A Genetic Code Template is a medium used for saving genetic information of a living companion. Kubrows and Kavats are able to store up to two genetic imprints which can be traded or sold.

Imprints are primarily used as "parents" for a baby pet. By applying two Genetic Code Templates before the incubation phase, the traits of each imprint will be applied to the Kubrow or Kavat.

Market and ManufacturingEdit

The blueprint can be bought for Credits6450,000 and is re-usable indefinitely on all platforms.

A crafted Genetic Code Template can also be bought on the Market for Platinum6415.

Manufacturing Requirements

Time: 6 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 5
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum6415 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: Credits6450,000

Imprinting Genetic InformationEdit

When constructed, Genetic Code Templates are empty. Tenno can store the genetic information of an active pet anytime after it matured. Imprinting the genetic code for a pet will take an hour and a half, but can be rushed for Platinum6410. You can only create two imprints per pet.

Stored InformationEdit

The traits mentioned below are stored by a Genetic Code template, and will be passed on to a pet when used.[1] Bear in mind that the information stored will only refer to the pet's original appearance, free of any changes to its coat colors or pattern.

Kubrows Kavats
  • Coat Colors (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)
  • Coat Pattern (Patchy, Hound, Lotus etc.)
  • Eye Color
  • Breed (Sahasa, Raksa, Huras, Sunika, or Chesa)
  • Build (Skinny, Athletic, Bulky)
  • Coat Colors (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Accents)
  • Coat Pattern (Hyacinth)
  • Eye Color
  • Breed (Smeeta or Adarza)
  • Head Type
  • Tail Type

Template IdentificationEdit

A Genetic Code Template contains the name of the pet it was created from and an icon indicating which type of pet it is.


Huras Kubrow
Prowling stance. Reflecting that the Huras is orientated around stalking.


Raksa Kubrow
Sitting in a loyal stoic pose. Reflecting Raksa specialty of protecting their master.


Sahasa Kubrow
Digging pose. Indicating Sahasa's role in digging up items


Sunika Kubrow
Aggresive pouncing pose. Indicating Sunika's role as an attack Kubrow.


Chesa Kubrow
Retrieving pose. Indicating Chesa's trait of fetching items.


Smeeta Kavat
Dashing while turning invisible. Indicating Smeeta's specialty of trickery.


Adarza Kavat
Facing a reflection of itself. Indicating Adarza's specialty of reflection.

When Breeding A New PetEdit

  1. Go to the Incubator and choose the "Breeding" tab.
  2. Click the "Begin Incubation" button.
  3. Click on the empty imprint slots and add the desired imprints. You must enter two imprints; you cannot begin a combined incubation with only one imprint. However, the imprints do not need to be from the same pet; two imprints from different Kubrows or Kavats can be chosen for a chance to combine traits. Kubrow imprints cannot be used for breeding Kavats and vice versa.
  4. Click "Begin A Combined Incubation" and wait 48 hours (Nutrio Incubator Upgrade Segment reduces this to 24 hours) for your new pet or rush the incubation for Platinum6415.


  • The screen of the template bears similarities to the results of a Gel electrophoresis test, which is appropriate given the template's function.
  • Prior to Hotfix 14.0.5, imprints weren't a surefire way to determine the result of a Kubrow as recessive genes were taken into account. This has since been changed to remove recessive genes, ensuring the imprints contain all the used information.
    • Also, prior to 14.0.5, there was a feature known as a Kubrow Genetic Scrambler, which randomized the Kubrow's genes in exchange for Platinum, and was removed due to a serious resemblance to a slot machine, something that went against everything DE wanted.
  • With the initial launch of Specters of the Rail, the blueprint was unavailable in the Market. This was later corrected in Hotfix 6.
  • From Update: Specters of the Rail until Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 10, it was possible to cross-breed Kavats with Kubrows by combining a Kubrow Genetic Code Template with a Kavat Genetic Code Template, resulting in Kubrows or Kavats that, while otherwise normal, had various visual glitches such as incorrect fur textures. Players were allowed to keep the hybrids after Hotfix 10 was deployed, but any Genetic Code Templates from them cannot be used for further breeding.


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