Galvanized Scope is the Galvanized variant of Mod TT 20px Argon Scope, where headshots provide a 12-second critical chance buff while aiming. Headshot kills will grant a 12-second buff that further increases critical chance while aiming and stacks up to 5 times.


Rank Crit Chance While Aiming Additional Crit Chance On Kill Max Bonus Cost
0 +10.9% +3.6% +28.9% 2
1 +21.8% +7.3% +58.3% 3
2 +32.7% +10.9% +87.2% 4
3 +43.6% +14.5% +116.1% 5
4 +54.5% +18.2% +145.5% 6
5 +65.5% +21.8% +174.5% 7
6 +76.4% +25.5% +203.9% 8
7 +87.3% +29.1% +232.8% 9
8 +98.2% +32.7% +261.7% 10
9 +109.1% +36.4% +291.1% 11
10 +120% +40% +320% 12


This mod can be bought from the Arbitrations vendor in the Arbiters of Hexis room in Relays for 20 VitusEssence Vitus Essence.


  • Unlike most other galvanized mods, Galvanized Scope stacks each have their own duration. The duration doesn't pause after you gain more stacks, so you will lose them before the visual timer on the HUD runs out.
  • Only kills from a weapon equipped with this mod will give stacks, and only the weapon equipped with this mod will benefit from the buff. If equipped on both a normal weapon and an Exalted Weapon, this mod will affect both weapons.
  • Can be activated by PaxSeeker Pax Seeker's projectiles.
  • Most status procs target center-mass and cannot trigger the critical chance bonus or the on kill effect.
    • DmgElectricitySmall64 Electricity and DmgGasSmall64 Gas procs are able to trigger both effects when aimed at the head however, as they are able to land headshots themselves.
  • Given that Galvanized Scope is an upgraded version of Mod TT 20px Argon Scope, the caveats of the latter still apply, namely:
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  • Argon Scope is additive with similar mods. For example, a Snipetron Snipetron with a max rank Argon Scope and Mod TT 20px Point Strike will have a 30% × (1 + 135% + 150%) = 115.5% critical chance.
  • Argon Scope will trigger upon headshots, i.e. any weapon hit to an enemy's head, whether the target survives or not.
    • Headshots will refresh Argon Scope's timer.
    • The headshot that triggers Argon Scope will not benefit from the buff itself (unless the buff was already active).
    • Only hitting the head body part counts as headshot. Hitting other weak spots (such as Moa's backpacks) does not give the buff.
  • If activated, Argon Scope will display an icon timer beside the player's health UI, and the Warframe will be briefly surrounded by a flashing energy ribbon.
  • Can be installed alongside Mod TT 20px Point Strike or Mod TT 20px Critical Delay in order to further increase the critical chance.

Patch History[]

Hotfix 31.6.4 (2022-07-14)

  • Fixed stackable buffs for Galvanized Scope/Crosshair being removed all at once when the first stack's time runs out.
    • Also fixed Arcanes that have decaying stacks losing all their bonus when a stack expires.

Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

  • Introduced.