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Update:  Question answered by UnlimitedHakumen.  It was the Stalker.

I was playing Mars > Silvanus today (04/06/13) and partway through the mission, the lights in the room began flickering, and I started recieving taunts from a boss that is not listed on the "bosses" page.  He told me I would "pay for killing Sergeant Nef Anyo".  A few more taunts later I entered a normal room, and he spawned in the center, rising out of the ground in a cross-legged seated position with a bunch of black shadows around him.  He was humanoid in appearance, but lacked both the bulky armor of a Grineer and the boxhead helmet of a Corpus.)  He then proceeded to run after me and quickly mow me down with an automatic rifle of some sort (was not the Gorgon.)  I have a lvl 30 Excalibur armor with lvl 3 shield max/recharge and lvl 4 health max mods.  He killed me very quickly (3 seconds?), and sprinting away serpentine-fashion did nothing to save me.  He spoke "justice is served", and resumed his seated position and sank back into the ground.  I chose to forfeit, and so the mission ended.

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The unknown enemy/boss sinks back into the ground after justice has been served.

Any idea who this is?  A new boss?

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1. The despawning enemy 2. The enemy spawned in the center of this room.

Hydraxan (talk) 18:06, April 5, 2013 (UTC)

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