"I live. Treachery seethed within the heart of the faith I had built. When the Board's assassins overloaded my transport's Void drive, Protea... my beautiful Protea... and her gift for manipulating time... preserved me."

The Granum Void is a set of challenges present on the Corpus Ship tileset, where players fight off Errant Specters in Parvos Granum's pocket of the Void to reap rewards. These challenges can only be accessed after completing The Deadlock Protocol.


On the Corpus Ship tileset, a Treasurer will appear within 2 - 5 minutes in a non-endless mission, and between 5 - 8 minutes in an endless mission. Killing the Treasurer will reward a Granum Crown, but if the Tenno takes too long he will escape and vanish. The type of crown the Treasurer drops is based on the mission's level;

Name Level Range Eligible Planets

Granum Crown


Exemplar Granum Crown


Zenith Granum Crown


From there players must locate a Golden Hand Tribute and interact with it, spending one Crown to access the Granum Void. These Tributes are scattered around the map, with some tiles having more than one Tribute available. Once a Crown is spent, Lotus will inform the squad that the Granum Void has been opened and urge other players to enter the portal before it closes after 30 seconds. Only the player that opened the Void will have their Crown consumed. There are 3 tiers of Granum Void missions based on what Token was spent, regardless of what planet the Crown was used in:

  • Granum Void via Granum Crown
  • Extended Granum Void via Exemplar Granum Crown
  • Nightmare Granum Void via Zenith Granum Crown

In the Granum Void, players must kill as many Errant Specters as possible within 60 seconds. The timer can be replenished in two ways:

  • Collecting particles (yellow triangles) either dropped by the Specters or occasionally found as is in the Void will add 5 seconds to the timer.
  • Freeing Solaris captives (floating in the air, with a yellow mission marker) by killing the specters with Xoris Xoris to stack charges and using its Charged Throw will add 20 seconds to the timer. There are always 3 Solaris on the map, giving players an additional 60 seconds in total.

The Errant Specters become Specter Particles when "killed" and while harmless in this state, the Particles can be absorbed by any Errant Specters, increasing their level in the process. When fully charged, the Charged Throw of the Xoris can be used to instantly kill Errant Specters regardless of their level, breaking them down into Specter Particles which can be used to charge the Xoris once more.

Once the time is up or players have reached the highest reward Rank, all players in the Granum Void are teleported back to the standard map, and all Golden Hand Tributes will turn away from the player, preventing further access to the Granum Void for the rest of the mission.


The reward table is based on how many Errant Specters players manage to kill before they leave the Granum Void;

  • Rank 1: 25 Kills (+ 25 per squad member, 100 max)
  • Rank 2: 50 Kills (+ 25 per squad member, 125 max)
  • Rank 3: 75 Kills (+ 25 per squad member, 150 max)

Players are awarded for each Rank they qualify for, so qualifying for Rank 3 will additionally roll rewards from Ranks 1 and 2.

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Credits64 2000 Credit Cache 50% Credits64 3000 Credit Cache 50% Receiver Stahlta Receiver 22.22%
LuminousIconSmall 5 Void Traces 33.33% Endo64 200 Endo 33.33% Barrel Stropha Barrel 22.22%
GranumCrown Granum Crown Decoration 16.67% Corpus Ship Bridge Scene 16.67% Blade Stropha Blade 22.22%
Barrel Velox Barrel 22.22%
Helmet Protea Neuroptics Blueprint 11.11%

Up to date as of Hotfix 28.2.1

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Credits64 3000 Credit Cache 50% Credits64 5000 Credit Cache 50% Stock Stahlta Stock 29.63%
LuminousIconSmall 10 Void Traces 33.33% Endo64 400 Endo 33.33% Receiver Stropha Receiver 29.63%
ExemplarGranumCrown Exemplar Granum Crown Decoration 16.67% Corpus Ship Hangar Scene 16.67% Receiver Velox Receiver 29.63%
Chassis Protea Chassis Blueprint 11.11%

Up to date as of Hotfix 28.2.1

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
Credits64 7500 Credit Cache 50% Credits64 10000 Credit Cache 50% Barrel Stahlta Barrel 29.63%
LuminousIconSmall 15 Void Traces 33.33% Endo64 600 Endo 33.33% Stock Stropha Stock 29.63%
ZenithGranumCrown Zenith Granum Crown Decoration 16.67% Corpus Ship Orbital Cannon Scene 16.67% MortuusShoulderGuard Mortuus Shoulder Guard 29.63%
Systems Protea Systems Blueprint 11.11%

Up to date as of Hotfix 28.2.1


  • Players cannot interact with the Golden Hand Tribute if there are enemies nearby.
  • Errant Specters do not drop pickups.
  • The Zanuka Hunter and Stalker can appear inside the Void. They will be shunted out of the Void when the timer ends.
  • Errant Specters do not contribute to Exterminate objectives.
  • During Survival missions, life support still runs out within the Void, so plan accordingly.
  • Corrupted enemies can spawn in the Granum Void when doing Void Fissures.


  • Freeing captive Solaris before accessing the Granum Void may disable all abilities when accessing the Void and even after it, so either refrain from freeing Solaris before accessing the Void or avoid them altogether.
  • Placing down Wisp 's motes outside of the void will allow Wisp to teleport to it using her third ability while inside the void. The kill count remains the same but Wisp will not receive any rewards or is able to teleport back to the void (unless the void gate was still open).

Farming LocationsEdit

These are advice, not indisputable fact. Among others, taking advantage of Void Fissures may be more beneficial for crossfarming.

For Granum Void:

Target Name Planet Type Level Tile Set
Jackal sigil b Fossa Venus Assassination
6 - 8 Corpus Ship
IconCorpusB Skyresh Phobos Capture 12 - 14 Corpus Ship

(Farm on Fossa is slower but allows to get the blueprint of the Stahlta Stahlta and Stropha Stropha from the Jackal)

For Extended Granum Void:

Target Name Planet Type Level Tile Set
IconCorpusB Adrastea Jupiter Sabotage 18 - 20 Corpus Ship
IconCorpusB Triton Neptune Rescue 28 - 30 Corpus Ship

For Nightmare Granum Void:

Target Name Planet Type Level Tile Set
IconCorpusB Hydra Pluto Capture 30 - 34 Corpus Ship


Nightmare Granum Void Builds & Guide

Nightmare Granum Void Builds & Guide

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix 28.2.1
  • Fixed Arbitration Drones spawning in the Granum Void.

Update 28.1

  • Golden Hand Shrines will no longer be accessible in Invasion missions if you don’t side with the Corpus.
    • This also fixes Golden Hand Shrines consuming a Granum Crown but not opening the Granum Void if you were sided with a Faction other than Corpus.
  • NPC’s spawned within or brought into Granum Void (Beacon summoned Assassins, Rescue Targets, etc) will now be teleported back to the Corpus Ship alongside you when the timer expires.
    • This also fixes NPCs spawned in Granum Void resulting in a teleportation ping-pong between the Corpus Ship and Granum Void upon the Granum Void timer running out.
  • A Revive Tower will now be spawned beside the Golden Hand Shrine if a player goes down within the Granum Void in a Corpus Ship Arbitration mission.
    • This fixes missing Revive Towers upon exiting the Granum Void and Resurgence Tokens still spawning, resulting in imposing the stacking Resurgence Burden debuff for the rest of the mission unless the "lost" player leaves.
  • Fixed ability to go over the Void Traces cap from Granum Void rewards.

Hotfix 28.0.6

  • More Lotus VO has been added to the Granum Void upon intro, success, partial/fail.
  • A waypoint marker will now dynamically appear for the nearest Golden Hand Shrine when the Granum Void opens to help players find them.
  • Fixed ‘Abilities In Use’ persisting after entering the portal to the Granum Void.
  • Fixed Xoris charges not depleting for Clients in Granum Void if the Host is absent.

Hotfix 28.0.5

  • The Granum Void will now close when the player(s) reach the Rank 3 requirements instead of having to wait out the timer.
  • You’ll now gain Solaris Standing upon freeing the Solaris captives in the Granum Void! The amount of Standing gained is dependent on saving all 3 captives is dependent on the tier of Granum Crown used:
    • Granum Crown: 300 Solaris Standing
    • Exemplar Granum Crown: 600 Solaris Standing
    • Zenith Granum Crown: 900 Solaris Standing
  • Added a FX to the Granum Void Timer HUD when time has been added to aid in conveying the mechanic of increasing your time by picking up Errant Specter Particles.
  • Fixed a spawn point in Granum Void that could be exploited to force mass hordes of Errant Specters to spawn and be killed in rapid succession.
  • Fixed being pulled into the Granum Void if a player opens the Granum Void and another player spends a Granum Crown to rescue a Solaris prisoner in the Corpus Ship.
  • Fixed crash when being Revived during bleedout while exiting the Granum Void.
  • Fixed Clients who join a Granum Void in progress not having their Granum Void UI.
  • Fixed the Granum Void UI freezing or disappearing if you die and Revive.
  • Fixed Granum Void sub 10 second timers not showing the 0s upon exiting.
  • Fixed Granum Void enemy count affecting the Exterminate mission objective kill-counts.
  • Fixed AI in the Corpus Ship Exterminate tileset running to the end of the map after you enter the Granum Void.

Hotfix 28.0.4

  • Added Lotus VO when a Granum Crown has been used in a Golden Hand Tribute.
  • Fixed a script error when initiating the Granum Void portal.

Hotfix 28.0.3

  • Increased Granum Void kill requirements as players join. Each new player will increase the kills required for each Rank by 25:
    • 1 player: 25, 50, 75
    • 2 players: 50, 75, 100
    • 3 players: 75, 100, 125
    • 4 players: 100, 125, 150
      • The Granum Void is intended to be a challenge worth taking. It can be tough for a Solo player, but considerably easier with a squad. These changes aim to provide a little more even level of challenge across the board.
  • You’ll now have temporary damage immunity upon returning to the Copus Ship from Granum Void.
  • Fixed a script error after returning to the Corpus Ship from the Granum Void after a Host migration.
  • Fixed a script error when returning to the Corpus Ship from Granum Void after recently Reviving.
  • Fixed a script error when entering the Granum Void.

Hotfix 28.0.2

  • Fixed entering the Granum Void with upwards velocity resulting in flying through the sky into a void-out zone that sends you back to the Corpus Ship.
  • Fixed a script error when entering into the Granum Void.

Hotfix 28.0.1

  • Fixed Granum Void enemies not spawning if under control by your Kuva Lich.

Update 28.0

  • Introduced.
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