Fish Oil is a material that can be acquired by speaking to Fisher Fisher Hai-Luk with fish in your inventory and choosing "Cut Fish". The number of oil increases with the size of the fish captured, independently of weight.

Fish Oil is used for crafting Plains of Eidolon-specific items and ranking up within the Ostron Faction. It can also be sold for Credits64100 per unit.

Fish S
CharcEel Charc Eel 1 2 3
Mawfish Mawfish 1 3 4
Yogwun Yogwun 1 2 3
KhutKhut Khut-Khut 3 4 5
Goopolla Goopolla 1 2 3
MortusLungfish Mortus Lungfish 4 6 8
Tralok Tralok 1 2 3
Sharrac Sharrac 2 3 4
Karkina Karkina 4 6 8
Murkray Murkray 7 8 9
Norg Norg 3 5 6
Cuthol Cuthol 2 3 4
Glappid Glappid 3 5 7

Blueprints Requiring Fish Oil Edit

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Anspatha Brace Amp 35
Archwing Launcher Gear 30
Clapkra Brace Amp 35
Grendel Systems Component 100
Jayap Grip Zaw 50
Juttni Brace Amp 35
Kroostra Grip Zaw 50
Kwath Grip Zaw 50
Laka Grip Zaw 50
Lohrin Brace Amp 35
Mote Amp Amp 30
Peye Grip Zaw 50
Seekalla Grip Zaw 50
Total 500

Last updated: Update 24.6

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 24.6


With Fortuna's release, we applied some general economy changes based on takeaways from Cetus. Now that we have returned to Cetus and the Plains of Eidolon with a remaster, we are applying some 'Economy Remaster' changes to go with the changes in an effort to apply our continued learnings. Change is the name of the game - thank you for all feedback on our economies and for being receptive to change!

  • Zaw Handles now use Fish Oil instead of Fish Scales. Amount normalized to 50 units.
  • Normalized Fish Part costs across Amp Part Blueprints - some had 5 rare parts, some had 2, now there's 3 needed for all.
  • Removed Cetus Wisps from Amp Prism Blueprint, and replaced them with Fish Parts or Eidolon Gems.
  • Removed Fish Scales costs from Operator Armour Blueprints, and replaced them with Fish Parts.
  • Fish Oil can now be sold for 100 Credits.
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