Flameblades are similar to Butchers in combat style and visually identical to them except for their weapon. They have the ability to teleport short distances, and their Twin Basolk deal Heat b Heat damage.


  • With Flameblades having similar statistics as Butchers, they can be dealt with relative ease.
    • It is best to keep distance as their damage can rip through shields faster than Butchers.
  • The Flameblade's teleportation may appear to be similar to Ash's Teleport. As he appears next to his targets, he leaves a small cloud of electric smoke from his previous location. Flameblades leave particles of purple electricity behind. This can be disorienting when approached.
  • Flameblades pose a decent threat. One swing can deliver searing damage, and your chance to dodge is varied by their ability to teleport from unexpected directions.


  • Prior to Update 12.0, Flameblades used to be 50% larger than standard Butchers, their large size before was due to their large shields and increased damage prior to Update 11.0.
  • Prior to Update 18.5, Flameblades wielded a special variant of the Prova known as a Fire Baton.


  • Flameblade codex prior to Update 18.5
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