• "Spears! Bait! Trophy making! Come to Fisher Hai-luk! A bad day fishing beats a good day working!"
  • "Fishing! Feed yourself and the ones you love! Spears! Bait! The lifetime of knowledge! Fisher Hai-luk at your service!"
  • "Lure rare and mighty beasts of the deep with Fisher Hai-luk's prime bait! Capture it with one of her master-crafted spears! Mount your victory on a fine board to beautify your home and impress your friends! Fisher Hai-luk!"
  • "Anglers! Want to bring home a fish that will make the mighty Eidolons look like minnows? Come, talk to Fisher Hai-luk!"


  • "Different fish need different bait. And Fisher Hai-luk is your one stop shop. Swazdo-lah, stranger."
  • "A bad day fishing is better than a good day working. Swazdo-lah, friend."
  • "Lok heb, surah! Let's get you fitted out and ready for the big blue."
  • "Hello! It is my aim to ensure you fully enjoy your time upon the water, which absolutely not filled with unknowable horror."

If Trusted or higherEdit

  • "Ahh, you're still alive! I'm so happy!"
  • "Fisher Hai-luk happily places herself at the service of Cetus's champion."
  • "Lok heb, surah! It's wonderful to see you again!"


  • "Hmph, I should have been a plumber."
  • "Well, alright then."
  • "Check back tomorrow! New stock regularly!"

After Purchasing an ItemEdit

  • "Come again!"
  • "I hope to see you again? Goodbye."
  • "A fine selection! Be well!"

Other ServicesEdit

If the Player has no FishEdit

  • "Let's see what you've got! Wait... you have... no fish? Well? What are you waiting for? Go catch some!"

Selecting FishEdit

Selecting a small fishEdit

  • "Just a wee one, nothing to fear."

Selecting a medium fishEdit

  • "Hmm, medium size, good length. Teeth, mmm, still too big."

Selecting a large fishEdit

  • "(gasp) This one will feed the whole family and the cousins too!"

Selecting a uncommon fishEdit

  • "(gasp) Hmm, look at that! Don't see many of these anymore."

Selecting a rare fishEdit

  • "(gasp) Now this is something special! A rare catch!"

Selecting a very rare fishEdit

  • "By the Unum! Is that-? (gasp) I can't remember the last time this species was seen in our waters. What did you use for bait?"

Filet FishEdit

  • "I find a use for every part of the beast."
  • "Let's, uh, open 'er up then?"
  • "Kruna metta! Allow me to... help... with that."


  • "That was expertly done."
  • "(laughs) You're quite handy with a blade, aren't you?"
  • "That... that smell, is quite something, isn't it?"

Providing FishEdit

  • "If you have any fish to spare, I will see they reach the tables of our poor and infirm."
  • "Can you spare a fish or two for the people of Cetus, Tenno?"
  • "We have many who go without. A fish or two would make their dinnertable a less somber affair."


  • "These will be received gratefully. Thank you."
  • "The people acknowledge your generosity, Tenno."
  • "These will feed many! Thank you, Tenno."

Mounting FishEdit

  • "Let's have that fine specimen mounted and preserved! Display it proudly! Impress your friends!"
  • "How striking will this specimen look hanging above your door or command console?"
  • "I have just the mounting board for that one. It will look very fine indeed."


  • "The work is complete, and what a fine fellow he is!"
  • "Regal! Fitting of such a fine catch!"
  • "Notice how the eyes, they- follow you... wherever you go..."
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