• Excalibur performing Bright Blaze.
  • Excalibur performing Burning Desire.
  • Excalibur performing Fanning Flame.

Grim Fury is a stance mod for Sparring weapons like the Kogake0 Kogake, that deals in powerful kicking finishers.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity

Combos Edit

Combo Name Button Combination
Bright Blaze BlackBasex642xBlackBasex64BlackBasex64250%BlackBasex642x150%
Burning Desire* BlackBasex642xBlackBasex64BlackBasex64250%BlackChargex64300%BlackBasex64Ragdoll b600%
Fanning Flame* BlackBasex642xBlackBasex64BlackBasex64250%BlackDownx64+BlackBasex64150%PurpleBasex64Impact bFinisher b
Rising from Ashes  BlackChargex64Finisher b300%

Rolling Blast Slide + BlueBasex64

One Point In Air + RedBasex64

Through Strike Wall Dash + BlackBasex64

Roaring Drums Knockdowned Enemy + BlackBasex646x475%
BlueBasex64 360° Attack  RedBasex64 Slam Attack  PurpleBasex64 Proc

 Melee Attacks

BlackBasex64   Melee  
BlackBlockx64   Block  
BlackUpx64   Direction (Up)  
BlackChargex64 Hold  
BlackPausex64   Pause  

 Multipliers and Hits

BlackBasex64200%   Attack does double damage  
BlackBasex642x   Attack hits twice  

 Exclusive Procs

Knockdown b   Knockdown  
Ragdoll b   Ragdoll  
Finisher b   Ground Finisher  

Move Button Combination
Bright Blaze E2XEE250%E150%2X
Burning Desire E2XEE250%  Hold E300%E600%
Fanning Flame E2XEE250%Downarrow  + E150%EImp.
Rising from Ashes Hold E  until auto-release.
Rolling Blast Slide + E
One Point In Air + E
Through Strike Wallrun + E
Roaring Drums Aiming at Downed Enemy + E5X
    = Normal       = All Targets       = Slam       = Proc
  • PS4 Players E  = O
  • Xbox Players E  = B


  • Rising from Ashes executes an extremely short-ranged stomp. However, if the attack lands it will automatically lead into a finisher attack without requiring additional input (if the enemy isn't killed by the stomp).
    • If the stomp misses (or instantly kills your target), you can press and hold the attack key again to perform a second charge attack that winds back the fists before unleashing a flurry of rapid-fire punches straight forward. This attack will also execute a finisher on any enemy not instantly killed by the punches.
  • Burning Desire's final roundhouse kick will ragdoll any enemies caught in it, including Heavy units.
  • Fanning Flame staggers enemies on the final hit, which primes them for a Counterattack Finisher.


  • Unusually, Grim Fury currently has incompatible Stance polarity with all six Sparring weapons it might be equipped on, the CorpusKickNPunch Obex/PrismaObex Prisma Obex, the InfestedKogake Hirudo, the Korrudo Korrudo and the Kogake0 Kogake/MirageKogakePrime Kogake Prime, making it the only stance mod with such a discrepancy.


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