The Ghouls are Grineer shock and ambush units found on the Plains of Eidolon, consisting of malformed, defective or partially-developed clones incubated for several days in "diapause bags" buried in the ground, with an emphasis on simplicity and speed of growth over quality. All Ghouls exhibit primitive, animalistic pack behavior, bursting out of the dirt and savagely attacking anyone who trespasses on their burial sites. Although they may be found in the plains, they may appear in greater numbers during a Ghoul Purge. They are the favored creations of Councilor Vay Hek, who refers to them as his "children."

All Ghouls have "paralytic blood", which is released upon death as a cloud that inflicts Cold b Cold and Toxin b Toxin procs on contact. The Cold b Cold proc has a reduced duration of 2 seconds, but the Toxin b Toxin proc should be treated with caution as they can quickly sap a Warframe's health, especially in melee combat.

There are four types of Ghouls: 

  • Ghoul Auger carries two drills that they use to attack or drill into the ground to appear in another place.
  • Ghoul Expired is a suicide troop.
  • Ghoul Rictus carries a giant chainsaw whose blade can be ejected and literally ridden on.
  • Ghoul Devourer, a favorite of Vay Hek, is a giant that carries two wrist-mounted hooks on each hand.


  • According to The Ascension webcomic, the Ghoul bags can be deployed from orbit, which will "plant" themselves into the ground. They are meant as a cheap and fast method of a ground invasion of a planet, without requiring the deployment of more advanced troops.
  • WARFRAME's first series of comics are named after these breed of clones.
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