During The Hunt For Alad VEdit

  • "Rescue my ships and not only will I reward you personally but I will show the Tenno where the scoundrel Alad V is hiding"
  • "Oh Alad, all your lying, and sneaking, and cheating. And what do you have to show for it? You're in debt to the Board, and I've come to collect"
  • "What happened to you Alad? I looked up to you. Your profits. Your products. A little madness and you throw it all to the Void."
  • "Look at you Alad, hiding in a corner, playing with your toys. How embarrassing. The Corpus deserve better, and I'm the one to deliver the goods."
  • "Who got you fired? Who got Zanuka's funding pulled? Oh, I know this. I know this. It was me."
  • "You can't hide, ride, or bribe your way out of this Alad. You've been downsized and your fat head is about to suffer cutbacks. Literal cutbacks."
  • "Hey Alad! Zanuka is done! You are done! When you are dead, the Board will be signing over everything you own to me!"
  • "I'm feeling a promotion coming my way! About to climb another rung on this ladder! About to send my old pal Alad V into early retirement."
  • "The Tenno are too dangerous, too profitable, to provoke! Zanuka was a bad paradigm. A costly miscalculation. But don't worry Alad, I'll keep your credits warm when you are gone."
  • "It's time for you to pay your debts! I've got the Betrayers doing the repo work - if you ask me they've got a different idea of blood money."

During the Ties That BindEdit

  • "You! You have no place here Tenno! Darvo, is this your doing?"
  • "You belong here Darvo, there is no other option."
  • "This is a family matter Tenno. You will not interfere."
  • "Darvo, you disappoint me yet again."
  • "Nobody chooses to turn down a seat on the Board. You were groomed from a young age. Sacrifices were made in your name. And this is how you repay your debt?"
  • "Darvo, we are backed into a corner. Project Tethra will be the death blow! You are needed here. What have these Betrayers ever done for you?!"

During The Archwing QuestEdit

  • "Not wise Councilor. I was hoping the Tenno had taught you a little humility when they destroyed your precious Fomorian fleet."
  • "Impossible! All units! Full alert! Prepare for boarding!"

During Operation: Ambulas RebornEdit

Inbox MessageEdit

  • "Actualize… synergy... SYNERGIZE. Growth… profit… GROFIT?! Fellow profiteers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime strategic investment opportunity. A game changer in robotic combat solutions. We're taking big-data from our Animo project and doing a full-stack integration into our most lethal combat proxies. This is: AMBULAS, REBORN! But we need you. Your investment will push us past the pre-revenue stage and move Ambulas into full production. We are so close to our goal! Thought leaders, are you ready to pivot downturns into rising Grofit?! Act quickly before... wait - I'm being told - Yes, this is it! The Ambulas Reborn project has reached its funding goal!"

Incoming Condor DropshipEdit

  • "Our drop-ship response times are second to none. Ensuring prompt delivery in mission-critical roles."
  • "Here comes the drop-ship with a special delivery. Ah, I haven't felt this good since they rebuilt my larynx."

Deploying an AmbulasEdit

  • "Corpus investors, ready for a surprise demonstration? I give you my reborn Ambulas. Allow me to show you what she can do to these, Tenno, uh, volunteers."
  • "Crewmen, today my reborn Ambulas takes her first steps into the field. You must be thinking; "If I work hard and sacrifice as Frohd Bek has done, may I someday share in this inestimable profit?" The answer is yes."

When Ambulas activates its Fusion ThrowerEdit

  • "Powerful. Precise. Pitiless. There has never been a fusion thrower like this."
  • "One of our engineers commented that Ambulas's fusion thrower is precise enough to shave the back hairs off a Phobian desert flea. Delightful."

When Ambulas activates its Ground-burstsEdit

  • "Ground-burst technology ensures effortless target suppression."
  • "X-axis gravity-driven assaults yield a 200 percent improvement in kinetic force."
  • "Ground-bursts register zero-point-three percent survivability for unarmored personnel."

When Ambulas activates its Electro-MortarsEdit

  • "Wonderful."
  • "That never gets boring."
  • "It's a thing of beauty, isn't it?"

When the Ambulas is disabledEdit

  • "Don't just stand there, fix my Ambulas!"
  • "My Ambulas, what have they done to her. Fix this!"

When the Ambulas is hackedEdit

  • "That's all for today. Cut the feed."
  • "Oh… Uh... Have I mentioned our round-the-clock support program?"
  • "Wait... wait, what are they doing? And that concludes our demonstration."
  • "Obviously, new technology always has its kinks. Wise investors, you understand this?"

When an Ambulas defeats a TennoEdit

  • "Is there anything this proxy can't do?"
  • "This is the future: Power. Precision. Prestige. The pinnacle of the war-smith's art."
  • "Beautiful, is she not? And available. Merely open your accounts, dear investors, and introduce yourselves."

During an Ambulas Assassination MissionEdit

Searching for the Ambulas siteEdit

  • "Glast? You're the shadow investor? You ingrate, you could have had everything. And now you seek to ruin your Mentor's hard work?"
  • "You always were clever, but you never did have vision."
  • "Each Tenno attack on my Ambulas has been logged, analyzed and refactored from our Animo Project. You've brought these Tenno to their deaths. A terrible miscalculation. You've learned nothing from me."

During BattleEdit

  • "Everything I own I built. Worked my way to the top of the board from nothing. You? You create nothing! You earned nothing! You deserve nothing!"

Successfully hacking an AmbulasEdit

  • "Get a team down there to pick that Ambulas up. Don't let her go to waste."
  • "Someone retrieve that Ambulas model before autodestruction kicks in. She can be refurbished."
  • "Thanks to your investment, I can keep throwing Ambulas at the Tenno all day."

Retrieving an AmbulasEdit

  • "You fools should have finished the job while you had the chance. That Ambulas will live to fight another day."
  • "Glast, how are these Tenno going to finish me when they can't even end what they have begun?"

Firing artilleryEdit

  • "Fire the artillery!"
  • "Fire artillery. Scatter those stainless steel rats!"

Failing to hack all AmbulasEdit

  • "We could do this dance all day long, Tenno, but you'll never defeat my Ambulas army. Now you're just wasting my time. Give my regards to Glast."


  • "Throw everything at them. They will not take this away from me. They will not win. They've not earned it."
  • "What was that? My ship? Ahh… Eject the bridge module. Eject it now!!!"
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