Garuda's Talons are GarudaIcon272 Garuda's signature Exalted Weapon. Instead of being channeled through a Warframe ability, Garuda's Talons are permanently equipped as long as she does not have any other melee weapon. Unlike other Exalted Weapons, it does not come with its own stance, instead using the regular Claw stances.


This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.



Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • As the user technically does not have a melee weapon equipped, Garuda's Talons cannot be used in Melee Only Sorties.
  • Similar to Exalted Weapons:
    • Garuda's Talons can gain rank but doesn't contribute to Mastery Rank.
    • Set Mods equipped on Garuda's Talons will not contribute to nor benefit from set bonuses, but the regular effect of the mod will still apply.
  • Garuda's Talons can damage enemies inside Rift Plane.
  • Garuda's Talons do not affect weapon affinity.


  • Unlike other claw weapons, Garuda's Talons are prehensile, as shown during her idle animation while holding rifle.

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