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Gravity in WARFRAME is simplified compared to reality due to limitations in the game engine and for gameplay/practical reasons.

Mechanics Affected by Gravity[]

Modifying Gravity[]

Gravity and Projectiles[]

Projectiles in WARFRAME do not necessarily have a value of mass associated with the object. Instead, they are affected by at least two properties:

  • A boolean that determines whether or not the projectile is affected by gravity
  • An optional multiplier that affects the strength of gravity acting on the projectile, thus changing how far the projectile travels before arcing towards the ground.

For example, both the Tonkor Tonkor and Kunai Kunai shoot projectiles that are affected by gravity. The Kunai Kunai's projectiles, however, will travel farther than the Tonkor Tonkor's if shot at the same horizontal level since gravity affects the projectile less.