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Enemies are made fragile by Gara's deadly touch. Gara's vitric abilities provide her and her allies with survivability and deal high damage. Shatter the foe.

This is Gara, the unbreakable warrior. Manipulator of glass, she fractures the resolve of her enemies.

The shattered remains of her enemies are all that Gara leaves behind. Tread lightly.

What is known of the ancient warrior known as Gara comes to us from folklore and oral tradition. It is said that she was Unum's closest companion, and that when the Lotus instructed her children to flee Gara remained, refusing to leave the side of the one she loved best.

When the Sentient was done razing a great many other Towers, when it turned its myriad eyes and receptors toward the Unum, it was Gara who gave herself to protect her friend - shattering the Sentient. The mindless monstrosities that now stride the Plains - the Teralysts - are all that remain of it.

Release Date: October 12th, 2017

Clad in lustrous vitrum, Gara sunders her foes with adamantine shards, reflects enemy attacks through enchanted mirrors, and reshapes the landscape with molten crystal. Gara crystallized in Update 22.0 (2017-10-12).


Gara's main blueprint is awarded upon completion of the Saya's Vigil quest. Gara's component blueprints are acquired from Plains of Eidolon Bounties. Additional main blueprints can be bought from Cephalon Simaris for ReputationLarge 50,000.
Item Source Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed
Helmet Neuroptics Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 20-40 Stages 2 & 3 / A 9.04% ~ 11 Stages 72 ± 24 Stages
Helmet Neuroptics Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 20-40 Stages 2 & 3 / C 10.40% ~ 9 Stages 62 ± 20 Stages
Helmet Neuroptics Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 20-40 Stages 2 & 3 / B 9.30% ~ 10 Stages 70 ± 23 Stages
Helmet Neuroptics Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 20-40 Final Stage / A 24.62% ~ 4 Stages 24 ± 8 Stages
Helmet Neuroptics Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 20-40 Final Stage / C 26.09% ~ 3 Stages 22 ± 7 Stages
Helmet Neuroptics Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 20-40 Final Stage / B 23.53% ~ 4 Stages 25 ± 8 Stages
Systems Systems Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 10-30 Final Stage / A 25% ~ 4 Stages 24 ± 8 Stages
Systems Systems Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 10-30 Final Stage / C 25% ~ 4 Stages 24 ± 8 Stages
Systems Systems Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 10-30 Final Stage / B 25% ~ 4 Stages 24 ± 8 Stages
Systems Systems Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 10-30 Stage 2 / A 10.08% ~ 9 Stages 65 ± 21 Stages
Systems Systems Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 10-30 Stage 2 / C 10.08% ~ 9 Stages 65 ± 21 Stages
Systems Systems Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 10-30 Stage 2 / B 10.08% ~ 9 Stages 65 ± 21 Stages
Chassis Chassis Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 5-15 Final Stage / A 30.56% ~ 3 Stages 18 ± 6 Stages
Chassis Chassis Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 5-15 Final Stage / C 30.56% ~ 3 Stages 18 ± 6 Stages
Chassis Chassis Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 5-15 Final Stage / B 30.56% ~ 3 Stages 18 ± 6 Stages
Chassis Chassis Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 5-15 Stage 2 / A 7.52% ~ 13 Stages 88 ± 29 Stages
Chassis Chassis Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 5-15 Stage 2 / C 7.52% ~ 13 Stages 88 ± 29 Stages
Chassis Chassis Blueprint Cetus Bounty Lvl 5-15 Stage 2 / B 7.52% ~ 13 Stages 88 ± 29 Stages

All drop rates data is obtained from DE's official drop tables. See Mission Rewards#Standard Missions for definitions on reward table rotations.
For more detailed definitions and information, visit here.

Alternatively, upon completion of The Duviri Paradox, Gara's main and component blueprints can be earned from The Circuit. By selecting her on the rotating week she is available, players can earn her blueprints after reaching Tier 2 (Neuroptics), 5 (Chassis), 8 (Systems), and 10 (Main) rewards.


Manufacturing Requirements
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OrokinCell Orokin Cell
Time: 3 Day(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 50
MarketIcon Market Price: PlatinumLarge 225 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A
Gara Neuroptics Blueprint
Neurodes Neurodes
Grokdrul Grokdrul
PyroticAlloy Pyrotic Alloy
Circuits Circuits
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Gara Chassis Blueprint
CetusWisp Cetus Wisp
CopriteAlloy Coprite Alloy
Iradite Iradite
Rubedo Rubedo
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Gara Systems Blueprint
Morphics Morphics
CharcElectroplax Charc Electroplax
EsherDevar Esher Devar
Circuits Circuits
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25


AladVPortrait d
“You're not supposed to be in here! You're going to ruin the surprise!”
The following article/section contains spoilers. Please complete Saya's Vigil quest before proceeding.
Main article: Saya's Vigil
Grineer! Spread out! Crawl if you have to! I need more glass! It is the key to a power I've never seen! The power to kill... a Sentient!

Gara, the Glass Warrior, served the Unum, a mysterious and reclusive being whose Orokin Tower-body was beset by a massive Sentient. This Sentient, whose powers waned between dusk and dawn, would attack the Unum's Tower by nightfall and retreat by morning. Forbidden to attack the Sentient at the peak of its power, Gara would search for the colossal being during the daylight. To aid in her search, the Unum seeded Temple Kuva to the wildlife, which would connect their consciousness and allow the Unum to discover the Sentient's hiding place.

However, the Sentient captured the fauna and discovered it could use the Kuva to restore its long-lost ability to reproduce. Thus, its attacks escalated, forcing Gara to take decisive action. Carrying a bomb in her chest, Gara gave her life to destroy the Sentient as it descended on her mortally wounded body, detonating the bomb and scattering the Sentient across the land that would be known as the Plains of Eidolon, ending the threat to the tower. However, the threat of the Sentient still lingers, taking the form of the mindless Eidolons that wander the plains at night in search of its missing fragments to become whole once more.

In present day, the Ostron researcher Onkko from Cetus disappears in an effort to prevent Gara from falling into Grineer hands. His wife Saya accepts the Tenno's help to find Onkko, coming across a case locked with a glass key. While finding the glass fragments needed to open the case, the Lotus performs a harmonics sweep on the glass key and discovers a blueprint for Gara hidden within.



  • Gara's name is based off of the Japanese loanword for glass, Garasu (ガラス).
    • Gara is also the Yoruban word for crystal.
  • Gara's glass accents are tinted with the chosen Warframe energy color.
  • Before Update 30.3 (2021-05-25), SplinterStorm130xWhite Splinter Storm would cosmetically remove Gara's glass armor. This feature was removed due to player request; however, a toggle could not be implemented to avoid potential game-breaking glitches.
  • Gara's feet remain in the same positions between all of her primary and secondary Idle Animations.
  • Gara is the first Warframe to require open-world resources to manufacture.
  • Gara is the 34th Warframe to be released (excluding Primed and Umbra variants).
  • Gara is the second known frame to have participated in the Sentient War, the first being MirageIcon272 Mirage.
  • Gara is the first Warframe whose component blueprints are acquired from Bounties.
  • Gara is the first known Warframe to actually defeat a Sentient, namely Eidolon, during The Old War.
  • Gara is the first Warframe with 3 signature weapons, covering all mundane categories.

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AladVPortrait d
“Market forces dictate that you need to evolve or die.”
Gara Prime is Vaulted.
The Void Relics for this item have been removed from the drop tables and do not drop during missions at this time. Check the current Prime Resurgence rotation to see if Varzia offers relics for this item. Vaulted Void Relics already contained in player inventories are not affected and can still be either opened or traded between players.
Continue the legend of the glass-armored warrior Gara. Dominate the battlefield with the power and purity of crystal.

Of all our sleek gargoyles, our Void-born masquerade, how to honor the one who volunteered willingly, knowing the truth? Whose little act of courage - twinkled like a petty Ayatan, before our golden indifference?

And Nihil cried: "Glass her, for her presumption!" Until the arches rang with laughter. So be it. I shall encase you in crystal most fine. That the purity of your stigmatization might shard the sunlight itself.

The unbroken. Gara.

Release Date: May 25th, 2021

Gara Prime is the Primed variant of GaraIcon272 Gara, possessing increased Health and Armor, as well as an additional Naramon Pol Polarity. Gara Prime was released alongside AstillaPrime Astilla Prime and VolnusPrime Volnus Prime.


Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi refer to Void Relics  |  (V) Denotes Vaulted Void Relics  |  (B) Denotes Baro Ki'Teer Exclusive Void Relic
Gara Prime's Relic Drops
Chassis Blueprint Systems Blueprint GaraPrimeIcon Blueprint Neuroptics Blueprint
AxiRelicIntact Axi G8 Uncommon (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi I2 Uncommon (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi K7 Uncommon (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi S9 Uncommon (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith K6 Uncommon (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso A4 Uncommon (V)
NeoRelicIntact Neo P5 Uncommon (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi C8 Common (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi G7 Common (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith P6 Common (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith T7 Common (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith T8 Common (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso K5 Common (V)
NeoRelicIntact Neo A5 Common (V)
NeoRelicIntact Neo N21 Common (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi G6 Rare (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi G9 Rare (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith G11 Rare (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso G3 Rare (V)
NeoRelicIntact Neo G4 Rare (V)
AxiRelicIntact Axi S14 Uncommon (V)
LithRelicIntact Lith S12 Uncommon (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso C10 Uncommon (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso O5 Uncommon (V)
MesoRelicIntact Meso P5 Uncommon (V)
NeoRelicIntact Neo N18 Uncommon (V)



Manufacturing Requirements
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OrokinCell Orokin Cell
Time: 3 Day(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 50
MarketIcon Market Price: PlatinumLarge N/A Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: N/A
Gara Prime Neuroptics Blueprint
Neurodes Neurodes
ArgonCrystal Argon Crystal
Rubedo Rubedo
Ferrite Ferrite
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Gara Prime Chassis Blueprint
Gallium Gallium
PolymerBundle Polymer Bundle
Oxium Oxium
NanoSpores Nano Spores
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25
Gara Prime Systems Blueprint
NitainExtract Nitain Extract
Tellurium Tellurium
Circuits Circuits
Salvage Salvage
Time: 12 Hour(s)
Rush: PlatinumLarge 25




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When casting an ability, GaraIcon272 Gara's glass body has 15% chance to RadialBlind130xDark Blind enemies within 12 meters for 10 seconds, exposing them to Melee Finisher attacks. Blind chance increases by 20% until the blind triggers.

  • Can affect Eximus units while Overguard is active.
  • Can affect enemies inside a nullifier bubble.
  • Enemies must be within line of sight of Gara to be blinded, but do not have to face toward Gara.
  • Can refresh blind duration on currently blinded enemies when the passive procs again.
  • Affects enemies crystallized by MassVitrify130xWhite Mass Vitrify.
  • Melee finisher damage benefits from the damage multipliers of SplinterStorm130xWhite Splinter Storm and Mass Vitrify.


View Maximization
This calculator feature is sunsetted on the wiki. It may not see further updates, but will be present on articles for the time being since some people still find use for them. See User blog:Cephalon Scientia/Sunsetting of Maximization Calculators for more details.
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ShatteredLashModx256 ShatteredLash130xWhite
Shattered Lash

Lash out with stream of shattered glass, or hold for an arcing strike.

Introduced in Update 22.0 (2017-10-12)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:500 / 600 / 700 / 800 (DmgPunctureSmall64 Puncture and DmgSlashSmall64 Slash damage)
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:N/A
AbilityRangeBuff Range:5 / 6 / 8 / 10 m (range)

Misc: 225° (sweep arc)
0.75 m (blade radius)

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SplinterStormModx256 SplinterStorm130xWhite
Splinter Storm

Gara's armor splinters into a maelstrom of shattered glass that slices enemies and impairs their weapons. Allies who contact the cloud are fortified against damage.

Introduced in Update 22.0 (2017-10-12)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:100 / 150 / 200 / 250 (damage per second)
25% / 30% / 50% / 70% (damage reduction)
15% / 20% / 25% / 35% (damage vulnerability)
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:10 / 14 / 18 / 22 s
AbilityRangeBuff Range:15 / 20 / 25 / 30 m (cast)
1 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 m (radius)

Misc: 50% (absorbed damage)

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SpectrorageModx256 Spectrorage130xWhite

Trap enemies in a carousel of mirrors, forcing them to attack visions of their true selves. Destroyed mirrors damage their attackers, as does the collapse of the carousel.

Introduced in Update 22.0 (2017-10-12)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:500 / 600 / 700 / 800 (mirror damage)
800 / 1000 / 1200 / 1500 (collapse damage)
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:10 / 14 / 18 / 22 s
AbilityRangeBuff Range:4 / 6 / 8 / 12 (number of mirrors)
2 / 3 / 4 / 6 (collapse threshold)
4 m (charm radius)

Misc: 100 m (cast range)
50% (absorbed damage per mirror)
1 (limit of carousels)

Subsumable to Helminth
This section is transcluded from Mass Vitrify . To change it, please edit the transcluded page.
MassVitrifyModx256 MassVitrify130xWhite
Mass Vitrify

Create an expanding ring of molten glass that slowly crystallizes enemies who enter. When the expansion is complete, the ring hardens to block weapons fire. The ring draws extra strength from the health and shields of crystallized enemies. Use Shattered Lash to smash the ring and send razor-sharp glass flying outward.

Introduced in Update 22.0 (2017-10-12)

AbilityStrengthBuff Strength:20% / 30% / 40% / 50% (Damage Vulnerability)
500 / 750 / 1000 / 1600 (ring segment base health)
500 / 600 / 700 / 800 (segment explosion damage)
5x (armor multiplier)
AbilityDurationBuff Duration:2 / 2.25 / 2.75 / 3 s (expansion time)
10 / 12 / 14 / 16 s (effect duration)
AbilityRangeBuff Range:2 m (ring initial radius)
3 m/s (ring expansion rate)
8 / 8.75 / 10.25 / 11 m (ring max radius)
8 / 10 / 12 / 15 m (explosion range)

Misc: 3 m (ring initial height)
12 m (ring max height)
3 s (crystallization time)
12 (ring segments)


Strength Mods


Duration Mods


Range Mods


GaraShatteredLash GaraShatteredLash
GaraSplinterStorm GaraSplinterStorm GaraSplinterStorm
GaraSpectrorage GaraSpectrorage GaraSpectrorage
GaraMassVitrify GaraMassVitrify GaraMassVitrify

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GaraIcon272 Gara can be equipped with the following items:



See also

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Patch History

Update 36.0 (2024-06-18)

Line Of Sight Improvements

As a continuation of our efforts to improve LOS systems within Warframe, which have been ongoing since Dante Unbound, we’ve made further strides towards improving how we handle these checks.

From a technical standpoint, we’ve improved the consistency and performance of the underlying LOS systems within the game by handling how we detect unrendered targets, in addition to improvements we’ve made in recent hotfixes.

Abilities that use LOS checks already have been updated to this improved technology! Additionally, with these improvements, we can now easily shift over any Warframe Ability that relies on LOS checks to be seamlessly migrated to this new, more accurate system, meaning we’re able to act faster on any outlying offenders that may arise.

To name a few Warframe abilities that benefit from this with Jade Shadows:

  • Gara's Passive

Hotfix 35.5.8 (2024-04-24)

  • Fixed the glass on Gara (base and Prime) being very bright in GI lighting areas.
    • The glass from Gara’s abilities still seems to be affected by this - we are investigating.

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)

Gara Passive Change

Similarly to the Mirage Eclipse/Prism changes, we realized Gara’s Passive also relied on “standing in light” and, therefore, would have the same issues as Mirage regarding GI Lighting and inconsistent lighting areas. We have removed the scaling with illumination (standing in light) and made the following changes:

  • When casting an ability, there’s a base 15% chance to radially blind nearby enemies for 10s.
  • Each cast without a blind increases your chances by 20% until it creates a radial blind.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Gara’s Passive from being triggered by casting Splinter Storm.

Update 35.0 (2023-12-13)

  • Fixed the Dax Equitem going temporarily invisible after teleporting through Gara’s Mass Vitrify.

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)

Base vs Final Stats in Modding - Health / Energy / Shield / Armor Stat Overhaul

If you’ve spent any time invested in the deeper nuances of Modding, you may be familiar with “Warframe Math” - math that upon first glance doesn’t really make sense, but once you learn the inner workings of the game, it all comes together. While we can appreciate the value that complex systems offer to a certain subsect of players, there are other aspects of the game that should have clear and understandable outcomes. Namely: Shield, Health, Energy, and Armor Modding.

Pop quiz: what is 300 + 440%? If you answered 740, you may just be an Excalibur player.

Vitality (+440% Heath), Redirection (+440% Shields), Flow (+150% Energy), and Steel Fiber (+110% Armor) come with large modifier values that don’t seem to match their outcome in-game. This is because these Mods apply their multiplier to the base stats of the Warframe - i.e., the stats you have at Rank 0. In the Excalibur example, a Rank 30 Excalibur’s Health stat of 300 earns an additional 440 Health from max rank Vitality (+440% Heath) since it applies to his base rank Health stat of 100, resulting in 740 total health.

In this update, we have removed this obfuscation by having Health, Shield, Energy, and Armor Mods apply to the stats of Warframes at their current rank. Continuing our Excalibur example, instead of Vitality always applying to Excalibur’s base rank 100 Health, it would apply to his Health stat based on his rank - namely, the stat you can actually see in your Arsenal. If your Excalibur were Rank 30, his Health stat would be 300, which means Vitality’s multiplier would be calculated off of 300.

With previous Health and Mod values, additional adjustments are needed to make this revision work while maintaining game balance. By only changing where the multiplier applies, a Rank 30 Excalibur would receive an extra 1,320 Health from max rank Vitality, resulting in a total health stat of 1,600. This outcome is a significant buff, which is not the intention of this system change.

To remedy this, we approached this problem in two ways:

1 - We reduced the overall multiplier for Health, Shield, Energy, and Armor Mods.
Since these now affect Max Rank Warframe stats, these Mods need to scale differently to maintain the status quo. Additionally, we wanted these new values to be as clear and understandable to all players as possible! Here are a few examples of these value changes:

  • Vitality: Reduced from +440% to +100% Health
  • Redirection: Reduced from +440% to +100% Shield Capacity
  • Steel Fiber: Reduced from +110% to +100% Armor
  • Flow: Reduced from +150% to +100% Energy Max

Note: These are not all of the Mods affected by this change. We share the comprehensive list further down in this section of the update notes.

Doing some quick math, this means that a Rank 30 Excalibur (300 Health) with a reworked Vitality Mod (+100% Health, applied to the final Health stat) would receive 300 extra Health, for a total of 600. That, in contrast, is a nerf, which we also don’t want to do.

So, our next step:

2 - We adjusted Warframe Health, Shield, Energy, and Armor values to keep the end result of the revised Mods as close to the original values as possible.

With this change, Excalibur’s Rank 30 Health stat is 370. With +100% Health from a max Vitality Mod, his resulting Health stat would be 740, which matches what it was originally.

While this path to the same result may seem a little complicated, the outcome matches our intention: we want players to be able to look at their Health, Shield, and Armor Mods, and be able to understand how they affect the stats they see in their Arsenal.

In addition to everything above, we also increased the base stat values for Warframes so that these revised Mods offer similar value for lower-ranked Frames. To do so, we reduced the amount of Health/Shield/Energy that Warframes earn per rank in half, and transferred the sum of that value to their base stats.

For Armor, this is the one stat that does not increase with your Warframe’s level (with some exceptions). Armor values across the board have been slightly increased to compensate for the Mod changes.

Not to beat a dead Kaithe, but Mods will now be applying to the Max Rank stat instead of the Base Rank. You may look at these numbers and think “nerf” or “buff” depending, but the outcome is that total Modded values are the same, if not a little higher in some cases.

Warframe Stat Changes:

Health: Base Rank - 270 (from 100) / Max Rank - 370 (from 300)
Shields: Base Rank - 270 (from 100) / Max Rank - 370 (from 300)
Armor: Base Rank - 160 (from 150)
Energy: Base Rank - 175 (from 150) / Max Rank - 225 (from 225)

Health: Base Rank - 345 (from 120) / Max Rank - 445 (from 360)
Shields: Base Rank - 270 (from 100) / Max Rank - 370 (from 300)
Armor: Base Rank - 200 (from 190)
Energy: Base Rank - 175 (from 150) / Max Rank - 225 (from 225)

While there may be significant changes to Warframe Stats and Mod values as a part of this overhaul, the end result is that your Builds should mostly stay the same. The key difference is the added clarity of what your Health / Shield / Energy / Armor Mods do in your Upgrade screens!

General Fixes:
  • Fixed melee-based enemies spinning rapidly when attacking Gara’s Mass Vitrify wall.

Hotfix 33.5.3 (2023-06-23)

  • Fixed several issues with Warframe Overguard reducing the effectiveness of the following supportive abilities/effects:
    • Fixed Gara’s Splinter Storm damage reduction being capped at 50% instead of the intended 90%.

Update 32.3 (2023-02-15)

  • Augment: Shattered Lash - Mod TT 20px Shattered Storm
  • Gara’s Splinter Storm now receives bonus damage from destroying Mass Vitrify with Shattered Lash from both inside and outside of the ring.
    • Previously, only shattering from the outside of Mass Vitrify would benefit Splinter Storm if within range. Now you can weave in and out and shatter all the same. A nice QOL change to make this synergy between all of the abilities far more convenient.

Hotfix 32.2.9 (2023-01-11)

  • Fixed script errors caused by Gara’s Mass Vitrify and casting Shattered Lash on it.

Update 32.0 (2022-09-07)

  • The following Warframe Blueprints that can be obtained from Simaris can now be sold for Credits:
    • Gara Blueprint
  • Updated the description of the following Melee abilities to indicate that they scale with the mods on your melee weapon as well as your current melee combo.
    • Gara’s Shattered Lash

Update 31.6 (2022-06-09)

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

  • Fixed default energy colors on Gara’s being displayed incorrectly.

Update 30.7 (2021-09-08)

  • Fixed the Tenet Envoy's guided rockets being unable to pass through Gara's Vitrify.

Hotfix 30.5.4 (2021-07-17)

  • Fixed the Hexis Left Arm Plate not aligning properly on Gara Prime.

Hotfix 30.3.4 (2021-06-02)

  • Fixed Gara missing from the Invert Tap/Hold list options.

Hotfix 30.3.2 (2021-05-27)

  • Fixed Attachments appearing different on equipping the default Gara skin on Gara Prime.

Update 30.3 (2021-05-25)

  • Introduced Gara Prime.

PLUS! As an added Gara QoL change, her glass armor no longer disappears during Splinter Storm!

You have requested many times (many, many, times) to have a UI toggle that will give you control over whether Gara's glass armor parts will "shatter" while using Splinter Storm. You want to use this power all the time, but it makes your warframe look so much less... shiny when you do.

Given how persistent and unified this feedback is, we've decided to simply make this power not remove her armor plates while it is active. Adding a toggle adds significantly more complexity to the code and significantly more chances for things to break than just not having the effect at all.

We hope this change will be appealing to everybody living on the cutting edge of Gara fashion.

  • Added a dual wield custom HUD offset handling for Gara.

Update 29.10 (2021-03-19)

  • Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify ability description incorrectly showing the Heat damage icon for its Explosion Damage. It will now correctly show the Puncture, Slash, and Impact icons as intended.

Update 29.0 (2020-08-25)

  • Fixed issues where enemies would not attack Gara’s Spectorage mirrors.

Update 28.3 (2020-08-12)

  • Warframe Blueprint and Component costs from Simaris have been reduced by 50%!

Update 28.1 (2020-07-08)

Xoris Interaction Changes

Certain Warframe Abilities and Exalted weapons will now reset the Melee Combo Counter only if the Xoris is being used. The overwhelming Damage output of certain Warframe Abilities was not our intention with an infinite Melee Combo weapon, and the conversation of ‘Xoris or you’re doing it wrong’ is greatly restrictive in terms of player choice.

Warframe Abilities / Exalted Warframe weapons affected by this are:

  • Gara Shattered Lash

The full breakdown can be read here.

Hotfix 27.3.15 (2020-04-17)

  • Fixed a script error that would occur for any Client observing a Gara cast Spectrorage; this would have resulted in missing customization effects for all Clients.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when joining a mission right when a Gara casts Spectrorage.

Hotfix 27.3.6 (2020-03-31)

  • Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify walls blocking Coildrives.

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

  • Armor Change:
    • Gara: 125 to 150
    • Why: The conversation surrounding Arcane Guardian led to a significant review of Armor stats on Warfarmes. The Majority of Warframes received an increase in the Armor stat to increase survivability. Compounded with Shield Gating and the numerous other changes covered, we expect a much more fair feeling playing field for all Warframes.

Hotfix 27.1.2 (2020-02-18)

  • Fixed Clients being able to toggle Gara Mass Vitrify off too early when enough latency was involved, causing them to be unable to destroy it with Shattered Lash.

Update 27.1 (2020-02-04)

  • Fixed Index enemies not attacking Gara’s Mass Vitrify wall.

Update 25.8 (2019-10-01)

  • Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Mass Vitrify.

Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

Hotfix 25.6.1 (2019-08-08)

  • Fixed Gara’s Splinter Storm not shattering Glass on Gara’s Helmet.

Hotfix 25.2.4 (2019-06-27)

  • Fixed the Amalgam Argonak Metal Auger enemy highlighting not functioning if you aim at Gara's Mass Vitrify wall.

Hotfix 25.2.3 (2019-06-25)

  • Fixed Corpus Gas City enemies able to shoot through Gara’s Mass Vitrify. 

Update 25.0 (2019-05-22)

  • Cephalon Simaris now sells Blueprints given during quests in his Offerings! This allows you to purchase these items in the event that you’ve accidentally sold them.

Update 24.6 (2019-04-04)

  • Having a ‘signature’ weapon now actually benefits you!
    • Fusilai: Increased projectile speed when wielded by Gara.
    • Volnus: Additional slam radial damage when wielded by Gara.
    • Astilla: Additional 80 ammo pool when wielded by Gara.

Update 23.6 (2018-08-30)

  • Fixed Splinter Storm not renewing if Mass Vitrify ends just as it touches them.

Update 23.4 (2018-08-16)

  • Added a HUD Damage indicator for Gara’s Splinter Storm ability.

Hotfix 22.20.3 (2018-05-18)

  • Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Splinter Storm.

Update 22.20 (2018-05-17)

  • Gara’s Shattered Lash (stab) can now be used on ziplines.
  • Gara’s Splinter Storm now applies a HUD buff when cast on self to help manage when casting on many targets.
  • Fixed Gara’s Splinter Storm not refunding Energy if the target dies during the cast animation.
  • Fixed Gara Splinter Storm self cast lasting a very short time.

Hotfix 22.16.5 (2018-03-21)

  • Fixed hit sound playing at unexpected time for Nova’s Molecular Prime explosions and Gara’s Shatter Shield.

Update 22.14 (2018-03-01)

  • Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Mass Vitrify ability.

Hotfix 22.12.4 (2018-02-13)

  • Fixed Natural Talent not applying to Gara’s Shattered Lash sweep.

Update 22.12 (2018-02-09)

  • Mass Vitrify
    • Wall health scales based on health and shields of the enemies it glasses over. Minimum value per target is affected by Strength and Armor, meaning weaker enemies still contribute something worthwhile.
    • Health gained by Mass Vitrify shown in a UI display.

Hotfix 22.6.1 (2017-12-08)

  • Fixed crash that could occur on recasting Gara’s Mass Vitrify if the ability was terminated before all the ring pieces could be created.
  • Fixed rare script error with Gara’s Mass Vitrify.

Update 22.6 (2017-12-07)

  • Mass Vitrify
    • Mass Vitrify is no longer invulnerable and now has sections that break off and explode as it absorbs incoming damage. The amount of damage absorbed scales with Power Strength and Armor. Explosion damage scales with Power Strength.
    • Mass Vitrify no longer has a duration and remains until recast, destroyed from damage, or smashed with Shattered Lash.

Gara is still relatively new as far as Warframes are concerned but since her release, we’ve found (and many players have found) that an invulnerable and almost impenetrable barrier doesn’t allow for a very engaging gameplay experience. We know that other Warframes also have Powers with similar issues, but adding a shattering component to Mass Vitrify is a change we could easily implement that is consistent with Gara’s glass theme while also making Mass Vitrify more interactive.

With these new changes, we can tweak the absorption and explosion values as necessary to make sure Mass Vitrify is both fun and effective. Please keep your feedback constructive and let us know what you think after you’ve had a chance to test these new changes.

  • Fixed a Simulacrum Arsenal crash caused by Gara's passive.

Hotfix 22.2.5 (2017-11-11)

  • Fixed the Broca Syandana clipping through Gara’s legs.

Hotfix 22.1.1 (2017-10-27)

  • Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify unintendedly crystallizing Captain Vor and Lieutenant Lech Kril.
  • Fixed issues with Syandanas clipping through Gara’s lower back.

Update 22.1 (2017-10-25)

  • Fixed Ignis Ignis (and similar weapons) being able to damage friendly Gara's Spectrorage mirrors.
  • Fixed issues with Gara's Spectrorage radius being too small.

Hotfix 22.0.7 (2017-10-19)

  • Fixed Gara’s Spectrorage130xWhite Spectrorage nullifier checks being too high.
  • Further fixes for Gara’s Mass Vitrify not being properly dispelled by nullifiers.
  • Fixed Gara’s glass armor appearing to fade in every time a new cosmetic option is chosen in the arsenal.

Hotfix 22.0.5 (2017-10-17)

  • Mass Vitrify now grows downwards to help cover enemies below you like so:

Hotfix 22.0.3 (2017-10-16)

  • Fixed Corpus Nullifiers not destroying Gara’s Mass Vitrify and causing it to double up next time it is cast as seen here.
  • Fixed Sigils flickering when equipped on Gara.

Hotfix 22.0.2 (2017-10-13)

  • Replaced Gara’s Blueprint requirement of Kuva with Orokin Cells.
  • Fixed Gara’s MassVitrify130xWhite Mass Vitrify completely freezing bosses in glass.
  • Fixed Gara having no description for her Passive.

Update 22.0 (2017-10-12)

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