Wily Grineer castaway, acclaimed as squad leader by his surviving brood-mates. Capable of complex diplomatic negotiations by Grineer standards.

Garv is a unique Grineer trooper deployed to Deimos in need of assistance. He is accompanied by a friendly Trooper Survivor and Lancer Survivor.

Garv and his squad can appear in Cambion Drift Bounties, where Tenno must protect him from the Infested. However, he issues a challenge to see whether the Grineer or the Tenno squads can kill the most Infested, awarding a bonus if the Tenno's kill count is double than that of the Grineer's. Afterward, Garv and his squad will continue to follow the Tenno and support them as they remain in the Cambion Drift.



  • "Grineer, friend. Tenno, friend. All friends together."
  • "Oh, this good. So close and not dead yet."
  • "FRIENDS now, Tenno?"

Issuing ChallengeEdit

  • "Up for contest? See who kill most Infested first, yeah?"
  • "We all kill Infested. Yes? See who kills most."
  • "We kill Infested. You kill Infested. See who's best, yes?"

Grineer WinningEdit

  • "Oh, Tenno! Not so fierce, huh?"

Grineer VictoryEdit

Tenno VictoryEdit

  • "All alive. You GOOD, Tenno. How Garv help?"
  • "Garv is glad Tenno on side."
  • "Grineer live, Infested die. A GOOD day."

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