Galvanized Savvy is the Galvanized variant of Mod TT 20px.png Shotgun Savvy, increasing status chance. Kills grant a buff that increases direct hit damage (not area-of-effect) for each status type affecting the target for 20 seconds and stacks up to 2 times.


Rank Status Chance Additional Damage Per Unique Proc On Kill Max Damage Bonus Per Unique Proc Cost
0 +7.3% +3.6% +7.2% 2
1 +14.5% +7.3% +14.6% 3
2 +21.8% +10.9% +21.8% 4
3 +29.1% +14.5% +29% 5
4 +36.4% +18.2% +36.4% 6
5 +43.6% +21.8% +43.6% 7
6 +50.9% +25.5% +51% 8
7 +58.2% +29.1% +58.2% 9
8 +65.5% +32.7% +65.4% 10
9 +72.7% +36.4% +72.8% 11
10 +80% +40% +80% 12


This mod can be bought from the Arbitrations vendor in the Arbiters of Hexis room in Relays for 20 VitusEssence.png Vitus Essence.


  • Damage increase is additive with other damage mods like Mod TT 20px.png Point Blank.
  • The damage increase is not applied on the hit that procs a new status effect, it is only applied on following hits.
    • For example: Galvanized Aptitude has 2 stacks, weapon has 100 base damage and Mod TT 20px.png Primed Point Blank for a total of 100 * (1 + Mod TT 20px.png 1.65) = 265 damage. First hit procs DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact and deals 265 damage. Then on the following hit the +80% damage from the 2 stacks is applied for a total of 100 * (1 + Mod TT 20px.png 1.65 + Mod TT 20px.png 0.8) = 345 damage.
    • This makes the mod ineffective on low Fire Rate weapons aiming to kill enemies in 1 shot.
  • When the buff times out, one stack is lost and the buff duration resets.
  • Only kills from a weapon equipped with this mod will give stacks, and only the weapon equipped with this mod will benefit from the buff. If equipped on both a normal weapon and an Exalted Weapon, it will affect both weapons.
  • Kills from status procs (including from Mod TT 20px.png Hunter Munitions) from a weapon equipped with this mod will give stacks.
  • Bonus damage from status procs may originate from any source, including primary and secondary weapons, Warframe abilities, companions, other players, or the environment.
  • DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact, DmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture, DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash, DmgColdSmall64.png Cold, DmgElectricitySmall64.png Electricity, DmgFireSmall64.png Heat, DmgToxinSmall64.png Toxin, DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast, DmgCorrosiveSmall64.png Corrosive, DmgGasSmall64.png Gas, DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic, DmgRadiationSmall64.png Radiation, DmgViralSmall64.png Viral, and DmgVoidSmall64.png Void procs all count for the damage bonus.
    • Lifted b.png Lifted from Melee Heavy Attacks also counts.
    • Nukor.png Nukor and KuvaNukor.png Kuva Nukor apply a unique invisible status called Microwave to enemies touched by its beam.
      • Microwave procs have infinite duration.
    • Although knockdown does not cause any icon on the enemy, it still counts as a status.
      • Note that conditions or abilities that prevent knockdowns (e.g. Bastille130xDark.png Bastille) will prevent it from increasing damage.
    • Since Lifted b.png Lifted and knockdown will cancel out each other, the maximum number of status effects that can be applied to an enemy is 16.

Damage Multipliers[]

Unique Status Effects 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Bonus Damage @ 1 Stack +40% +80% +120% +160% +200% +240% +280% +320% +360% +400% +440% +480% +520% +560% +600% +640%
Bonus Damage @ 2 Stacks +80% +160% +240% +320% +400% +480% +560% +640% +720% +800% +880% +960% +1,040% +1,120% +1,200% +1,280%

Patch History[]

Update 31.1 (2022-02-09)

  • Fixed Galvanized Mod "bonus Damage per Status" not functioning for numerous projectile weapons.
    • A previous change had them operate relative to "base damage" but the code was incorrectly getting base damage from the impact behavior rather than the projectile. This problem was pervasive and there are hundreds of weapons in our game! Please be patient and send updated reports if something slipped through our net.

Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

  • (Undocumented) Changed the description of Galvanized Savvy to better reflect its current function (which clarifies that area of effect damage is not included)
    • ... BUT WAIT! We want to explain why because it’s very important to us that everyone understands where we are coming from with our current design mindset. AoE Weapons are the dominant ones by every usage metric. We see this day after day. Having this bonus apply to the AoE instance felt dangerously close to a myopic choice concerning powering up player Arsenals that simply do not need it. This mod never worked on AoE, and the description now explains that to avoid confusion. We understand those seeking a different outcome will disagree with this choice, but ultimately we are not willing to further bolster AoE at this time. This is due to the increasing difficulty in creating content that serves to challenge the Tenno.

Update 30.6 (2021-08-04)

  • Fixed Galvanized Mods not properly functioning with the Catchmoon’s guaranteed Impact proc.

Hotfix 30.5.5 (2021-07-29)

  • Fixed Galvanized Mods offering increased damage from Status on target not reliably working on numerous weapons.
    • One outlier to be fixed is the interaction with the Catchmoon’s guaranteed Impact proc.

Update 30.5 (2021-07-06)

  • Introduced.