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U30.9 introduced new Warframes

Pick a Warframe and square off against all contenders in this mano-a-mano challenge.
—In-game description

Frame Fighter is a fighting mini-game where 2 players battle with their Warframe of choice. It is installed by default on the Ludoplex, which can bought from Cephalon Simaris for ReputationBlackx64.png 50,000.

Upon collecting all unlockable Warframes, the player will be awarded a Frame Fighter Poster decoration which can be placed in the Orbiter or donated to theClan Dojo to be placed as a personal Decorations.


In this minigame, 2 players fight at the Cetus gates outside the Plains of Eidolon, selecting their Warframe of choice beforehand (either by manually selecting the Warframe in question or choosing to select one at random). Players have 30 seconds to select their Warframe, or both players can start the match immediately by pressing Enter  to confirm their selection.

The fight is divided into 3 rounds, each round lasting 90 seconds. Both players must attempt to knock the other out with their attacks before the timer runs out. A player can achieve victory in two ways: if they knock out their opponent, or if the timer runs out and they have more health than the other player. The first player to win 2 rounds wins the match, after which both players are sent back to the Warframe selection screen.

Each different frame is identical in stats, the only differences being the appearance, size, and special ability of the frames. Larger frames tend to be easier to hit, but have longer legs(i.e. Frost). Special abilities have different effects, creating differences in how each can be played. A charge gauge is shown at the bottom corner of the screen, along with the special ability of the selected frame, and this gauge fills upon taking or dealing damage. Taking damage fills the gauge faster. Once the gauge is filled, the frame's ability becomes available to use, consuming the gauge.


The default controls of Frame Fighter are:

Action Keyboard PS4 Xbox Switch
Jump W  / Uparrow.png Joystick Up Joystick Up Joystick Up
Move Left A  / Leftarrow.png Joystick Left Joystick Left Joystick Left
Crouch S  / Downarrow.png Joystick Down Joystick Down Joystick Down
Move Right D  / Rightarrow.png Joystick Right Joystick Right Joystick Right
Block J Combops4x.png XB1IconA.png B
Grab K Combops4circle.png XB1IconB.png A
Light Attack U Combops4sq.png XB1IconX.png Y
Medium Attack I Combops4tri.png XB1IconY.png X
Heavy Attack O R1 RButton RButton
Special Ability L R2 RTrigger ZRButton
  • Blocking reduces damage and prevents knockdowns, but does not stop grab attacks unless crouching at the same time.
  • Attacks that knockdown either leave the opponent face-up or face-down. Face-up enemies recover slower.
  • Successful grab attacks throw enemies into the ground, dealing heavy damage and knocking them down face-down.
  • Grabs miss crouched opponents completely.
  • Pressing crouch while in the air, along with any light, medium, or heavy attack, will perform a short-range slam attack, knocking enemies down face-up.
  • Double tapping the left or right key performs a roll (towards the enemy) or a back spring (away from the enemy).
  • Any attack made while crouching performs an uppercut, which knocks enemies down face-up.
  • The last hit of any attack chain knocks down face-up.
  • Light attacks perform punching animations.
    • The first punch is faster than most attacks.
  • Medium attacks perform kicking animations.
    • The first kick misses crouchers in most cases but has good reach.
  • Heavy attacks perform a spinning punch, headbutt, and heavy punch animations.
    • Heavy attacks deal extremely high damage.
  • Rolling forward after an uppercut, ground pound, or any attack with face-up knockdown allows for a guaranteed grab as the enemy stands up.

Special Abilities[]

View Special Abilities List
Warframe Ability Effect
Ash Shuriken130xDark.png Shuriken Throws shurikens, dealing damage.
Atlas Landslide130xDark.png Landslide Dashes forwards and hits the enemy, dealing high damage.
Banshee SonicBoom130xDark.png Sonic Boom Deals damage, knocks back, and knocks the enemy down face-up.
Baruuk Elude130xDark.png Elude
Chroma SpectralScream130xDark.png Spectral Scream Screams, dealing high damage over a short period of time.
Ember Fireball130xDark.png Fireball Throws a fireball at the enemy from a distance.
Equinox Metamorphosis130xDark.png Metamorphosis Swaps between forms; one with damage reduction, and the other with damage booster.
Excalibur SlashDash130xDark.png Slash Dash Charges at the enemy, dealing damage and knocking down face-up if it hits.
Excalibur Umbra RadialHowl130xDark.png Radial Howl Deals damage, blinds the enemy for 1 second, and restricts jumping for a short while.
Frost Freeze130xDark.png Freeze
Gara ShatteredLash130xDark.png Shattered Lash Deals damage from a short distance.
Garuda SeekingTalons130xDark.png Seeking Talons Launches talon projectiles, doing damage multiple times.
Gauss MachRush130xDark.png Mach Rush Dashes at the enemy at incredible speed. Does damage on impact.
Grendel Feast130xDark.png Feast
Harrow Condemn130xDark.png Condemn Restricts the enemy's movement for a short while.
Hildryn Balefire130xDark.png Balefire
Hydroid TempestBarrage130xDark.png Tempest Barrage Summons a barrage of water at the enemy's location.
Inaros Desiccation130xDark.png Desiccation Launches a blast of sand that deals damage and recovers a negligible amount of health for Inaros.
Ivara Quiver130xDark.png Quiver Shoots an arrow, damaging the enemy from a distance.
Khora Whipclaw130xDark.png Whipclaw Deals damage from a distance.
Lavos OphidianBite130xDark.png Ophidian Bite Does damage from a distance. Might heal lavos (confirmation needed)
Limbo Banish130xDark.png Banish Deals damage, knocks back, and knocks the enemy down face-up.
Loki SwitchTeleport130xDark.png Switch Teleport Swaps your location with the enemy, deals damage, and knocks them down face-up. Cannot be blocked.
Mag Pull130xDark.png Pull Deals damage, pulls in and knocks the enemy down face-up.
Mesa Peacemaker130xDark.png Peacemaker Shoots a few shots of her Peacemaker gun. Can be grabbed during the animation.
Mirage Prism130xDark.png Prism Blinds enemy if it hits. Can knock down face-up.
Nekros SoulPunch130xDark.png Soul Punch Deals damage from a distance and knocks down.
Nezha BlazingChakram130xDark.png Blazing Chakram Deals damage and sets the enemy on fire, causing damage over time.
Nidus Virulence130xDark.png Virulence Creates an area along the ground that deals damage when touched. Energy is greatly replenished on hit.
Nova AntimatterDrop130xDark.png Antimatter Drop launches a projectile that does small damage and sticks to the opponent. It then explodes, dealing larger damage.
Nyx PsychicBolts130xDark.png Psychic Bolts Fires bolts at the enemy, dealing damage.
Oberon Smite130xDark.png Smite
Octavia Mallet130xDark.png Mallet Drops a Mallet that increases Octavia's damage while in its range.
Protea GrenadeFan130xDark.png Grenade Fan
Revenant Reave130xDark.png Reave Dashes forward, deals damage and heals Revenant on hit.
Rhino RhinoStomp130xDark.png Rhino Stomp
Saryn Spores130xDark.png Spores Does small damage. (Possibly intended to apply damage over time, but it doesn't seem to work)
Sevagoth Reap130xDark.png Reap
Titania Lantern130xDark.png Lantern
Trinity WellOfLife130xDark.png Well Of Life Heals Trinity rapidly while standing near opponent. Opponent takes large damage when the ability ends.
Valkyr RipLine130xDark.png Rip Line Pulls enemy to you and knocks them down.
Vauban TeslaNervos130xDark.png Tesla Nervos Throws a grenade which latches to enemy and does damage over time
Volt Shock130xDark.png Shock Deals damage from a distance.
Wisp Reservoirs130xDark.png Reservoirs
Wukong Defy130xDark.png Defy
Xaku Xata'sWhisper130xDark.png Xata's Whisper Boost Xaku's Damage for a time.
Yareli SeaSnares130xDark.png Sea Snares
Zephyr TailWind130xDark.png Tail Wind Fly towards enemy at high speed. Does damage on impact.

Character Selection[]

A Frame Fighter Fragment

By default, Frame Fighter comes with ExcaliburIcon272.png Excalibur, MagIcon272.png Mag, and VoltIcon272.png Volt unlocked. In order to select additional Warframes for selection, players must scan their respective Frame Fighter Fragment scattered across the Origin system. Each planet generally has 3 Frame Fighter Fragments associated with it, and they only need to be scanned once to unlock a Warframe for use in Frame Fighter. The fragments will appear randomly with one usually appearing per map.

If a player owns the Prime version of a Warframe (or in Excalibur's case, his Umbra counterpart) they will be able to choose the corresponding Prime Warframe as their fighter, so long as the base Warframe's Fragment has been scanned to unlock it. Furthermore, for Warframes the player does own, any cosmetic customizations made to it will appear on the selected Warframe.

Lastly, there is a randomizer button, which will pick one Warframe at random out of the Warframes the player has collected fragments for.

Frame Fighter Fragment Locations[]

Planet Warframes
Earth HydroidIcon272.png Hydroid, GaraIcon272.png Gara, RevenantIcon272.png Revenant
Mercury BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk, RhinoIcon272.png Rhino, IvaraIcon272.png Ivara
Venus BansheeIcon272.png Banshee, GarudaIcon272.png Garuda, KhoraIcon272.png Khora
Mars InarosIcon272.png Inaros, MirageIcon272.png Mirage
Phobos NidusIcon272.png Nidus, ProteaIcon272.png Protea, WukongIcon272.png Wukong
Deimos NekrosIcon272.png Nekros, OctaviaIcon272.png Octavia, XakuIcon272.png Xaku
Ceres FrostIcon272.png Frost, OberonIcon272.png Oberon, YareliIcon272.png Yareli
Jupiter LimboIcon272.png Limbo, ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr, WispIcon272.png Wisp
Europa GrendelIcon272.png Grendel, NovaIcon272.png Nova, VaubanIcon272.png Vauban
Saturn EmberIcon272.png Ember, NezhaIcon272.png Nezha, ZephyrIcon272.png Zephyr
Uranus AshIcon272.png Ash, EquinoxIcon272.png Equinox, LavosIcon272.png Lavos
Neptune HildrynIcon272.png Hildryn, LokiIcon272.png Loki, NyxIcon272.png Nyx
Eris AtlasIcon272.png Atlas, MesaIcon272.png Mesa
Pluto ChromaIcon272.png Chroma, SevagothIcon272.png Sevagoth, TrinityIcon272.png Trinity
Sedna GaussIcon272.png Gauss, SarynIcon272.png Saryn, TitaniaIcon272.png Titania
Lua HarrowIcon272.png Harrow


  • It is possible to bullet jump in Frame Fighter (though inconsistent) by crouching, then quickly jumping after releasing the crouch key.
  • The Prime variants of WukongIcon272.png Wukong, AtlasIcon272.png Atlas, IvaraIcon272.png Ivara, TitaniaIcon272.png Titania, and InarosIcon272.png Inaros are currently unusable.


  • Frame Fighter was inspired by a Twitter post[1] from Community Moderator LocoCrazy_, who provided the voice of the Red Veil representative.
  • Frame Fighter's logo is a parody of the logo of Street Fighter V, which was released in February 2016 and is part of the long-running Street Fighter series of Fighting games developed by Capcom.
  • It is the third minigame introduced into Warframe, as well as the first minigame that cannot be accessed via the Login Screen or through the Arsenal UI.
  • At TennoCon 2018, Digital Extremes set up three full size arcade mockups[2] of Frame Fighter for attendees to play. All available characters were unlocked on these machines. The cabinets featured X-Arcade control panels, hence the unusable trackball in the middle. DE teased the cabinet on Twitter[3] the day before the convention.



Patch History[]

Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

  • Lavos, Sevagoth, Xaku, Yareli, Baruuk, Gauss, Hildryn, Wisp, Protea and Grendel are now available and can be used in Frame Fighter once their Fragments have been found/Scanned.

Hotfix 25.2.2 (2019-06-21)

  • Removed Wukong from Frame Fighter until balance can be restored with his newly revisited abilities.

Update 23.5 (2018-08-24)

Frame Fighter Changes & Fixes:
  • Movement is now disabled while crouching.
  • Switched Equinox's Metamorphosis FX to match the ability outside of Frame Fighter.
  • Equinox’s Night Form now gives damage reduction and Day Form now gives a Damage buff.
  • Fixed inability to invite another player to Frame Fighter due to the session being full when choosing Frame Fighter and then backing out.
  • Fixed aborting from Frame Fighter counting as a ‘Mission Failed/Quit’.
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra’s Radial Howl not working as intended. Radial Howl now removes the opponents jump and deals damage.
  • Removed the open chat inputs. You can still open the chat while waiting for an opponent or with the pause menu open like in normal missions
  • Fixed pause menu freezing your Warframe.
  • You can now move, jump, and crouch using the D-Pad.
  • Fixed Chroma's special being interrupted by grab.
  • Chroma’s energy color no longer affects the damage.
  • Fixed Nyx's special dealing more damage when shot up close to the enemy
  • Added Revenant fragments the Origin System.
  • Fixed EoM showing after leaving Frame Fighter

Hotfix 23.4.2 (2018-08-17)

  • The Frame Fighter Warframe select screen now displays all Warframes, with the unscanned ones locked and with the addition of hints on which planet you can find the Fragments on.
  • Excalibur Umbra no longer requires a Fragment Scan to unlock for Frame Fighter. He will be available upon completing The Sacrifice quest.
  • More fixes towards numerous issues (crashes, game didn’t start, etc) when attempting to play Frame Fighter due to the 2-player restriction being surpassed.
  • Fixed wrong icon being used on the Frame Fighter Poster.

Hotfix 23.4.1 (2018-08-16)

  • Fixed numerous issues (crashes, game didn’t start, etc) when attempting to play Frame Fighter due to the 2-player restriction being surpassed.

Update 23.4 (2018-08-16)

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Update 23.5 (2018-08-24)

See Also[]

  • Happy Zephyr, a Flappy Bird-style mini-game.
  • Wyrmius, a side-scrolling shooter mini-game.
  • Ludoplex, the decoration that allows players to access Frame Fighter.