So named for its terrifying leer, the Rictus (AKA 'the Sawman') lives to divide and conquer its foes - literally.

The Ghoul Rictus is a Grineer Ghoul armed with a large saw. These saws can be ejected similar to the TennoMiter Panthera's Alternate Fire, traveling a distance before returning to them. The Rictus also has the uncanny ability to ride on the ejected saws, allowing them to approach and ram their enemies from afar. As with all Ghouls, on death they will release a cloud that inflicts Cold b Cold and Toxin b Toxin.


Depending on their distance from the players, they'll often start by shooting their saw off like the TennoMiter Panthera's Alternate Fire, flying off a distance before traveling back to them. Then they will quickly ride their saw towards the player, attempting to ram them in the process.


Ghoul Rictus Alpha General Miscellaneous
Introduced Undetermined
Tileset Plains of Eidolon Codex Scans 3
Weapon Circular saw Other Drops GrnUziWeapon Stubba Blueprint
Statistics Mod Drops Hunter Adrenaline 37.94%
Hunter Munitions 11.05%
Hunter Track 0.51%
Slicing Feathers 0.51%
Cloned Flesh 1200
Slash b+ Heat b+ Viral b+++ Impact b Gas b‐‐
Cloned Flesh 250 (Armor)
Slash b+ Heat b+ Viral b+++ Impact b Gas b‐‐
Affinity  ?
Base Level  ?
This specimen shows evidence of advanced cognitive abilities and greater, if rudimentary, situational analysis. Cold blooded and ruthless, it is easy to see how this specimen led its pack so ably.


Patch History

Hotfix 22.8.2
  • Reduced the number of Codex scans required Ghoul Rictus Alpha to 3.

Update 22.8

  • Introduced.
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