Ghosts Of Void is the 5th track of the Warframe Soundtrack, it is a calming, choral symphony of the Orokin which plays as the ambient music of Orokin Tower. The Somachord of this soundtrack can be found in Void.

This is one of the few soundtracks of WARFRAME which includes audible lyrics, along with Corrupted (Soundtrack), Derelicts and The Creeping Dark.

When in combat, this music transitions into Corrupted (Soundtrack).

Lyrics Edit

Domi Quia Emi Eu
Domi Christe Emi Eu
Domi Quia Emi Eu

Trivia Edit

  • The following are the Latin translation of the lyrics:
Brought to the home
Brought to the home of the savior
Brought to the home

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