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Gharn was the Grineer Warden of Saturn Six, a previously undisclosed location; named for being "some six leagues deep in the gas". His actions of Grineer trafficking would set the events Nightwave: Series 1 - The Wolf of Saturn Six into action.


For unknown reasons, Gharn was selling off Grineer inmates to Alad V, who would use them for his Amalgam project and infuse them with Sentient hybridization. The Wolf of Saturn Six, the model prisoner of Saturn Six, somehow discovered this trafficking of his fellow inmates and broke out of prison, but rather than flee he hacked into the Corpus communications network on Jupiter with and sent them a demand to "DELIVER GHARN".

Alad V replied "GHARN IS YOURS", drawing the Wolf out only to imprison him again for experimentation. The fate of Gharn afterwards is left unclear.

Nightwave Second Diorama[]

It's late. You still with me, Dreamers? Soon we'll see the sun curve over the Venusian sky. A hot blue taste. What's keeping you up? For me, it's the gap-waves, all abuzz with the doings of a certain big, bad, Wolf. Why didn't he run? Why didn't he hit that Solar Rail as far as it would take him? Instead, he's stalking those soul-bare, money-huggers 'round Jupiter. My birds are sayin' the Corpus net got flipped. A system-wide message from the Wolf. DELIVER GHARN. Where'd a meathead learn a trick like that? And who's Gharn? Baby, you can guess... he's the Warden of Saturn Six! A big man, too well dressed for his station, too well fed for his rank. And he's in the solar wind too... think he knows how the Wolf came to howlin'?

Nightwave Third Diorama[]

An ice-night in Neptune, Dreamers. Hmm. Hold yours close and true, and hey... if you're between stops... Nora knows that mood. But our Wolf... he's not alone tonight. Add this with me: the howler breaks out of Saturn Six. But get this... the howling doesn't stop... someone else takes to singing that cruel song. The Wolf knows why, and it called him back to the scene of the crime. Warden Gharn's little side business. Mmm. Sellin' Grineer lemons for a Corpus squeeze. So freedom's got no hold on the Wolf, does it? No. It's the sisters and brothers from the joint that matter to him.. The pack. We both know what happens next... when a Wolf finds its pack... they hunt.

Nightwave Fourth Diorama[]

The message read: GHARN IS YOURS. An anonymous gift. I know what this looks like. But the Wolf's too cold for revenge. The Grineer appoint Wardens for life. The Wolf had no choice but to shorten the term. Not payback, just 'never again'. But it was too easy. Days like these, an easy meal means you're taking someone's bait. Alad V's. The devil in a Corpus cloak. Got the Wolf in an all-new prison, baby. Only this one's not made of bars, it's made of chemicals... hmmm...guess we all know someone like that. The whole lot has been transformed into these 'Amalgam Dogs'... his words. Hybridized, juiced on some Sentient strain. No nice way to put it. I think the pack is coming after you, Dreamers.