The reproductive spores of the giant Vallis fungi is highly coveted for the complex chemical compounds it contains.

—In-game Description

Gorgaricus Spore is resource that can be found all over Orb Vallis, being purple sacs that can be found hanging beneath the caps of the giant mushrooms. Mature Gorgaricus sacs are purple in contrast to the immature, orange sacs growing with them, and are harvested by attacking the sacs and letting them fall to the ground. Gorgaricus Spores are also rewarded from Bounties, or from resource containers all over the Vallis.

Blueprints Requiring Gorgaricus SporeEdit

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Blueprints Type Quantity
Beaky Nose K-Drive 25
Dink-A-Donk Nose K-Drive 25
Eye-eye Trophy Decoration 25
Hextra Gyro MOA 20
HildrynIcon272 Hildryn Systems Component 95
Lambeo Model MOA 20
Ocucor Ocucor Secondary (5)
Phazor Gyro MOA 20
Rattleguts Chamber Kitgun 15
Scrubber Trophy Decoration 25
Slap Loader Kitgun 20
Two-Sloops Nose K-Drive 25
Wingnut Nose K-Drive 25
Total 340 (+5)
Research LeaderBadgeGhostHolo x1   LeaderBadgeShadowHolo x3   LeaderBadgeStormHolo x10   LeaderBadgeMountainHolo x30   LeaderBadgeMoonHolo x100

Last updated: Update 27.2


  • If the pod does not fall far enough after shooting it, it will fall but not explode upon impact on the ground. Unless the pod can be moved in such a way that it falls a further distance, it will not be possible to break it open.


  • The Gorgaricus' name is a portmanteau of gorge and Agaricus, a genus of mushrooms that includes the widely cultivated button mushroom.


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