingly explained by a DE staff member that a key requirement of Formation Bravo is to never mention anyone's mother. Other joking fan interpretations of Formation Bravo refer to the "enemy tower" bug, where enemies would spawn on each other's heads.
**Other popular lines from pre-Update 10 were ''"Stay close to the walls." and "Hey, leave my mother out of this."''
*So far, the Grineer are the only voiced faction to have a strong direct aggression against the [[Tenno]], speaking their name during their attacks in their language.
**They also have been heard saying ''Waframe'', as in [[Warframe]], when spotting one themselves.
**The same applies to many phrases the Grineer use, such as yelling "attaf!" instead of "attack!" and "ket clem!" instead of "get them!" (The Grineer word "clem" has been created into a fictional fan character whose name is the word itself. DE has stated in a Devstream that he is the Medallion Merchant for the Steel Meridian in their syndicate room as well.) [[Clem]] was later added to the game as a full character.
**In essence, Grineer still speak English, but since Update 10, it has been adjusted to account for their decaying flesh and how that might affect their speech, essentially giving them a speech impediment.
**In a Devstream, DE has stated that the Grineer are British. However, this might only be a joke regarding their language and their loyalty to the Twin Queens. They also share similarities to the Lasrian troops from Dark Sector.
*When playing an Invasion mission, while the player has sided with the Grineer, they still will cry out quotes like ''Tenno Scum'', because although the AI is allied with the player the voice choices still do not alter. The same goes with [[Shadows Of The Dead|Shadow]] Grineer, shouting at other Grineer the same anti-Tenno aggressive lines. 
*The [[Corpus]] nicknamed the Grineer as the "dogs", not because of their degraded appearances but to their aspect of extreme servitude towards their leaders (and possibly creators), the [[Grineer Queens|Twin Queens]]. This was mentioned by [[Alad V]] during [[The Gradivus Dilemma]].
*Their name "Grineer" seems to be a portmanteau of the words "Genetically"  and "Re-engineer" which makes sense given the lore behind them.
**The name "Grineer" may also be derived from the title of a folkloric monster known as ''Seigneur du grenier, ''a French version of the Bogeyman myth.
*In {{ver|13.2}}, the female Grineer received an audio overhaul. Speaking in a deeper and more aggressive tone, with long pauses and slurs, adding viability to their genetic deterioration.
*Despite the Grineer being a xenophobic race, in the trailer for [[Vor's Prize]], which was shown at the end of [[Devstream 32]], [[Captain Vor]] and the Twin Queens are heard speaking in English. [[Sargas Ruk]] and a number of other notable Grineer speak the language as well.
*As evidenced by [[Lancer|Grineer Lancer's]] [[Synthesis#Imprints|Synthesis imprint]], the Grineer existed in the same time period as the [[Orokin]]. This is further confirmed by the [[Eviscerator|Arid Eviscerator's]] imprint, which also confirms the Orokin created the Grineer for slave labor.<!-- Originally clone servants used for hard labor, they were militarized by their masters in a desperate attempt to beat [[Sentients|their enemies]] in the Old War.-->
**The [[Operator]] will also mention that "the Grineer used to be builders."
*According to the [[Orbiter#Landing Craft|Landing Craft]]'s Scanner, the Grineer use Solar Rails, possibly in a sort of ongoing partnership with the Corpus (who are known to be the faction controlling the transport network) or a faction of them; while the Rail Control dispatcher's voice sounds closer to Corpus, he always closes his communications with "Glory To The Queens". They also control mining colonies by attacking them and killing anyone that opposes them (e.g. Rebels).
==Patch History==
*All Grineer now speak “Grineer”, a language capable of communicating their barbaric ways!
*Added all-new Male and Female Grineer combat VO!
==See also==
*[[Grineer Language]]
*[[Enemy Behavior]], including tips and tricks on how to know your enemy.

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