A Grate is an Object commonly found in the Corpus Outpost, Corpus Ship and Infested Ship tilesets. It usually appears as a heavily broken and bent comb of grates. Attacking it destroys the grate and allows passage to another area.


  • All grates in a given map are automatically destroyed at the start of a Survival mission.
  • The Codex gives two entries for grates, one each corresponding with Corpus grates and Grineer grates. Grineer grates can be found and scanned in the Kuva Fortress Assault mission.
    • One vault in Grineer Forest Spy missions appears to have Grineer grates, but they scan as Corpus grates instead.

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  • Fan, another destructible obstacle that normally appears in Grineer tilesets.
  • Grate Prime, a weaponized Grate created as an April Fools joke.
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