Clinging to the shattered remains of Earth's once-proud Moon, the Forgotten Hall is an ideal place for Tenno to test their skill against each other. Under the guidance of Teshin and following the tenants of his Conclave, Tenno may continue to explore the Ways of Old, testing their boundaries in the towering structures of the Orokin.

Forgotten Halls is a map for Team Annihilation, Annihilation, and Cephalon Capture type Conclave missions. Once filled with life, this small, abandoned Orokin Moon local hosts both symmetric and asymmetric pathways between two height-varied hallways, allowing some "sneaky" shortcuts and "guns-a-blazing" entryways.


Warframe Conclave Cephalon Capture Hall Of Memories

Warframe Conclave Cephalon Capture Hall Of Memories


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